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  1. Blossoms were different gravy this weekend, should’ve headlined
  2. They got that the wrong way round, never seen Tramlines bouncing along as much as they did to Dizzee Rascal. Proper crowd pleaser, was class
  3. An injury prone 32 year old who’s reportedly on £75k p/w? No thanks
  4. Weather's looking naff Saturday/Sunday
  5. Saka’s first ever penalty in professional football? Disgraceful really he’s been given that one.
  6. Would’ve put my life on Morata missing that, never looks confident
  7. Italy look absolutely knackered, think they’ll get done in extra time.
  8. Could be some sort of "payback" for lease of the stadium considering operating lease charges jumped up to £2.5m from £215k.
  9. No, DC paid staff the 20% of the salaries they'd have been missing out on from being placed on furlough.
  10. Not a fan of the lineup either, only going for the pissup.
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