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  1. We have had our bad run only 11 points off the playoffs n other teams still got there bad run to come.
  2. It’s only half way through the season have faith jos the dross should be flogged in public
  3. You mean the decent assets that are never picked to play ?
  4. He’s clueless out club was just a play thing for him
  5. Hooper best of a bad bunch but he’s injured all the time
  6. Totally agree but when you post stuff like this our snowflake fans will make fun of you while our club slips down to league one.Any fan would be up in arms about what’s going on but it seems our fan base have all lost there NADS
  7. 1 beer ? We need to be hammered to watch our shower of sh!t
  8. If I’m honest I don’t think he’s going anywhere
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