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  1. Managed to get to a game at Brighouse Town before Xmas. Thoroughly enjoyed it so when restrictions are relaxed we’ve decided to attend non-league games.
  2. Pro-rata. As I recall I specified the vendor, full amount and transaction date so that the credit card company could identify it plus the amount claimed for goods / services not received.
  3. For anyone still waiting on this who paid by credit card I found that the quickest route to a refund was to submit a section 75 claim via my credit card company. It took a few weeks to get processed but was debited to my card relatively promptly (around 3 weeks I think). The irony in all of this is that the ticket office must have tried to call me at least 5 times, presumably to try and process my original claim. Every time I’ve been busy on work calls so have never actually spoken to anyone at the club. And frankly, having now had the money back I’m not bothered about receiving it
  4. The hypocrisy of the club spouting about what is morally wrong when we’re still waiting for refunds from last season won’t be lost on many.
  5. They used to be indecisive but now they’re not so sure ... Edit: Damn, beaten by the post above.
  6. Very much agree with this. While virtually everyone else has come together during this crisis football as a whole has shown itself to be arrogant, greedy and somehow separate from the rest of society. From a personal perspective I was already down on Wednesday (yet here I am on OT) and this episode has turned me completely against the game as a whole. I have no idea how many others feel the same but I dearly hope you’re right and that this is the watershed moment that the game has long been deserving of.
  7. Do you admit to having made some bad decisions since taking over at Sheffield Wednesday? If you had your time again what would you have done differently with Wednesday? Do you believe that other parties have succeeded in taking advantage of you during your time in charge of SWFC? Will you apologise to the loyal supporters of the club for the bad decisions that you have made? Were it not for P&S (ie if it didn’t exist) what would your current position be regarding the financing of the club? Are you actively looking to sell the club
  8. Really hope there’s something in this and that DC is desperate enough to get out and take a substantial write-off. Anything to get us looking like a normal football club again, whatever “normal” is these days.
  9. Same here. I don’t trust the ‘leadership’ of the club one iota any more and doubt very much that I’ll be back as a ST holder until the ‘leadership’ has been changed. I can’t see that happening any time soon.
  10. I think that P&S is a convenient cover for his money having run out anyway. Unfortunately I think we’re stuck with him for a good while yet since he first needs to find a buyer willing to take all of our issues on. This now includes negotiating separately for the ground which Chansiri owns via a separate legal entity. That buyer will also have to meet Chansiri’s valuation. History teaches us that he tends to over-value and not back down. I simply can’t see anyone being willing to take on a basket case of a club at Chansiri’s likely asking price.
  11. I think he would sell if he could and I would have thought that he’s already looking for a buyer. It needs 2 conditions to be met though. First, there needs to be someone who actually wants to buy us, warts and all. Then they have to be prepared to meet Chansiri’s valuation. I fear that we may be stuck with him for the long haul.
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