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  1. Given the influence that’s Sky has on when games are actually played, the publication of the fixture list is nothing more than ‘directional’ anyway. We’ve featured on TV less over the last couple of seasons and I’ve almost got used to a fair chunk of Saturday 3pm kick offs!
  2. Around 1981 / 1982 according to the accounts submitted to Companies House. Can’t see any indication as to why though.
  3. At what point did the limited company become a plc and why?
  4. Recorded it. There’ll be a time some time in the not too distant future to give it an airing.
  5. What better excuse do we need to repaint the Presto stand
  6. Form is temporary but class is permanent. Well done DC.
  7. Instead of introducing VAR they should have gone further and replaced human refs and linesmen with some sort of artificial intelligence. At least there’d be some chance of achieving consistency and less chance of corruption!
  8. Heads could quite easily have dropped when Preston’s 3rd went in and in the not too distant past they would have. It’s a mark of the impact that Bruce has had that Wednesday lifted themselves again, got back level and looked the more likely winners despite going down to 10 men. The future’s bright.
  9. Great OMDT again Snoots. The third season on the bounce that I’ll have made the trip to Preston. The last 2 (Reach’s last minute equaliser aside) have been completely forgettable. Didn’t we manage zero shots on target the last time we were there on the first game of last season? Seems like a lifetime ago. Anyway, here’s to a Wednesday win this time around. UTO!
  10. He’s probably given old McSue ideas. How long before we start hearing the same from across the city I wonder?
  11. 2 people want to give Abdi a new contract. Man alive.
  12. Thought we made a lot of noise first half. Fell a bit flat second. Have to say that the arrangements outside the ground both before and after were appalling. I imagine a fair few will have missed the KO.
  13. Regardless of how they played I find it nothing short of astonishing that there are still Wednesday fans that choose to boo Fox in particular (including last night on the Kop) when his name is announced and before he has even kicked the ball. And this happens during a spell that we’ve been close to automatic promotion form to which Fox has contributed.
  14. Have to say that I rarely buy anything in the ground but took my daughter with me yesterday who wanted a bottle of water at HT. Went to the kiosk at the back of the kop. 2 serving windows out of 4 open. Huge queue meaning that I missed the first 10 mins of the 2nd half only to find that they’d sold out of water when we reached the front so bought some strawberry flavoured stuff which she inevitably didn’t want. If if the club is going to prevent you taking bottles through the gates at least have a decent stock of something as basic as water.
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