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    Still seething now 3 hours after full time. Have been on the wagon since Xmas. Sure as hell feel like jumping off it. Never seen such an obviously corrupt performance from an official yet they walk around with impunity.
  2. Jos Has Been First Class

    Jos has one point more than Carlos achieved in his first 7 matches after a full pre-season with a fully fit squad. Results started to pick up for Carlos thereafter (17 from the next 7) but given the circumstances I’d say that’s a pretty decent first 7 matches for JL.
  3. Short-termism.

    A 5 year ST is not all bad. My brother-in-law was one of the few suckers who invested in a 25 year Leeds season ticket back in 2004. Still makes me chuckle now!
  4. Tinpot pre walkout music

    During 15/16 they went through a period of playing RU Mine by the Arctics before the Contender theme tune and Waterfront as the players came out. Maybe looking through rose tinted specs but I really enjoyed that pre-match playlist as I associate it with some fantastic games and Wednesday performances. That said I’d happily replace the Contender with the Owl video.
  5. Inept TV research

    Lies, damned lies and statistics...

    Really struggle with how this is a binary decision. Surely the way to run a successful club (or any business) is to invest wisely when required alongside organic growth and development of existing talent. Hopefully Jos has seen enough in our youngsters to want to develop them further regardless of the funds made available.
  7. Highlight the positives

    We’re not playing in “unlucky” stripes....
  8. Mclaren

    He could speak in Jos’s native tongue too. What’s not to like.
  9. OWLS - From a Leeds United fan

    They’re even painting Owls on the side of new buildings!
  10. At least they’ve warned people about this. The West Yorkshire Police didn’t feel quite so generous when they turned the “smart” motorway on on the M62 and started collaring people from the word go regardless of whether the signs were on or not. I’m also convinced that they are purposefully making sure that the limit isn’t the same between one gantry and the next ... start at 60 ... down to 50 ... up to 60 ... down to 40 ... FLASH
  11. My dad was born and brought up in Hillsborough. Despite moving away to Leeds then Wakefield for work I had no choice though (shock horror) he did occasionally take me to Elland Road too as it was closer. I’m now in a position to influence the next generation and will be taking my nephew to his first game v Swansea / Notts County. Hopefully he’s not bemoaning me in a similar thread in years to come!
  12. The dreaded 'R' word

    Wednesday have an enormous capacity to surprise. Thing is, it would be as much a surprise to see us suddenly start to score goals and win games as it would to see us lurch into the drop zone after 2 years at the other end of the table. Here’s hoping it’s the former rather than the latter.
  13. Didn’t that happen with us too? He must be doing it on purpose to wind fans up as a bit of a stop gap in between jobs.
  14. Pretty sure that for a small fee they could have contracted with a proper market research firm to do this properly. Still, I answered the questions as honestly as I could. No qualms about handing over name and number either. I suspect that they won’t be able to keep it under new data protection laws anyway. Hopefully it will give them enough insight to make the necessary improvements in the right areas.
  15. Looking forward to this one regardless of who we play. I’ve been allowed to take my nephew to his first football match thereby preventing his first game being at Hull City Tigers. Another Owl added to the family by the end of the day hopefully!