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  1. The timing will have been subject to audit however as well as potentially having also been agreed with the EFL. As has been mentioned many times before, the auditors will have wanted to be absolutely certain on the timing of the most material transaction in the accounts they were signing off. Taking a step back, the EFL knew that we had extended our accounting year end. Surely therefore, if we discussed the validity of the transaction with them, the timing must also have come up in discussion. Or at least it must have been as clear as day to the EFL which accounting period we wanted to book the profit in.
  2. Good to see him back and that he remembers us with fondness. Time a great healer.
  3. Haven’t read the whole thread so don’t know if I’m repeating what has been said. We must remember that a form of auditors signed off these accounts so it is not just Wednesday in the dock here but our auditors too. They will have had to satisfy themselves that there was enough evidence to allow us to book the sale in an earlier period. All of that being said, there is an old accounting concept of “substance over form” and whatever DC might argue and has convinced the auditors of it is clear to most observers that the substance of this transaction is that it should have been booked a year later. In his heart DC must have known this was wrong and I’m afraid we will deserve all that is coming to us.
  4. It wouldn’t be so bad if they had to do post match interviews and answer for their decisions but they walk around with impunity. And if they are being assessed nothing ever seems to come of their poor performances. Power without accountability.
  5. Great photo. Love that even the ambulance men are smiling too!
  6. Can’t remember celebrating a goal like that in a long time. Probably the Brighton play off semi. Completely lost it for a few seconds. How nice to see a team of utter cheats get their just desserts. Wonderful stuff.
  7. I thought it was the Huddersfield fans singing Forestieri’s name as some sort of tribute to his penalty miss in the play-off semi?
  8. It’s not one of the big 4. I think it’s a local firm but they all operate by the same standards in any case. It used to be Deloitte who stepped down at around the time Mandaric took over I think.
  9. Which the auditors would also have wanted to see before signing the accounts off.
  10. And if their valuation is lower there has been a fall in value since DC bought it off himself! The auditors must have been all over this yet we know that the EFL likes to fly in the face of officialdom, as they did with FF.
  11. The fact is that the stadium is worth whatever someone is prepared to pay for it.
  12. One might be forgiven for thinking that the events of the summer further cemented in DC’s own mind just how ruthless and lacking in loyalty this game of football is. The way he dealt with the Bruce situation was admirable and lauded by many. However, I want to see this hard line continue and if the right calibre of manager isn’t available, go and get one already in a job, even if it means playing dirty - something that we really aren’t very good at on or off the pitch. That would be a real sign of intent. Instead, we are drifting back to the passive, do nothing, attitude that preceded the departures of Carlos and Jos. The respect that DC built up over the summer will soon be lost if he doesn’t act soon.
  13. I’ve had a bet with my uncle that Bullen will still be in charge for the Hudds game. I won the last one on the timing of Jos’s sacking. Chansiri seems to take an age to make these decisions and it’s absolutely infuriating.
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