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  1. I'm still not convinced we as a club understand the concept of selling a player, so he'll be here. So long as Bruce wants him and he's physically up to it there isn't really a problem with that. Personally I'd like to see us reduce the wage bill and rebuild the squad but I can't see it happening.
  2. I wouldn't mind if it was an annual thing that he'd done since he arrived, congrats to the winners, commiserations to the losers and good luck to the 4 teams in the play offs (if we aren't in them) kind of thing. That would be nice enough, if entirely pointless, but don't rush out to congratulate them and certainly not on our behalf.
  3. They have to fit within financial rules to be allowed to compete in the CL or EL. Theres so many clubs, in the championship, throwing daft money at trying to get into the PL that there needs to be some sort of control, otherwise you'd have the problems of loads of clubs going into administration again. The support sounds great on TV
  4. He wasn't at all popular on one of the Chelsea forums I looked at, even today. Probably suited him to not have to worry about defending.
  5. From the BBC article: "A BBC investigation showed that last year's fixture between Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United at Hillsborough was the most expensive policing operation for a match in England, costing £203,000. The home club was billed £41,000 by the police." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-46760669 It's not paid for by the clubs in the main, if it was the police would be very keen to play it whenever overtime was highest.
  6. Protest against who though? Football sold it's soul many years ago, clubs have the option to not accept skys money but they never will (unless someone bids higher). Daft kick off times are the price we all pay for the over-inflated wages everywhere in football. Same with the police it's a money thing, if the clubs offered to contribute more they'd probably be happy to let us play on Christmas Day if we wanted to, if we don't they'll continue to make life difficult. Best thing we can do is get promoted and never see them again.
  7. We couldn't afford Rhodes, just need to find out how that was requested and do the same.
  8. He wouldn't even need to hand over control though, a week of speaking to Wilkinson, Milan, Waddle, Marwood etc etc would probably be enough to see he's been taken for a ride. I've no idea what would push him enough to ask for help though.
  9. Promoted with two and (all but) relegated two from the Championship.
  10. Shame it makes sense so will never happen
  11. It might not be as manager, but surely there should be a role for him at the club, hands on or ambassadorial.
  12. Depends on how high you are aiming. Mowbray has worked for Coventry and now Blackburn, both with awful owners, he was probably too good for them both at the time. There are so many bad owners and clubs in crisis a lot of managers will still take those jobs, Cardiff were a shambles before Colin took over as well. The difference being that at some point their owners tire of losing points and millions of £, and so decide to let the manager decide the transfers, think we are still waiting on that one. Right now we don't even know if DC even approached any managers rather than head coaches either time he appointed one, so who'd be interested seems like an optimistic question.
  13. Can't argue he's northern, disagree with the rest though.
  14. There would still be a load of managers who'd want the job, the problem is more could DC pick the right one (My opinion - No) I also remain unconvinced that we'll manage to sell that many in January, it would be the smart thing to do so that we can sort out the problematic areas, which makes it seem less likely to me that it will happen.
  15. You don't get certain bonus payments if you put in the transfer request, so they just complain and whine but don't officially request it.
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