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  1. FAO anyone going, what’s the best thing to do. Stay in Hamburg then travel up for the matches?
  2. £60 for flights with Ryanair, ain’t half tempting.
  3. Played a grand total of 16 minutes in an entire season. Urby Emanuelson, club legend.
  4. Brucey getting stuff some miles quicker than we’ve seen for years. Can’t wait for next season.
  5. 2 mins from my house, will definitely make an effort to go to a few games.
  6. As far as I'm aware you can sign players under a soft embargo as long as the EFL approve.
  7. We were lucky we got Bruce when we did. I think Boro would have been in for him and potentially Derby if Lampard leaves.
  8. How can the FA charge him when he was found not guilty?
  9. Only seen one thing on Twitter linking him with them and it's from a bs account if its the same.
  10. He was good for them before they signed Fabianski, think he'll stay in the PL or move abroad.
  11. Think Bruce tried to push him out at Villa, can't see that happening.
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