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  1. Would you clarify successful please? As i am struggling to remember what he has achieved, Might have missed him in the champions league or winning at Wembley... has he won more than Monk as a manager? Think his main claim is that he has managed the same club as his dad.
  2. FFS let it go....he is never going to be a patch on his dad. Think he will end up league 1 or back abroad. Shame but don't think his name has done human favours expectations and all that.
  3. Think Wigan have been run properly. And on field if they get enough points they should stop up. Think this is a unique case on this occasion. If the EFL did enforce the rules would have thought it would hasten their demise. The league really need a total overhaul and start acting professionally, the voting is a joke and all about self interest at a particular point in time. Would scrap it and start over with defined rules. Championship should have one organisation leagues 2 and 2 another. The gulf between leagues is just too great to have rules that suit Leeds to Barrow, like comparing BP to a handyman.
  4. We all know that no one even if it is dodgy will ever be held to account for this. I assume the owners are all based overseas and no way do people with this amount of money in certain countries ever go to court less jail. Not sure what the EFL could have done as the sale of companies is under different laws etc and the world is full of shady businesses. The fit an proper persons test is not worth anything, always easy to find a clean employee or associate who is named on the documents etc. If true though it is an absolute disgrace and the fans and the club have been well and truly done over. Part of me thinks that if it was a dodgy sale then EFL should not give them a deduction as hardly the club or fans fault.
  5. Whether this is or is not Parry. The clubs need to arrange a EGM, to sort out the mess that is the EFL. TBH my preferred option would be if Champ clubs did they own thing as there is just to big a gulf between most champ clubs and league 1 an 2. Think league 2 should be Part Time as that's about the standard and League 1 may just about manage to keep full time, or regionalise the lower leagues north and south with 1 up from each of the leagues and play off games to get the 3rd promotion. Would save costs for clubs getting low fan numbers. Might sound harsh but as football is a professional business it may mean some clubs just can't exist in the EFL, so become non league.
  6. Stop coming on here talking sense! Pretty much nailed it though. Your quality came through, we are lacking that quality and composure in.key areas. Think the scoreline was harsh, shame we won't be visiting your place for a while. Good luck.in the PL.
  7. Assume your joking! WBA are a class above PL players against our cobbled together side. Did you expect us to.walk over them. We move on.
  8. Feel sorry for the Wigan fans, but they deserve relegation for what these new owners are doing....good work from the EFL.
  9. That's because they are above reproach guardians of the game, happy for clubs to waste hundreds of thousands in legal fees so they can pat each other on the back. People complain about the PL but it looks after it's member's and is professional. EFL makes FIFA look competent.
  10. Fit an proper persons test lol....we yes we have lots of money ....EFL can you prove it?.....Yes I just told you, EFL that's great welcome to the league.
  11. Not completing a season would see us thrown out of the league like Bury 7th tier calling...never been to Denaby main though...
  12. Be reyt...just another muck taker. If it was so bad no one would have been paid. Just an easy target that's all. Sure I have had my bonus calculated wrong on any occasions, funny my 1st call was to payroll not look north! Smells of one of our "toxic" played still wanting to cause issues. I'd say embarrasing for a player on thousands a week personally.
  13. Maybe one of the players who has refused a contract thought he should get a win bonus even if not in the squad?
  14. So we don't know how many players, whether it was wage or bonus etc, sure I have had errors in my salary over the years...why are some so negative? Maybe one players bonus was miscalculated maybe due to less staff at work maybe a bank process error.
  15. A bit like Dom and just as interesting then.
  16. So if there is a guilty verdict how long does it take to decide on the punishment? Is that a separate meeting? And can any punishment be appealed. Concern i have is that 2 weeks ago EFL might have gone with say 9pts now we have picked up 9pts would not be as bad. The system just seems very open to misuse. Can't see how the process is above reproach when you have teams with ulterior motives pushing the process, how can this be seen as fair, in a criminal case would it be seen as interfering with due process or intimidation?
  17. I'm Spartacus! I was there as a kid, on the Kop never saw it but don't remember any noise...seem to remember a long stoppage. Didn't go to the Swansea game though, does that mean I'm booted out of the "TrueFan" club?
  18. Sure our lawyers will be on far more the 300 per hour. The fact it is taking so long would make me think it's a positive. Maybe all parties are looking for a way out that's suits all, tricky for EFL as lose and their authority as guardians of the game is loosened further. Do we know if DC is in the country or is it just been handled by the lawyers?
  19. Think the EFL must be wishing they dicnt open this can of worms, as us getting some points on the board make it harder for the EFL because if they give us a 9 pt deduction Barnsley or some other will maybe want to appeal it is not enough, whereby we will probably appeal it's too much, all becomes a mess. Might be far easier for all concerned to give a not guilty verdict and award us 9pts for all the hassle.
  20. Bet them Cowleys wished they'd stopped at Lincoln. Not to worry soon be back there with udders.
  21. Some clubs should just know their place.
  22. Good solid performance, does make you wonder about all those want away players and the poor attitude. This week and last week they put a shift in, may be Monk does know what he wants to do. Give him a chance to build his team then judge him..after all you can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear.
  23. We already have the Tap...need a club shop, online is a nightmare with out looking at stuff first. Most club shops are empty in between games and rammed on match days just how it is.
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