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  1. The Regulator

    Fans Forum - Change of venue

    Do we get TPP?
  2. The Regulator

    Half Season Tickets

    I wonder if the subject of ST refunds will come up at the forum. Wasn’t it about this time last year when there was a bloke on Calendar that had taken Chansiri up on the offer? I doubt that DC will be quite so quick to offer refunds this time as I suspect there’s a few more ready to bite his hand off.
  3. The Regulator

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    Who were those “friends” you mentioned a while back? Where are they now?
  4. The Regulator

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    Are you glad that you bought Sheffield Wednesday football club? If you could have your time again at SWFC what would you do differently? Are the fans of SWFC required, in your view, to do more than pay for tickets, turn up and support the team. Have any of these things not happened during your tenure? When you bought SWFC you clearly had a plan A - promotion to the Premier League within 3 years. What was your plan B when you bought SWFC? Was relegation to league 1 ever contemplated as a worst case scenario and how did you assess the the impact of this on your strategy upon owning the club? What are your plans to retain season ticket holders should SWFC be relegated to league 1 in 2019? Are you still funding the business operations of SWFC? Are you actively seeking a buyer of SWFC? If so (and acknowledging that there are confidences that you can’t breach) how far away would you say that we are from being under new ownership? if you are looking to sell, what due diligence are you doing on potential purchasers to ensure the long term good health of the club?
  5. The Regulator

    Fans forum

    Absolutely. The irony being that, after believeing we’d had a near miss with Mammadov, we’re now in a far greater mess than many would have thought possible with Chansiri. Only at Wednesday eh?
  6. The Regulator

    Fans forum

    In fairness, Milan told us that he wanted to ensure that he sold us to someone that would take care of the club. First he nearly had us away to Mammadov before Chansiri came along.
  7. The Regulator

    Fans forum

    I seriously would want to know if he’s looking for a buyer and if so is he anywhere near to finding one. I’d also like to know if he takes any responsibility whatsoever for the mess we’re in. If he does, what has he learned and how is he changing things. If he doesn’t and blames the fans I’d like to know how on Earth we can do any different than to buy the tickets and turn up every Saturday. In what way is it the fans’ fault?
  8. The Regulator

    Pulled the plug or selling

    He stops funding operations out of his own pocket. Given that we rely on him doing this to remain a going concern means that when he stops we soon cease to be one.
  9. The Regulator

    Pulled the plug or selling

    If he’s pulled the plug, we’re trading insolvently and will soon be in admin.
  10. The Regulator

    Our club is dying

    It intrigues me as to how things are so different at Leicester. Presumably they’ve either gone against their instincts of doing everything their own way or they actually know something about running an English football club. They’re certainly not afraid of ‘losing face’ by sacking managers occasionally.
  11. Get well soon Harry. What an awful thing to happen.
  12. The Regulator

    Fair enough...is more than enough

    Invent time travel and go back to 2015.
  13. The Regulator

    Attendance tomorrow night

    We will win tomorrow night because I’m not going having loaned out my ST on Saturday. I missed Millwall and Ipswich in August due to holiday. Happy to help.
  14. I’ve seen this said a few times now and whilst I agree with the sentiment, all that will happen is that someone else will be there to fill the void as long as people are prepared to pay through the nose for live football.
  15. The Regulator

    David Jones....did i hear correctly ?

    You heard correctly. I simply do not believe our owner sometimes.