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  1. Too true. Reality it was doomed from day 1 of the PL. Too much money at the top the gulf is just too great now.
  2. Some will, others won't. Football is now more of a business than ever, not like the old days when money came from the fans. Unfortunate we can't turn the clock back, so can see more clubs going part time.
  3. Thing about life and business it changes over the years. Used to have north and South to reduce costs and travel. The money has changed things. Look at Germany far bigger country 2 leagues the regionalised.
  4. Shame for Macc and their fans as worked hard to get league status. They will reform though and carry on. Unfortunately, think there will be other clubs following suit. Natural order of things in some respects, as think we have too many fully professional clubs ànyway.
  5. Think club should fine any player who does a foul throw....just for the stupidly. It's not as if it is under 7s football. It's on a par with going to work and hoping your shoe laces don't come undone.
  6. Really cont get this, Sheffield is an area of concern but let's encourage a 1000 extra people to attend a location. Yes I miss the football but multiply this by all the league clubs and surely their will be an effect.
  7. Lol...meant Grimethorpe, easy mistake both quite similar....!!
  8. Sure there are a number of brown field sites available in Barnsley, plenty of big industrial sites keep getting built round Grimesthorpe etc. Would have thought they could develop Oakwell just like they did with Highbury....after all it is far older and an historic venue. Look at Brighton out of town new build...full each week, Reebok another one.
  9. You would hope we could win 4 more games than 3 clubs in this league and stay up. In addition with this Covid situation could even be other clubs suffering from deductions if finances are depleted. As per most seasons usually get an idea of the league after 10 games.
  10. TBH, agree with you, don't mind Barnsley fans good value and up themselves l8ke some local clubs. Seems strange though that they have mega wealthy owners but no one seems to be able to sort the ownership of the ground out. With all the money why not build another ground?
  11. No let's welcome them to our ground. It would kill their fans to be in our debt after all the verbal about points deduction.
  12. Cantona, he played 1 game at the arena. Too Good for us, but too poor for Francis.
  13. Heard it was something to do with shepherds, sheep and an angel. Seriously though does make me wonder if it was players learning that we may well have an issue with the EFL and a deduction. As it affected the whole team.not just one or two player's
  14. Dejan Stefanovich became one of Europe's best strikers when he left us. Oops meant Kovavavic. Marc Degreyse.
  15. Shrewsbury was the one that did us. Really should have won.
  16. My favourite season 83 84. Yes, was a good weekend that, 15 at the time. Went down Friday camped near Ross and ended up in Cardiff at 7am. Plenty of Wednesday and s warm sunny day. Don't remember all the locals being friendly, plenty not happy we were on the pitch. As others have said, we were on the pitch waiting for the Chelsea result think they were at Shrewsbury? Rumour was they had lost but sadly they hadn't. TBH didn't matter I was going to see us in Div 1 for the first time. Happy days.
  17. Sad to see him go. Had the pleasure of meeting him on a couple of occasions. You don't have to be the best player to be a legend. The guy has always tried his upmost and conducted himself as a model professional, pity we can't say the same about so many players at our club during the past few years. Would have liked to see him stay and play then maybe get involved with the coaching etc. We will miss his goals, commitment and honesty. Thank you and good luck big man.
  18. I dont think we would ever have to have a whip round like the millers did a few years back. Think most of us put a lot of money into the club in season tickets etc etc, not been the greatest return on investment during that time 🙂 Now shares in the club, could be interesting, with proper voting rights etc.
  19. You would think that any hearing would be comprised and decisions made with persons not connected to any interested parties ie the clubs. In a competitive league if you can knock a challenger out of the running that it makes things easier.
  20. Great original post, I applaud your sentiment and agree with you. Those who come on this forum would I presume call themselves fans or supporters but from the comments, you would wonder if they even know what it means to support a club. We all know this season will be tough it will be a hell of a lot tougher if we can't get behind all at the club. It's as if some just want us to fail just to say they were right. After all there are bigger things right now than football.
  21. Think having an owner who owns the ground is fine. If it was some entity not connected to the owner would be worried. Nothing to see really is there!
  22. Lol...seems some are confusing us with our neighbours with the premiership riches....Juve and Wednesday, only similar things are we play in stripes and a working class city, can see how some would get confused....
  23. Is it a simple majority to approve? We dont know who is against it. I can only guess that before the meeting the EFL ask the PL if they are happy with this. Why can't the EFL just grow a pair and say our league our rules. I would think the PL don't want to lose the relegation promotion as TV needs the end of season drama.
  24. Never heard about this story before. Anyone know what his story was after football. Guess insurance cover was not what is is now.
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