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  1. They keep adding single tickets back to the site, so I now have one. How many have we sold? Hopefully a decent turn out and a decent game. My worst memories as a Wednesday all come from that sodding ground. Anyone remember 5-0 and 6-0 in two consecutive seasons :( ?!
  2. Site shows tickets sold out. Does anyone know if anymore tickets will be released and if not, I don't suppose anyone has a spare?!
  3. I buried my mother on the day of the first leg against Brighton. I told all those around that she would sort this for us. I stand by that having seen us batter them that night.
  4. I have three in block 552 and one in 533. I would love to swap the 533 I have for either 552, 551 or 550 if anyone can help?
  5. Can offer you 533 for it. Not that close but same side of ground at least. Send me a pm if interested?
  6. Hi, I have finally sorted all my tickets, but due to not wanting to risk gs got them all at different times. I have three in block 552 and 1 in block 533. I therefore hope there is someone out there who can swap my 533 ticket for 552 or close by?
  7. I'll be going from Brighton around midday. Happy to meet up with anyone else going around then?
  8. Hi, I have two tickets, one in block 533 and one in 552. These are opposite sides of the ground!! I know the chances of swapping for same block is remote, but if anyone wants to swap tickets near those blocks I'd love it. PM me if you can assist. Thanks in advance!!
  9. I'll swap it for one of my children. You can choose which one.
  10. I will be going to the ground to see if there are any tickets being sold by anybody outside on the day, so if you do have any to sell on the day send me a pm and I'll call you.
  11. Sorry to post yet another "Bournemouth tickets required" thread... I had planned to take my 6 year son who lives in Bournemouth to his first Wednesday game for this one and am down in Bournemouth that weekend anyway. Sad to hear that tickets had sold out before I was able to purchase them, but hoping there is a slight possibility that two may become available, even on the day. As mentioned, I will be in Bournemouth from Thursday so can meet before the game to pick up tickets. I am happy to pay a lot more for the tickets as I do not want to miss out on the opportunity to take the boy to
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