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  1. Albanian Dave

    Swarbricks Punishment

    Royalties in the post I take it?
  2. Albanian Dave

    Stewards on Bridge

    I’m sure extra security checks these days are not something to moan about....
  3. Albanian Dave

    ffs wednesday come on get a grip

    Didn't Fulham have black shorts?
  4. Albanian Dave

    Semi final tickets

    It was SEE tickets. No issues whatsoever. Purchased within a few minutes.
  5. Albanian Dave

    Semi final tickets

    Wembley tickets were distributed by a seperate company last season. Simply because if the Wednesday website had to do it we'd still be waiting now!
  6. Albanian Dave

    Help needed! Website issue

    on at 7am... in a queue. Came to 9am. Wouldn't accept my login details! Tried 3 or 4 times ringing too. No answer "busy"... please call later! Finally got on website, somehow, it wouldn't let me choose both mine n Daughters seats! Only 1! Not both at same time. Thought I was gonna have to go over! Went to "quick seats" instead and managed to get mine n Daughters within a few minutes! Letting the website choose them. All sorted for about 9:25!
  7. Albanian Dave

    Potential play off final time!

    Set off at 9am last season to drive to Stanmore. Train to Wembley. Arrived bout 2... coming home left Wembley after the tears, bout 715, back to Stanmore for 9pm, floored it up M1 and in my local for half 11, left there at 4am. No problem. Only problem this season would be setting off at 7am probably but back in the pub for 930 hopefully!
  8. Albanian Dave

    CC on front page of BBC FÒOTBALL site

    Isn't there some irony in this thread?
  9. Albanian Dave

    Possible reason for CC having no plan B.....

    Plan b or not, isn't CC our 3rd (?) most successful manager of all time?
  10. Footballer visits a stadium shocker.
  11. Albanian Dave

    It doesn't take long

    I don't get to many matches due to financial restraints and Dad duties, etc but I watch our games on tv and follow as much as I can. I went on Monday v Wolves and despite really looking forward to watching my team I was bored stiff. It was awful. Atmosphere and the game. BUT I didn't resort to Twitter and abuse the players. I'm a realist and sometimes these things happen. I've watched Wednesday long enough to know that.....we are 6th from top, not 6th from bottom. 1 defeat in 9? Must be doing something right. We've beaten top of the league, away and ground out other results whereas years ago, a game like Monday would've resulted in a 4-0 defeat. It didn't. We're light years ahead of our neighbours. All is good. And going in the right direction. Some "supporters" need to get off the players backs, and leave social media alone after a "non win" as some of the "over" reaction is embarrassing.
  12. Albanian Dave

    Carlos Had A Dream

    Totally agree
  13. Albanian Dave

    Standing Or Sitting For Wolves

    There's also being a single dad and having to wait til payday.
  14. Albanian Dave

    Standing Or Sitting For Wolves

    Ay alright. Or for people who couldn't get 2 tickets together for me and the daughter elsewhere due to lack of a availability. And I'll stand n chant as and when I feel like it.
  15. Albanian Dave

    Standing Or Sitting For Wolves

    After walking up all the stairs, I'll not be able to stand!