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  1. Great save, I’ll give him that. His lethargicness and inability to kick a ball are my main gripes with him.
  2. Westwood Odubajo Iorfa Borner Palmer Luongo Hutch Bannan Harris Fletcher Forestieri
  3. Seen a few mention Wetherspoons pal so will probably head there or somewhere around it.
  4. Likewise we’re setting off at 8, be there for dinner time-ish. If it’s anything like Norwich last season I won’t know my own name by kick off
  5. Looking forward to it, a few of us going down Friday morning and staying over.
  6. Possibly a deserved ban but he was 100% targeted at Rotherham. Chucked out for persistent standing while the rest of the away end is stood up, bit daft.
  7. Stopping over in Cardiff Friday which has already cost a fortune, might have to give Ewood a miss this year, especially at them prices.
  8. Cardiff, Leeds and Swansea within the next 6 games. Them games will be pivotal in terms of showing us where we are imo.
  9. Westwood - 7 Odubajo - 7 Iorfa - 8 Borner - 8 Palmer - 7 Reach - 7 Bannan - 7 Pelupessy - 8 Luongo - 7 Harris - 7 Fletcher - 8 Borner MOM for me, but honorable mentions for big Dom,, Pelupessy and Fletch.
  10. Absolutely love the bloke, what a find he’s been.
  11. Westwood Odubajo Iorfa Borner Palmer Lee Luongo Bannan Murphy Fletcher Harris Reach needs a break.
  12. Potential blessing in disguise Hutch being out Saturday, big change hopefully for Luongo to see what he can do. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hutch. But a lot of the time if he’s not sticking tackles in he’s a massive bystander, we need a lot more from him if we’re playing a 2 man midfield.
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