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  1. Sad to see him go, good honest professional. Could teach a lot of players how to conduct themselves off and on the pitch. Would be happy if we had 11 players who tried as hard as him. Good luck. Anyone know where he is off to?
  2. Why don't the EFL just deduct every club 12 points as the rate it's going they will be spending all next season dishing out fines and deductions. On second thoughts It may just be easier to start afresh and wipe any wrong doing. As the integrity of the EFL and the league is getting beyond a joke. Can't be good for the game and the image for all the sponsors.
  3. What is curbs doing now? Probably still checking his phone is working every hour.
  4. You couldn't make it up. In any process legal etc, no way can you have anyone connected to the person or organisation sitting in judgement. We should have requested Howard Wilkinson got a seat on the committee. The whole process and governance is like amateur hour. Not what you expect from a business that generates 100s of millions of pounds.
  5. Don't see how any decision is impartial. Conflict of interest would any other governing body allow this, seems to be unique to football.
  6. Good points 're De Gea, regardless of his changers. Utd were awful yesterday across the whole team. Think all keepers have dodgy periods but we do need a senior keeper as well as Wildsmith and Dawson. Not sure Darlow would come here but someone with experience would no of value to our young keepers and the whole defence.
  7. Always rated Darlow, would be an upgrade on what we have and could give our defence added confidence.
  8. True..Think the bigger issue is that if you think of the club as a car, it's as if we have mechanics who keep in forgetting to tighten the wheel nuts. Players making schoolboy errors game after game.
  9. No offence meant 🙂 not sure the Karoq would have won in Hungary yesterday.
  10. Unless we can get a top manager like Bielsa or Bruce keep with Monk. It's the tools he has had to work with. Try asking Hamilton to win a grand prix in a Skoda rather than a Merc.
  11. I'd give it to Gibson, not a player but should win hands down.
  12. So who would we think is our teams biggest bell end.
  13. Not with their goal difference. Sure they have an eye on the play offs
  14. I'm hoping Fulham will be taking it easy waiting for the play off games. Can't stand him but would love him in our team.
  15. TBH, most geniuses and clever people are a bit strange. Think they are just so bright they are on totally different level to us normals. Well I hope he is anyway and not just a tool.
  16. Assume your joking if you don't think it's a business...unusual but a business. It's competitive like a business. Let him spend what he wants it's his money not yours or mine.
  17. Really...this is the 21st century, it's not gentlemen v players. Samuel has bloody nailed it with one good article. Said before it's a business, businesses spend money, if they haven't the money to repay they go bust. It's not the job of the EFL to be Nanny to clubs and owners. We have money but are not allowed to spend to compete. Now that's unfair.
  18. Fair play to him, earns money with not much pressure. Could do worse than watch Vardy, bet he hope he doesn't have to wait as long to get a full PL game. Think he will be loaned out next season.
  19. On 2nd thoughts hirst would probably apologise to him
  20. Stone is that? What's not to like! So would you welcome our neighbours qualifying to play in europe, i know i wouldnt. I regularly act like a 12 year old at a match, flounces and everything with some of the stuff I have seen this season.
  21. Anything that can possibly upset them blades can go in any section for me.
  22. Love to see Vardy and Hirst score again them, then celebrate n front of Wilder...
  23. Just feel for the bloke sat next to you on the coach 😞
  24. You owned that Think Monk can see the issues at the club and does want to change things, which he is doing. Manager can only do so much but seems to be getting his ow way a little. Imperative we stay up and let him build his team.
  25. Agree, lots of kids is not the place for lg1. Need players who are competitive, reffing standards are poorer along with the pitches. Then if you come back you need far better players for the Championship. Can't say I ever preferred div 3 to being in the 1st or second tier.
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