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  1. Reading, playing out from the back passing and moving. Wednesday playing out from the back, just foookin passing
  2. Played against Ticker when he played for I think Royston Ship season after they won the S&H Sunday cup. He played sweeper. Managed to score from a rebound from him off my Aristotle. Didnt get too many other touches They battered us 5 - 1 I seem to remember.
  3. Wonder if they've ever heard the term " unconscious bias" Maybe not..just as you say
  4. https://youtu.be/aFVBs865WSk Sure someone can put words to this
  5. Well yesterday proved that Hooper is far more than a poacher..look at when he receives ball to feet, rarely wasted possession and can pick a pass.He works the keeper with most of his effort.
  6. He seemed OK on Tuesday night... Saw him at a petrol station in Glossop buying a Pepperami and a bag of crisps..he was driving back from Blackburn.
  7. I'll have one if you've still got em..PM me
  8. Parking in a school car park 0.25 miles away £15.. Parkers Car Parks
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