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  1. Get in another thread about the same thing posted half an hour ago
  2. Pre season in The Yemen?

    Money talks, clearly.
  3. U18's

    Yeah I'd assume so. Weren't he signed as quite a promising youngster at just 15 years old or so? Might be worth keeping an eye on over the next couple of years.
  4. Tom Lees

    Barring the QPR debacle, the defence since he has returned has been a lot more assured and that shows in the recent results. He's been pretty much back to his best for me since he came back in to the side. It shows just how much of a miss he was while he was out. Also completely agree with what he's said this morning in The Star re. keeping Venancio and Pudil on: https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/daniel-pudil-and-frederico-venancio-couldn-t-do-much-more-to-get-new-sheffield-wednesday-deal-1-9130833
  5. Gone for Reach, consistent appearances all season and really picked up when we needed someone to step up. Although honorable mentions for Lees, Nuhiu, Forestieri and Bannan, they've all helped massively in the last month or so.
  6. Five wins in seven games

    Genuinely cannot wait for next season.
  7. Fernando Forestieri

    What a flipping player, that second goal was fantastic.
  8. Just seen that, it's an absolute joke. International footballer and played 8 times in the prem for them at 17 and Exeter get £1m. They paid £75m for Morata ffs, it's a shambles.
  9. Caption Competition

    That's a Photoshop opportunity if I've ever seen one
  10. Bring back the half time challenge too FFS!
  11. Danny Batth

    When Wolves can get players like Willy Boly in of course Batth wouldn't play. I'd take him 100%.
  12. Michael hefele

    Cannot stand him, no thank you.