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  1. Did anyone have one of these SWFC T-shirts?

    Had the first one. Went well with the obligatory beanie hat!
  2. United

    Just checked and I have!
  3. United

    Yep. Done exactly the same this afternoon.
  4. It will doubtless have a soggy bottom regardless.
  5. Great manger being over looked.

    https://youtu.be/2DV87F8wTt0 Need him as centre half.
  6. Watch this and weep...

    Feels like a lifetime ago. Took my daughters to that game and they were enthralled. Took one of them today (the other lost interest last season) and she spent most of the second half playing on her phone.
  7. Next season kit

    Just seen these posted on Facebook. No idea if genuine or not. Chansiri has a different font.
  8. Next season kit

    Taken from Facebook / Twitter
  9. Hooper

    Is it pre-season or post-season? And at which point do we switch from one to the other. Personally, until I've stopped lamenting what could have been it's firmly post-season.

    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger as they say. An excellent and timely statement from our Chairman and owner.
  11. OperationPig

    Well done for reaching the final. This hurts pretty bad and I feel drained this morning but you were the best side over the 2 legs. I can't say that the final bothers me too much now. Living in a Bradford I'm more bothered by what happens in the League 1 final at the weekend but good luck anyway against Reading.
  12. Please win Wednesday. We'll be behind you all the way.
  13. 2 client workshops to run between 9 and 4. Leaving Leeds at 4, pick my Dad up from Ossett then onwards to Sheffield. Praying that tomorrow isn't the day that the M1 doesn't snarl up.