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  1. leedsbornowl


    Is this a wind up ?
  2. leedsbornowl


    Why single Dawson out he’s kept is in the game Joao cannot hold the ball up for toffee.we need Pelupessy in the Center breaking things up & FF upfront to create something
  3. leedsbornowl

    Professional Performance

  4. leedsbornowl

    I'm still feeling positive

    2 points dropped tonight
  5. leedsbornowl

    Another good game

    Are u pissed we outplayed them 2-0 up then usual shire
  6. leedsbornowl

    2 nil up and lucas comes on????

    He did what he needed to do 2-0
  7. leedsbornowl


    2-0 up at half time job done ?this proves we have no balls FFS
  8. leedsbornowl

    Joey p

    Pelupessy had a great game tonight really
  9. leedsbornowl

    Joey p

    I think he had a great game tonight but bringing him down would be cheating ? Gayle dived 2 twice should have been off but it didn’t happen
  10. leedsbornowl

    Sorry but Jos cost us points

    2-0 up n we draw 2-2 West Brom were poo ?
  11. leedsbornowl

    A dose of reality

    If Nuhiu goal would have stood we would have won that game
  12. leedsbornowl

    Just got back...

    Joao did nothing was lazy at least Nuhiu scored
  13. leedsbornowl


    Total garbage as in he’s total garbage
  14. Why we blaming reach the entire team was crap tonight
  15. leedsbornowl

    Adam Reach

    The entire team is dire stop singling players out