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  1. Want to stay in the champ even with a minus. Do think LG 1 will start and could be a walk over as if clubs cannot complete fixtures then points awarded to who they were going to play and the club gets hit with fines and deductions. Any lg1 club with cash in the bank would be fine. The bigger picture long term is that lg2 is not viable in its current form and lg1 should possibly go regional.
  2. That looks far worse than us, long read that. Will take the EFL 6 months to read out all the charges. How come we are in court before them. Thought Mel was loaded so why borrow 81m?
  3. He did know the game, but his off field behaviour was well out of bounds.
  4. Think Boycott went just a little to far...don't you.
  5. Agree with this, decision is made and then you decide whether to appeal.no point in saying guilty and appeal was turned down in one go. It would have leaked out somehow. Part of me thinks DC would have been over hear if we had been found guilty. One thing he does do is front things up.
  6. Welcome to have them, and I bet they still kept on running.
  7. TBH.. don't mind him, think I would have insisted on being given a reason, not sure how a company denotes someone without a reason or giving an explanation. Can you do that, if you are replaced by someone younger etc etc most people would be off talking to employment lawyers. If you cannot do your job that is another thing but he obviously can as keeping him as number 2. My guess is he is on some self employed contract which is being renewed as number 2.
  8. I fully expect Gibson will say much the same thing before the game at ours. Would expect nothing else from a proper football man.....
  9. Not sure they would work it that way. The waiting until Derbys decision would be strange as the fact they must know the decision can't bit help influence any case against them. This wait8ng around even if not guilty will mess our planning for next season, which players can we go after etc.cant see any decent player coming if LG 1 football beckons. The whole thing has been an absolute shambles from the EFL.
  10. Same here only a kid but was like a hero, a Charlton at wednesday, world cup winner. Gave the whole club a lift and raised the profile again.
  11. RiP..absolute class that man. No airs and graces, told off now he was. Changed us as a club and laid the foundations for others to build on....had the pleasure of meeting him in Dublin once just a thoroughly decent man.
  12. Thought it was a new holiday resort in Tunisia at first.
  13. Think it is one game at Wembley I would miss. If we actually won it when who ever goes to get the trophy as they are presented they should say, nah it's ok you keep it, I got my bronze swimming badge that's enough.
  14. Can you boycott it, can you imagine actually winning the bloody thing...oh the shame.
  15. Knowing the EFL they would only hear any appeal after you were hung.
  16. When did he do anything wrong, just have missed that....Did notice a couple of Xmas the lights out on the bridge decorations.. is that what all this criticism is about....petty really the decs were outstanding and love those elephants.
  17. Your right, at our level luck plays a huge part, easy if you are a city or Liverpool sign worldies and not going to do too bad. At our level how many times do you see a club make on the face of a decent signing and they just flop, go somewhere else and works. Bit like our season really 1st half no way did we deserve to be 3rd we got away with it good luck, 2nd half pretty much all decisions injuries etc bad luck. Look at the chances we have had last few game had we took a couple of them and some strange Ref decisions go up quite easily had at least another 7 points. Just don't need any bad luck with the EFL decision. Think DC needs to get those Buddhist Monks working flat out on the blessings.
  18. C.C looks a good option now. Not sure you can blame him for the signings, can't see how they have improved since he went.
  19. Constructive meeting. Sounds fancy generally means both of substance happened and agreed to hold regular meetings, see you every 2 years. 🙂
  20. Think we already know that Rick..in fairness if they have the cash and prove it then not much the league can do. If the rumours are true 're Wigan then it was a well orchestrated and nothing could have been done. Think as others have said in what world does a bookie in the far east think that a huge bet on a championship team is not a little suspicious.
  21. Think there is a fair few who just don't watch the game look for the result and say Monks fault... We have played well enough just missed some great chances and they didn't. The performances since the return have been far far better. Let's lay off him as this criticism is getting tedious. Not sure what all the armchair managers would do different....Maybe want to get G Hirst on loan and give youngsters a chance.
  22. Not round my seat in the North, some right munters!
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