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  1. Good performance, let the game flow and did nt fall for the numerous dives from Pompey players
  2. Definitely BPF, a few others put a shift in, thought Patterson was decent and an irritant to them
  3. The value is decent, but the timing is horrific for the fans but when did they ever count. Smacks of cash flow desperation, why else create a PR disaster and bad feeling, unless we are stocking up the Jan sales
  4. Live those goals looked bad but seeing them again, awful for all three
  5. This, looking like a few misses in the transfer market, which was likely with so many coming in and too be fare ai was pleased with the idea of Wing, Byers snd Shodipo at the start of the season
  6. Really hate losing any games and that was nt good enough by a long way. Pleased with how we have been in the league for the last month or so but still very poor from those given a chance
  7. Not sure what the contract is, but hope its just until jan, shown very little
  8. As has been said on loads of occasions, including in this thread our ineptitude from a commercial point of view is appalling. A way to get much needed money into the club but we have struggled for years. Ventured into the ‘mega’ store on Saturday and it was worse than ever, such a poor selection in general but in the run up to xmas, shocking. Ive bought stuff from Terrace, which is not bad and there were a few bits in stock, why not make a feature and get a decent amount in. Not sure of the contracts around this kind of stuff but we just seem behind the curve. Also go in the Tap regularly, which is a good offering from the club but there often seems to be issues with things running out and not enough staff. Not just finding issues to have a go but we are not doing ourselves no favours, can it be so hard to improve sone of these things.
  9. A couple of terrific performances last 2 games, deserved to win today. Really enjoyable games, with loads more attacking intent. Luongo and Windass, 2 of the best players in their positions in the league and they will make a difference going forward, but all across the pitch some great performances Keep it going lads
  10. Horrible tactics and horrible manager, got the outcome they wanted, but that was awful and it was the refs responsibility to sort it out and he absolutely bottled it. But we should be winning that game, not good enough at breaking teams down and in the final finish. So frustrating all the draws in games we could and should have won
  11. Accept we were nt great (could and maybe should have won it though) but the constant praising of Cambridge as the better team was ridiculous and just plain wrong, the stats above tell you more about the game. Been critical of Wednesday for a while, particularly since spats with Carlos and DC, Giddings definitely got an agenda with us.
  12. If its the case that Wimbledon are selling hospitality plus an away area ticket, I am not aware of that happening before. Of course its up to them how they distribute tickets but with a small allocation in terms of our support 2-300 seems alot. Yes I missed out at 13.00 for a ticket
  13. I might be missing something obvious but is there a definitive reason why we have not got 400 more?
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