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  1. Exactly this. Although quite like him, always good value to listen to.
  2. Out of that lot, Poyet or Fink for me. Pearson, just not fair to give him a poison chalice.
  3. Think Barton is off the scale when it comes to risk..
  4. Clown, with Derby in a Tier 4. Hope we are charging them for the deep clean, where all the spitting was.
  5. Wish him well. Just didn't work out here for him. Always conducted himself professionally and everything I here is that he is a decent lad. So hope he does well and enjoys his football again...just make sure the contract say he can't play against us.
  6. Other important factor is cost. Thompson would be cheap, so might give him to end of the season.
  7. Tbh, would be happy with fink or cook. Slight preference for Fink.
  8. Didn't stop them creating chances in the 1st half.
  9. Lol..would you give millions to spend on players! Bet players agents can't wait to negotiate with him on contracts, so if you have 10 potatoes and I take one away...
  10. Not really, plenty ahead of him, never did it when mattered.
  11. Disgusting habit especially in these coving times. Just don't see the need was just stood on the touchline. I bet his kitchen floor is well slippy.
  12. Wel done to DC for this, Pulis was needing to be scared for the performances.
  13. Slightly condescending there pal. I am well aware how a plc and shareholding work. I have shares in several businesses and if appropriate would take a punt on our club. The difference is with football you tend to let your heart rule your head and people get more passionate about a club than a business as shareholders. I could imagine their would be constant calls for change in the executive board every week because some didn't like a decision etc. Understandable because football is about passion.
  14. Not a bad idea, and could see a never going for it. As others have said its the ongoing liability and costs to run a club properly. Other than cash flow the issues around who actually runs the club would be a nightmare with several thousands wanting their say...bad enough on this site with opinions. Can you imagine if they had put a few thousand in. She but we need a single buyout or Dc finds a way to run the club in a consistent and planned manner.
  15. Not sure how much of a news story swfc are in Thailand? I guess the circles Chansiris move in would be aware that rhey invest in a English club. Sure DC is getting huge grief from extended family, they will be looking for an exit strategy to save face. So they would sell to anyone who gives them an exit which is a worry. They will take a huge loss, but can spin that anyway they like. I think they are stuck as they need to keep bankrolling as just cannot afford for us to get relegated. FWIW, I think we will be sold within the next month, seems like there is always someone
  16. Or DC was unhappy that such a well respected manager could only get1 win in 10 games...guess we'll never know.
  17. Lol...while I agree with your sentiment and top class flounce. We live in a democracy and have a forum for all views. DC does need to go, but unless we can get someone like Simon Jordan, who has the money and talks sense can see a long decline for us.
  18. Tbh. If we had nuhiu and hutch now reckon we would be at least 9 points better off.
  19. Taking my Wednesday glasses off. Us Wycombe and Millers to drop. However, big if but if we can string 2 wins in row, confidence could kick in and we have a chance. Another depends on if the players get paid and if Pulis can attract a striker in January...
  20. Games gone mad, spend more time worrying about spending and ffp than the game. Just go back 10 years and let clubs spend how they want. If they go to admin so be it.
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