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  1. Didn’t he try 2 up front against Hull, using every available striker during the course of the game? Not a 0-5 but a bad home defeat. Monk was in an invidious position on Saturday. If he’d changed a winning side and still lost he would have been heavily criticised. He stuck with a winning team. He kept Nuhiu on the bench rather than starting him, which, I would have thought most fans were in favour of. No way he could ever have imagined that the same team that beat the league leaders the week before would put in such a pitiful display.
  2. Hard to see how players could possibly lose confidence in the Chairman unless he’s not paying their wages. That’s all that most of them care about after all.
  3. That really is a very damning letter and it’s pretty clear to see why the action against us and Derby has now been taken in some desperate attempt to retain any form of credibility. As others have said, I think we’re on a one way street to PL2. There’s no coming back from this for the EFL if they’ve told clubs they are in compliance and then changed their minds. On a separate point it’s interesting that the select committee recommends ditching the football creditors rule. I’ve long thought that this, together with failure payments, helps to inflate the bubble that football increasingly seems to operate within.
  4. If PL2 gets formed does this qualify as ‘reaching the premier league’?
  5. One of the FAQs is ‘Can I buy more than one’. Seriously how frequently are they expecting people to ask that question?
  6. This happened at Leeds who did a 25 year one when things were going well In the 90s. My brother in law bought one and there were “issues” when Leeds went into administration. Think they ended up honouring them in the end but there were no guarantees that they wouldn’t just become unsecured creditors.
  7. What a star Börner is. He absolutely loves winning. Fantastic stuff.
  8. We found a few drowning their sorrows in ‘Hopped’ near the station. They were OK to be fair but have this strange obsession with Man Utd which, they swear, is reciprocated. These lot thought better of us than of the Blades. They are of course knowledgeable about points deductions and, having consulted their crystal ball, think that we will receive a 12 point deduction this season. My protestations regarding Chansiri’s desire to take the EFL to task in a court of law seemed to fall on deaf ears.
  9. Good view of the away end celebrations in this one.
  10. Honourable mention for the Carlisle game. Can’t ever remember celebrating a goal like that before or since.
  11. The former chair of SAG is the Head of Operations at Bramall Lane.
  12. The timing will have been subject to audit however as well as potentially having also been agreed with the EFL. As has been mentioned many times before, the auditors will have wanted to be absolutely certain on the timing of the most material transaction in the accounts they were signing off. Taking a step back, the EFL knew that we had extended our accounting year end. Surely therefore, if we discussed the validity of the transaction with them, the timing must also have come up in discussion. Or at least it must have been as clear as day to the EFL which accounting period we wanted to book the profit in.
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