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  1. Keep the faith with Darren, having watched all but 2/3 of our games this season imo there has been a very clear improvement even if the results haven't necessarily shown it. I imagine with a team full of his own players, regardless of the division we are in, Moore is the right man to take us forward.
  2. The rest of his game being what? Semedo is a cult hero for Wednesday for doing not far off the same job Pelupessy is doing.
  3. Not really, Van Dijk averages 0.9 tackles per 90 mins.
  4. Not actually sure if Bayern are joining or not, it was a made up tweet apparently.
  5. Would they actually hold their nerve and kick them out of the domestic leagues?
  6. I can’t see them killing her off just yet tbh
  7. Derby for me, never liked em they’re proper tinpot.
  8. Don't have a problem with them really, but I thought the point of doing them "in-house" is so they can be better quality and cheaper? Don't we have the most expensive home shirt in the league?
  9. Completely agree. If you think Pulis was fooled into the job you're off your rocker, he knew exactly what he was getting himself into.
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