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  1. Discipline

    Sendings off were a farce nothing to do with discipline
  2. VIDEO - how is this a sending off?

    Marco gets headbutted then gets sent off absolute farce it was Lino not ref that made this mad crazy call
  3. Wildsmith

    He’s been doing really well had an off day that’s all you got February player of the month maybe we jinxed him
  4. Just had back luck with injuries this season we will be fine
  5. Joe Wildsmith POTM

    Well done done I think Westwood is done here he’s gunna struggle to take the no 1 spot back
  6. Matias

    But our cup team is getting wins our league team isn’t,maybe we should be playing our cup team in the league ?
  7. Keith Andrews ha ha ha

    Apart from saying Jos was a cop out saying the players fitness was a problem
  8. Keith Andrews ha ha ha

    Brown singing our praises
  9. Keith Andrews ha ha ha

    Really he dissed jos for saying the players were not fit enough when we all knew it was FACT
  10. Didn’t give us an hope in hell before kick off come halftime he’s sucking our nads. well done boys considering
  11. Agree it’s getting boring now
  12. New this a week ago waste of a post ???????
  13. Setbacks

    This is no set back it’s season over got the pigs next Friday imagine if we lose that by a big score but Carlisle first think it’s gunna add to our embarrassment at the moment.
  14. So what has really happened

    But we won’t win sorry,there gunna tear us a new one
  15. Hip Hip Hooray

    Hip is the new back my employers are gunna be in shock