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  1. Hutchinson plays half a season pretty well, gets frozen out by Monk. Monk gets sacked after freezing him out for months and we then re-sign him?
  2. He got the Chelsea job too soon in to his managerial career.
  3. Salah painfully ineffective as well when he’s not in form.
  4. Almost a week away from the transfer window closing and we're still managerless. No plan, no direction. We've had 2 weeks of no games so a perfect time to get a manager in and get some planning done, yet of course we haven't done that. What on earth are we doing?
  5. That's what I thought, could there be any other reason for doing so? It's very sneaky.
  6. Both the Brentford and Stoke games have been brought forward to 7 o’clock kick offs. Is there genuinely any other reason behind this than making fans now pay for it as 7pm games aren’t on the red button? Another £20 on games that would’ve otherwise been on Sky.
  7. Chelsea have an unbelievable squad of players that Lampard just can’t seem to get playing, think he’ll be gone sooner rather than later. Think Leicester are brilliant to watch though.
  8. Take it with a pinch of salt but that was reported on the Daily Mail as well.
  9. As long as he know's he's not a guaranteed starter I don't think he's a bad squad player to have, can cover a couple of positions.
  10. Not much in Darren Moore according to The Star
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