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  1. De Marco didnt represent City against UEFA did he
  2. RIP Big Jack and thanks for everything you did for us.
  3. 3rd division football...
  4. Nailed on certainty. It would be the Wednesday way wouldn't it...
  5. Two mistakes, one of which cost us a goal, but otherwise Oddjob was outstanding last night in a role he's almost certainly never played before. The "get rid" brigade need to give their heads a wobble, where we are likely to be next season, we won't be attracting any better and might well see Moses as a real asset.
  6. Palmer. Bright, Semedo, Palmer, Walker, Johnson
  7. Quite ironic that Rhodes was sold by Roy Keane at Ipswich to make way for the emerging Wickham. Hopefully it's all fate and Wednesday benefit from their paths crossing again all these years later.
  8. Other than Reach and possibly Bannan, who on that list would we get any sort of fe for if we sold now? Dawson maybe...
  9. Enjoyed reading the book mate, a stark reminder of how depressing it was following Wednesday in those days. I guess it's a pretty sad reflection on me and the low point SWFC reached that the few highlights (Notts County away, Man Utd, McMordie, Knighton, Southend) are still such vivid memories for me. ps and excuse the pedant in me, but Shirtliff, not Shirtcliff
  10. About chuffin time that someone has finally realised the folly of giving up the prime high ground for the past 3 or 4 years. Surely it has to make sense to have our coaches on the half way line rather than half way towards the Kop. Well done Mr Monk? Hopefully it's not a temporary move.
  11. Correction - it was within the weekly newsletter thingy email
  12. So who is really dealing with players contracts? Surely not Chansiri, surely?....Fairly sure it was within the remit of the Belgian lady, but who now?
  13. Deon Burton type player. Techically decent, intelligent and good with his back to goal, but didn't have a striker's instinct for a goal.
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