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  1. It is, although we're pretty much permanently on the cusp of a goalkeeper crisis. For money saving purposes, we've got one keeper on the books, who picked up a thigh injury. Last season, our 46 year old goalkeeping coach had to pull on a shirt and some gloves. Dawson looked good against Grimsby on Saturday, had to deal with a lot of corners and make a few double saves in the second half. He's certainly good enough for this level, wouldn't mind having him about for the rest of the season.
  2. You can pay more than £1 for a share of £1 nominal value, but the filed SH01 (I downloaded it) says that the amount paid including any share premium was £822,000.
  3. Excuse me for dropping into this discussion on the 42nd page, I may be completely out of the loop... But I would guess that SWFC Ltd made losses of more than the allowed £3m in the 13/14 season, and MM had to cover the shortfall, which under the Championship FFP rules must be done with equity investment and not loans. Losses for 12/13 season were about £3.7m (although acceptable losses were £4m that season). Assuming Wednesday made roughly the same losses in 13/14, an equity investment of c. £800k fits perfectly. The sanctions were handed out in December, so an equity investment in late November is the right timing.
  4. "You're caught supplying your client with clean wee wee - Go to jail."
  5. "Your uncle gets a top job at FIFA - Get out of jail free."
  6. Interesting stuff. You're right, this is more accurate. Where did you find the data for match day spend?
  7. Some observations... Sheffield Wednesday, 2nd highest average attendance, 14th highest turnover, 21st highest wage bill. There's your problem, right there. Now obviously some of those revenue figures are skewed due to player sales, parachute payments, sponsorship, etc. But it's a pretty significant indicator of where a club should be. The ticket prices survey ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23723537 ) shows that Wednesday are right at the top end when it comes to ticket prices in the championship, so that doesn't explain the poor conversion of attendance to turnover. I reckon that suggests two things; the club isn't making the most of its potential revenue streams, and that running costs are probably too high. On the plus side, that means there's plenty that could be done to improve the club's position before getting an outside investor. Attendance data - http://www.football-league.co.uk/page/DivisionalAttendance/0,,10794~20127,00.html
  8. I've got a lot of time for Roger Johnson, he was one of my favourites at Wycombe and I think he remains popular with Cardiff and Birmingham fans, too. I'd love to see him get his career back on track at Wednesday. Wolves need to negotiate a way to get him out, and at least reduce what they're paying him. I don't think anyone that could afford a similar contract to the one he is on now will sign him. If they sell him and continue to pay some of the wages they could at least reduce his impact on their wage bill. Otherwise, he is going to stay on full salary at Wolves until the end of his contract, and they'll get nothing out of it at all.
  9. Replacing a manager makes very little difference because managers make very little difference in the first place. People don't want it to be true, because it's unromantic, but league placings correlate strongly with size of playing budgets and not much else. Of course there are exceptions you can point at, but sometimes it rains in Spain whilst it's sunny in England; I'd still say Spain has the better weather. Look at the premier league sackings this season. Di Canio at Sunderland, sacked at 20th. Where are they now? 20th. Martin Jol at Fulham, sacked at 18th, now 19th. Steve Clarke, West Brom, sacked at 16th, now 16th. AVB at Spurs, sacked at 7th, now 6th. Mackay, at Cardiff, sacked at 16th, now 18th. Laudrup at Swansea, sacked at 12th, now 13th. Meulensteen at Fulham, sacked at 20th, now 19th. And finally (getting a bit recent now) Hughton at Norwich, sacked at 17th, still 17th. (Didn't include Holloway at Palace because he wasn't sacked, he went on his own will). Managers come and go. People think they improve the team because they pay attention when that happens (confirmation bias). There's as much evidence to say they make teams worse, and more still to say that they don't have any significant impact. Most of those managers above were replaced with more than half a season remaining, including the full January transfer window. Not one of their replacements has moved their team more than two places (Solskjaer at Cardiff) and those were 2 places down. So, whilst occasionally you might find yourself appointing the next sir Alex (and I think Wednesday are better off under Gray than Jones), changing manager rarely has the significant impact that fans believe it will. It's just an expensive way to keep your most vocal fans in check.
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