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  1. Any spare I'm willing to pay over face value. Thanks
  2. Owl '73

    Which Ex-Wednesday player said this?

    Lewis McGugan. Plenty of time to watch Ace Ventura over and over and over again...
  3. Owl '73

    Jordan Rhodes

    I think many people seem to forget that he made his career at Huddersfield and that was the real issue for his reluctance, not 'bottling it' on the big occasion due to crushed confidence. Maybe it's his misplaced sense of priorities/loyalty but imagine how we'd feel if it was D Hirst snarling at the penalty spot whilst playing for Southampton in a modern day comparable situation.
  4. Old Chris Wilder had a farmE-I-E-I-OAnd on his farm he had some pigs E-I-E-I-OWith a oink oink hereAnd a oink oink thereHere's a pig, there's a pig Everywhere a @@@@ing pigOld Chris Wilder had a farmE-I-E-I-O
  5. Any spare coming up I'd take please...! Thanks
  6. Owl '73


    I've coincided a weekend break in Aldeburgh with a 40 minute train journey into Ipswich for the game.
  7. Sorted now thanks to Ryan The Owl
  8. Have got a weekend away booked for the game with 500 points but looking for a spare as don't feel confident of them being available on Thursday morning. Any spare out there? Will pay over face value. Thanks
  9. Owl '73


    "God is in his holy temple...." (Think he was referring to Fernando)
  10. Yes ban goal celebrations. Absolutely no reasons for those.
  11. ... but a fully-grown adult started getting hysterical behind the goal, crying as we scored when there was a slight surge. Get a seat next time as there was absolutely no need to overreact like that.
  12. Owl '73

    Brentford ticket for sale

    Thanks Zico, I've got one now but ask Ultras or Smiley....