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  1. Do we have a recall option on the lad, or is it a season long loan jobby? if Hutch and Gibson are both out for a while, then we look desperately short of cover at centre back. Bit surprised to see Brennan in Notts County’s squad for todays Cup game tbh, meaning we are not even bothered about him being cup tied.
  2. 4-2 defeat. Hate it when we play teams on a bad run. Lose tomorrow and we win Tuesday.
  3. We deserve to be exactly where we are, but if performances and the balance of games so far continue, I suggest we will be lower in the not too distant.
  4. Yeah, definitely meant Morecambe. For some reason my recall of the big games against the likes of Morecambe, Fleetwood and Shrewsbury isn’t great. Can’t wait for Accrington, Cheltenham and Wimbledon.
  5. Agreed. Have we actually been the better side over 90 minutes in any league game this season? Fleetwood aside, I don’t think we have, which tells me we have ridden our luck and rather than looking at goal keeping errors keeping us out of the top spots, which some appear to be doing, think we should be viewing ourselves to be fortunate to be top half at the moment. we will continue to drop points against “lesser teams” all season if Moore really thinks his systems and tactics are working and a mid-table finish will be a result.
  6. Fair point, but I would have thought he would be taken to the local nick to be charged, no? suppose it’s possible though. Never been there myself, so don’t really know how it works.
  7. Wasn’t today our game in hand? We’ve actually played more games than a couple of those above us.
  8. Really???? One howler at the start, but looked pretty assured after that and gave us much better balance, being a left footer playing on the left hand side of the defence. you would pick Dunkley ahead of him in that position. Really?..
  9. Liverpool play their strongest available 11every game. Very little squad rotation there
  10. and start none of them today…… a home game! when will one of the local journos ask him to explain?
  11. He simply got kicked out. Was “walking” down past the park on 90 minutes with his equally pissed up mate, which is unbelievable really, as it’s supposed to be a criminal offence these days isn’t it?
  12. There was a period in the second half when Paterson twice ran over to the bench trying to get a point across, or get clarification on tactics/system and on both occasions he ignored Moore/Moore ignored him and spoke to Thomson, with Moore standing a yard away, but not involved in the discussion. Worrying…..
  13. You might be right, but i thought Onen looked a bit lightweight yesterday , admittedly against a vastly more experienced Coventry midfield. The boy Zottos who put the ball away however had a terrific game.
  14. He did okay mate. Hard going against the likes of Shipley and Tavares, but looked neat on the ball and got forward when ever he could. He looks like he has a decent engine.
  15. The keeper had next to nothing to do mate and had no chance with the goal and that's my point i.e. the defence worked their socks off and put bodies on the line when needed to protect him. Impressed with both centre halfs to be honest.
  16. Sam Wood looked a big no-nonsense blocker type CH, who won everything in the air, put in some decent blocks, but was relieved to have Agbontahoma's pace along side him once or twice. Stood up to some decent Coventry forwards and considering we were battered by a decent Coventry side for most of the game he played his part in protecting the keeper who hardly had a save to make. I'm sure Bully will be pleased with his overall performance. Onen just looked a bit lightweight and didn't really get into the game.
  17. Yeah, he looked half decent today. Considering most of the game was played in our half, he managed to be a real handful whenever we did get hold of the ball. Thought the lad at left back (Paulo Aguas) had a decent game as well.
  18. tbf we were under the cosh for most of the game. This wasn't a case of sitting back on a lead, or losing concentration at the death. thought the lads battled really well today - Agbontohoma was outstanding. Bear in mind Coventry had 4 or 5 first teamers on the pitch.
  19. so four academies have ditched him mmmm......
  20. Thousands unsold makes it all the more ridiculous that they haven’t given us more
  21. Coventry fans I know argue that getting to the final and winning it 3 or 4 years ago was the spark that re-ignited their fire and gave the club it’s mojo back. take it seriously, winning becomes a habit.
  22. Not sure that’s what he said. “Better all round game” is what he said and I find myself nodding guiltily in agreement. Des, by a country mile was the best defender I have ever seen at Wednesday, possibly the best the club has ever had, but wasn’t all that special on the ball and carried zero goal threat to the opposition, so yeah Dom’s right up there in terms of all round game… YOU’LL NEVER BEAT IORFA…
  23. From what I saw pre-season I just think he might be the one who possesses the “X-Factor”. I guess Theo and Sow might also, but I haven’t seen them yet… just gut feel that’s all.
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