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  1. Baelish probably didn't get a fair trial as we would expect it, but going by the standards of Westeros it didn't seem so bad. Not worse than Tyrion's trial at the Eyrie, although it would have been interesting if Baelish had asked for a trial by combat, or maybe even taken the black? Sansa is the lady of Winterfell, so the judicial power rests with her, and she'd witnessed some of the more serious crimes herself. And who was there to complain about the injustice? He turned to Yohn Royce to escort him back to the Vale, but Royce hated him. He'd left himself without genuine allies, a
  2. Presumably they all huddled round Berric Dondarrion's flaming sword
  3. I can sort of see this. The show does ultimately have to be made under real world limitations. But I would view the "teleporting" as an understandable problem, rather than not a problem at all. That said, I do think 13 episodes for the last two seasons is a mistake. This season has definitely been exciting, there has been a heck of a lot going on. But if they chose to do three more seasons of 10 each, then
  4. Why should a show be allowed to break its own internal logic and physics just because it has magic? The distance between various places, and the times it takes to travel in Westeros, has been established by the show itself. This information has been relied upon. Disregarding it now isn't part of the fantasy setting, it is bad writing. Having dragons is not carte blanche to do whatever you like and then, without any context in the show, require the audience to justify it with "because magic".
  5. It is, although we're pretty much permanently on the cusp of a goalkeeper crisis. For money saving purposes, we've got one keeper on the books, who picked up a thigh injury. Last season, our 46 year old goalkeeping coach had to pull on a shirt and some gloves. Dawson looked good against Grimsby on Saturday, had to deal with a lot of corners and make a few double saves in the second half. He's certainly good enough for this level, wouldn't mind having him about for the rest of the season.
  6. I don't think they've official announced it, but some of the episode directors have hinted at it. I guess it makes some sense; there's less story to tell, and what is left will be more CGI intensive and costly (lots of dragons, large battles, white walkers and wights). It's supposedly 7 episodes in season 7, and 6 in season 8. I really hope that's wrong, though. I don't want them to sell out, as such...just realise that there's more money to be made in continuing to make quality, entertaining television based in Westeros. There's been rumours about a TV version telling the story of
  7. I think that wildfire used to defeat Stannis was created at Cersei's request. Not sure if they reclaimed some of the old stash made for the mad king, but lots of it was supposedly never recovered. In episode 8, when Qyburn spoke to Cersei about a rumour he had been investigating, which turned out to be "much more" than just a rumour, I think that was about finding a hidden stash of wildfire. At some point during one of Bran's visions we see some shots of a burned King's Landing, and also, separately, some shots of green fire (not at the Blackwater). So I'm just connecti
  8. I hope it comes to light that Littlefinger observed the battle from a distance, and deliberately turned up at the last minute. It preserves his forces and makes their contribution seem more significant. It also meant that Jon's ragtag army was depleted further, making him and Sansa more dependent on Littlefinger in the aftermath. Otherwise they traveled hundreds of miles and arrived mid-battle purely by luck. I'm pretty lenient on time lines of the various stories, I'm happy to just believe that way more time passed in between scenes or episodes than we realise, but this is a little too conven
  9. Waif stabbing Arya as the old woman shouldn't have been written in at all. Have the Waif approach Arya disguised as the old woman after she books passage on the boat, then the chase scene from episode 8, leading into Arya grabbing Needle and killing the Waif. Cut the last scenes with Lady Crane entirely. That way we don't have to suspend our disbelief over several things; Arya surviving the stabbing and any possible infection, Lady Crane being a medical expert because she used to stab her boyfriends, Arya being able to run and jump freely despite her recent and unhealed wounds, or the Waif bei
  10. Fair enough, didn't realise that was how things worked around here, but I don't mind if people want to insulate themselves from book spoilers. I think you'd have to work hard to get anything spoiled by my comment, though!
  11. The most important thing we saw in this latest episode was
  12. 6 people stabbed Jonny Snow, but he only executed 4. Maybe he let some people off? But not that little poo poo Olly!
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