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  1. Kanye West

    Team for Swansea

    Westwood Palmer Hector Thorniley Lazaar Bannan Hutchinson Reach Joao Fletcher Aarons
  2. Kanye West

    Forestieri out for two games?

    FA website says one game. http://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/discipline/suspensions
  3. Kanye West

    Big Hec

    First bad game he's had for us, he's been quality other than that. Non issue really, plenty of others have had a lot more off days than him.
  4. Knew it at the time, it’s an absolute shocker and I can’t believe they got away with it.
  5. Kanye West

    Bruce on Rovrum..

    Alright mate no need to take the wee wee
  6. Kanye West

    Bruce on Rovrum..

    I knew it didn't look right
  7. Way to rustle a few feathers
  8. Kanye West

    Our settled back 4

    In the last 10 we've had the 2nd best in the league with 7 against, only bettered by Bristol on 6. However, we also have the 2nd joint lowest goals scored, with 7. You know you have a problem when you go on your best defensive run in years based on the last 10 games, and your goal difference is still 0.
  9. Kanye West

    iFollow is junk

    Used it for first time last night as I couldn't make it, worked fine for me.
  10. Kanye West

    Man of the match - Millwall (A)

    Westwood - 7 Palmer - 7 Hector - 8 Thorniley - 7 Fox - 7 Bannan - 6 Hutchinson - 7 Pelupessy - 4 Reach - 6 Fletcher - 6 Joao - 6 Boyd - 4 Forestieri - 6
  11. Kanye West

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Fixed it for you
  12. Kanye West

    Well done Wednesday

    Cannot applaud that, couldn't score in a brothel.
  13. Kanye West


    He was blowing out of his arse after 45 mins in a 23's game so no chance is he match fit enough to start for us.
  14. Kanye West

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Great defence, timid attack. Got it to switch it up for Rotherham, would like to see Aarons start.
  15. Kanye West

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Boyd had a good 5 mins, absolutely useless again since.