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  1. Kanye West

    I've got a source in club (No joke)

    Has he? Yorkshire Post said he was still going to be in charge for Swansea.
  2. Kanye West

    Westwood starts u23

    The other new signing Jack Stubbs
  3. Nuhiu had a few choice words for someone on the north as well in the second half.
  4. Kanye West

    JOS OUT!

    Andy Giddings‏ @Gids1980 FollowingFollowing @Gids1980 More #swfc JL on boos at HT and FT: “I can understand that but I think the fans live in the past of 2 or 3 years ago. They must see the reality.”
  5. Didn't train yesterday according to Jos. Hope Wildsmith brings his passing boots because he could be in centre mid at this rate.
  6. Liverpool's ex assistant manager Zeljko Buvac.
  7. Kanye West

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    Forestieri injured?
  8. Kanye West

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    Please just go Jos, do us all a favour.
  9. Kanye West

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    Please just go Jos, do us all a favour.
  10. Kanye West

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    Embarrassing. Bye Jos.
  11. Regardless of a bust up or not Winnall should never have been allowed to go out on loan.
  12. The thing is in that game we didn't even play particularly well, but we actually went forward with attacking intent and somewhat of a plan. It's painful to see.
  13. Speaking of Rhodes and Winnall, I decided to have a search of a game when they featured together. The difference from now to Feb last year is startling.
  14. Kanye West

    Team for Blackburn?

    Dawson Palmer Lees Hector Thorniley Penney Reach Pelupessy Bannan Nuhiu Forestieri
  15. Freezing, dreadful attendance and a dire game. It’s jusy as well Bolton were garbage because any other team in that first half would’ve put us to bed, we were shockingly bad. Us of 2 years ago would’ve absolutely taken them to bits.