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  1. We couldn't afford Rhodes, just need to find out how that was requested and do the same.
  2. He wouldn't even need to hand over control though, a week of speaking to Wilkinson, Milan, Waddle, Marwood etc etc would probably be enough to see he's been taken for a ride. I've no idea what would push him enough to ask for help though.
  3. BFR

    Ian Holloway

    Promoted with two and (all but) relegated two from the Championship.
  4. BFR

    Chris Waddle

    Shame it makes sense so will never happen
  5. BFR

    Chris Waddle

    It might not be as manager, but surely there should be a role for him at the club, hands on or ambassadorial.
  6. BFR

    If Jos goes... who's in?

    Depends on how high you are aiming. Mowbray has worked for Coventry and now Blackburn, both with awful owners, he was probably too good for them both at the time. There are so many bad owners and clubs in crisis a lot of managers will still take those jobs, Cardiff were a shambles before Colin took over as well. The difference being that at some point their owners tire of losing points and millions of £, and so decide to let the manager decide the transfers, think we are still waiting on that one. Right now we don't even know if DC even approached any managers rather than head coaches either time he appointed one, so who'd be interested seems like an optimistic question.
  7. Can't argue he's northern, disagree with the rest though.
  8. BFR

    If Jos goes... who's in?

    There would still be a load of managers who'd want the job, the problem is more could DC pick the right one (My opinion - No) I also remain unconvinced that we'll manage to sell that many in January, it would be the smart thing to do so that we can sort out the problematic areas, which makes it seem less likely to me that it will happen.
  9. BFR

    Sam Winnall...

    You don't get certain bonus payments if you put in the transfer request, so they just complain and whine but don't officially request it.
  10. The problem is that the short term strategy has a few big question marks over it, just how bad is the financial situation, is anyone likely to come in for any of our players, and will we let them go even if they do? Assuming that we aren't in an apocalypse type of situation come January or May then I think we should look towards how Brentford/Peterboro do their business. Young players, loads of potential, and look to move them on when a club bids a certain amount. While we are in this league it needs to be accepted that we have to be a club willing to sell, but without having to sell anyone like now. Middlesboro and Norwich have both taken around £20 million this summer, with young players who have had one good season, the PL clubs are desperate to throw their money about. The aim should be self sustainability, planning to lose just enough to stay within F&P is daft. The rest of it just needs to be simplified, enough of loads of different prices for different kinds of season tickets/memberships/tickets, one price throughout the stadium all season, ideally undercut 'them' and advertise everywhere we can. Obviously none of this will happen, but it's what I'd aim for.
  11. BFR

    How about this for an Idea

    I'd have accepted it in 2000... Personally I just don't think it should be given as a blank cheque, it's there to cover existing contracts, not to be used for new expensive signings. The three newly relegated clubs are pretty much in line with that, they've spent but a lot of it has come from what they've recouped. No idea how it would be regulated but I think thats what they should aim for. FFP definitely needs to be there, clubs have no self control, if they were allowed to lose £100 million over 3 seasons there would still be some pushing it. If it stops owners from pushing it too far and clubs going into administration all the time its a good thing. You only have to go back about 4 years and we'd all have been saying what a good thing FFP was (if it had of been policed properly then) and complaining about any club breaching the limits. As it's a place of positivity now, none of it really matters as we're going up.
  12. BFR


    https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-here-s-how-close-sam-winnall-is-to-resuming-full-owls-training-1-9276305 Hopefully he gets more of a chance then when he first arrived.
  13. BFR


    It's 4 windows if you include this one, Winnall came in January before last.
  14. I think it really depends on how much you think it will impact others, and how much you care about that. Everyone on here is obviously tech savvy enough to be able to sign up to the alternative, and I guess the vast majority, if not all, would be able to afford it. As I kid I grew up in a mainly Utd supporting family, so in those days (early 90's) the radio was great for me to feel in touch, I doubt as a 6 - 10 year old I listened to a lot of games, but I still remember hearing a few. I've no idea whether if I'd been born 25 years later it would be a concern now or if the highlights and the various places you can get a view on a game would be enough. There will be less and less people who don't have the know how or the technology to use iFollow, but if the decision leaves anyone unable to follow Wednesday, young or old, its a huge shame. I can understand that for DC his priority will never be fans that, during his time here, haven't put their money his way, but I think the really sad thing is the amount on here (and social media etc) who have an 'I'm alright Jack' type of attitude. Even if you aren't affected at the moment no one should forget that there is nothing to stop prices been increased next year, and as more people drift away there'll be less and less left to object.
  15. To be assistant manager, and with the frequency Oldham change their managers, in about a month manager.