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  1. Quality from Murphy again, severely underrated by our fans.
  2. In my 20s so I missed out on the days of us in the premier league unfortunately. Going to Millennium stadium was a great day out, don't really remember much of the season. 2012 obviously great going up against Carlisle, but in terms of standard of football and memorable games the 2015/16 season is the best for me.
  3. Shame it went the way it did with Carlos because the Wembley season has been my best supporting Wednesday.
  4. Probably just going on what a lot of us already think / know. We have far too many players here that have overstayed their welcome and have become far too comfortable. A big clear out in the summer coming imo.
  5. I’d give him a run out, we were miles better at Leeds when he came on.
  6. Christ on a bike, £65 for that absolute dump. Will still get a ticket on Wednesday, talk about sucker for punishment.
  7. Just about calmed down from Saturday, which was arguably the most shambolic performance I've personally seen. Red card aside we'd have still lost, we were miles off it from the first kick. Desperately hoping there were harsh lessons learned and things change because that sort of hammering has been coming with some of the home performances we've has his season. Bannan needs to be further up and not stood on the CB's toes. We looked miles better in the 2nd half at Leeds with Pelupessy in the defensive mid slot and Bannan behind the striker. Also desperate for a striker or two, unfortunately all of Nuhiu, Winnall and Rhodes simply aren't good enough.
  8. That Aussie ref Jarred Gillett is out of his depth in this league, he’s god awful.
  9. Formation was completely wrong, Bannan the furthest back midfielder. Shocking.
  10. Monks post match comments will be interesting to say the least.
  11. Just got home, left when the 3rd went in, the earliest I have. Comfortably the worst half of football I’ve ever seen us play. Never a red card either.
  12. May be jumping the gun if Westwood is genuinely injured, but I have my doubts. Probably spat his dummy out. Can't take Dawson out of the team on current form, maybe Westwood's lost the desire to try and take the shirt back off him. Can't see him wanting to sit on the bench either.
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