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  1. Impressive, but what’s the RED Sheffield S6 on the London style road sign all about?
  2. The Villa v Liverpool game is due to take place Friday Evening, so whatever the FA decide to do re this one will set the precedent for ours and all others i guess. Aston Villa have experienced a "significant" coronavirus outbreak at the club on the eve of their FA Cup third-round tie with Liverpool. The Premier League side said a large number of first-team players and staff are in isolation after returning positive tests on Monday. The club's training ground was closed on Thursday after a second round of testing produced more positive results. Dean Smith's side are
  3. MOM again and Player of the season so far for me. Some people ( a lot of people in fact) need to give the lad a break. Strong, fast, adaptable and gives 100% EVERY game. He’s a real asset.
  4. Chesterfield away 78 ish. 3-3 (i think), Brian Hornsby, Denis Leman et al and about 45'000 Wednesdayites (at least) at Saltergate. I couldn't be doing with the crush at the away end, so managed to get in the home end, needless to say i wasn't the only Owl in there.
  5. Well he didn't call him a liar did he. For someone who "says it how it is" you would think Pulis would do exactly that and call him a liar if he thought that to be the case. Oddjob was stupid, but i don't think he has lied and Pulis definitely hasn't stated that he did, so i'm not sure how claiming that he has is going to help anything.
  6. I always lump on Hirsty to score the first goal. Made a fortune back in the day, but on a bit of a losing streak at the moment.
  7. Can Borner man mark Meitei as well though? He's their main man, not Joao. Suspect we are really going to miss Big Dom tonight
  8. Waddle was fairly decent as a left footer playing on the right...
  9. Admire your certainty, but i 100% guarantee he won't
  10. Sobering to think that at the time most of us were bemoaning the downturn in standards after the team of the early 90's and this was a team possessing the likes of Carbone, Blinker and Trustfull
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