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  1. Spot on, We want good players it costs. As you say cheap tickets don't increase the attendance significantly. In the football world clubs are much more dependant on tv sponsorship etc. Just don't get this hang up on lowering prices. We cannot afford to if we ever get promoted their may be an option, however if we are in the PL all of a sudden you can bet stay away fans will suddenly find the money ! Ok some may not be able to afford it, but is it down to the club to subsidise? Plenty of things we would all like to do but some we can't. Football is a business pure and simple.
  2. Ok that's fine. Sentiment is still the same.
  3. Not really, all about what you prioritise in life. I make choices on what to spend just my opinion but think going to the game with my kids is worth the outlay. Anyways we obviously have a different view; but we we all want whats best for the club so wish you well and good luck in your endeavours.
  4. Ok I'll bite obviously A, but it's not the price on its own. If we do well they will turn up. So why didn't they turn up in the 70's then except for BDM and Southend if it was a price thing?
  5. No nothing wrong, but they make a choice what to spend money on. Cant afford it then dont go, do think some just use prices as an excuse not to go. Go back in time and check attendances in the 70s when it was cheap people didn't turn up, excuse was yes but we were crap. When we do well all these fans suddenly find the money again ...strange?
  6. So do we compare ourselves to Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster or the Blades all in our region, then factor in our wage costs could probably work out that we should have the 2nd highest or maybe 1st as we don't have PL money.
  7. So let the club do a survey and send to all on the database. They are the company who have most to lose.
  8. This is the thing though you can spin anything anyway..as I said if you are asking about cost then you need to take people a earnings into account. All of us want things to be cheaper or better but we still pay. The ST is good value, but would unlike to pay 200 well of course. As for the pay on the gate prices, people have always been selective. Funny seem to make it to the big games. When they do lower prices it does not put 5k on the gate does it. All businesses like a steady cash flow to enable planning so that's why they all want ST holders.
  9. If you say we had 20k fans you need 2144 to complete the survey to have a representative sample. All about maths and allows for a 5% margin of error. It can get more complicated as need to factor in age, gender etc. In relation to finance questions should be broken down to the relevant earnings bracket.
  10. Our fan base seems to increase when we are doing well, I think the biggest factor on attendance is our performance and league position. In addition TV and the availability of live games has a bigger impact.
  11. Why do they need to? As others have said we do well were happy, lose were not. Club are quite capable of doing a survey if the want one. About 22k engage with the club most weeks. Can't help thinking this is about some people wanting to stir things up, Wednesday are a private business, just like any if people are not happy don't shop there or use the service. Write a letter.
  12. The majority of them, stats can be argued whichever way you want to.suit. You could have 51% saying a reasonable price would be 25. The statement could then say majority of fans want cheaper pricing. Well we all might want lots of things to be cheaper but we still buy them. Just don't see what you are trying to gain? When the survey is published would be useful to say how many completed the survey as a percentage of our fan base. Because if 2k complete it does not come close to a representative number compared to the fan base. Applaud your motives of trying to do something but why should the club engage with you.
  13. Same here. Do think this has a negative bias the wording of the question is leading. I may be wrong but sure we will see some release that will bash the club. Quite simple really if you don't like something well just don't go..Would be quite pleasant to get rid of the neg ferrets at the ground.
  14. TBH could be something in that, seen it before where people and businesses get dragged through crap just so organisations can save face. Think this Covid situation may be the death knell for FFP, what clubs need are wealthy backers who are prepared to put hands in pockets. Bet the EFL would love someone to come along with a limp of cash to give to clubs.
  15. Problem is we can't discount the 20 21 season as already sold several. Would have vouchers for the games I haven't been to this season if offered or donate them, already spent the money so donr miss it...next season is a different matter though as cant afford to let the club have over a grand in their bank would rather it was still in mine getting some interest.
  16. If all the players took a month furlough, that would have saved 400k would it not assuming 30+ pros?
  17. Do you mean the hearing to award us instant promotion for our financial acumen and our unwavering support to the EFL in their fight against financial mismanagement in football.
  18. Must be at least 100 to have seen great times...only thing that springs to mind was a league cup win in 90 years.! We will see what happens, for what it's worth reckon we will be ok and avoid a points deduction...just think if it was such a strong case against us we would have been done by now. Hope im right...
  19. He has spent 8 weeks sorting the cones, blowing up the balls and washing the bibs.
  20. That's fair enough. Just these things have a habit of manifesting themselves. Just need to get as much help as possible Advantage he has is that he can pay for it to get the best.
  21. Some people just don't get it. Not always about the job, this is an illness. Makes no difference what the job is you can get ill or get a dieseae whether you are a footballer or a office worker. Why is it so difficult to understand?
  22. Not really, if you have a serious medical condition how does moving solve the issue? Yes a trigger was commuting, but this was one, from what I have seen change this another one will occur. It's about a cure not changing locations
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