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  1. Loved Wallace when he was here but that interview is embarrassing, highlights exactly what has been going wrong with this club.
  2. I logged in purely just to neg you for this suggestion
  3. The people blaming Monk for the mess we are in at the minute are completely delusional. Any manager here is destined to fail with the state the club is in. Monk is not a bad manager.
  4. Would’ve started Forestieri over Da Cruz personally
  5. He does it every game, fans gave him a bit of stick today for it in the 2nd half
  6. Did they win? Oh no, they lost 3-1. Bearing in mind City played without Aguero, Jesus, Silva and also without any senior centre backs.
  7. Spot on mate, couldn’t have put that any better.
  8. People moaning about that? Losing 1-0 to a team that just beat Real Madrid by a better score line is nothing to be ashamed of. I genuinely wonder if most fans have ever seen City play, because if we’d had tried to attack them from the get go tonight they’d have stuck about 10 past us. Great effort from the lads.
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