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  1. Not seen many always seem to get refs who's mindset is against showing home bias so we suffer The only one I can remember distinctly the other way was the Andy Blair hatrick of penalties a couple of those beggered belief
  2. Won a football in a raffle signed by all the Rumbellows cup winners 1991 Gone flat now but can still make out most of the signatures
  3. I think that was my first away match my old fella took me if it was we scored late on because I remember we missed the goal and we played in orange/tangerine
  4. Same here Bowyer scored for City seemed to be the only one trying for them I even remember their player telling the keeper where he was going to put the pen. We were very good late 60's Santos game told we'd be in trouble if we went to the match but we all went. Good memories
  5. 2-0 big man again enjoying this now be great if he could get a hat trick
  6. Well I never that goal was designed for the expression " it's a mile off " They say these things even themselves out It is our turn to get one
  7. Half time sounds like goal offside, slow start again come on Wednesday need to be better
  8. Starting to drift past players great composure to get that shot away Very good save players like him are our future
  9. From the green green grass of Hillsborough to the Isles of Sicily We will fight fight fight for the Wednesday till we win the football league To hell with Liverpool to hell with Man City We will fight fight for the Wednesday till we win the football league
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