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  1. Sensible for him and his management team to go by car, that way they can make a quick getaway to Stocksbridge I would have thought. Making sure he’s at both games, so looks committed for now anyway
  2. Did Hirsty play much Northern Intermediate football for us? We signed him for about 200k didn’t we and threw him straight in to the first team.
  3. The home game before the next away game: If you're all going (insert name of next away opponent) clap your hands... Sort of created a sense of pressure to make sure you were on the ICO the following week when thousands of us chanted it
  4. Whatever happened to: (arms wide apart) Tttthhhhe Wednesday... clap clap clap The Wednesday clap clap clap repeat
  5. Though he was going to put the nut on Matias after their goal.... he was very, very, very angry thought Marco was going to cry
  6. Excellent today, particularly in the first half. James is being bigged-up as the next big thing and I thought Liam did a terrific job on him.
  7. First time i remember was at Norwich early 90's, when we seemed to sing it for about half of the game non stop, but might have been around before that?
  8. Seen stranger things. I didn't sleep for a week after seeing this; still can't work out how/why?
  9. 6000 and loads who couldn’t get tickets for a 6 o’clock kick off, live in telly at Chelsea. Fantastic support, and we were fantastic! So who’s going Millwall a fortnight tomorrow then? 10 priority points going begging.....
  10. You didn’t try and get a pint at the Chelsea Pensioner did you......wall to wall 80’s “Shed Boys” and looked a little more intimidating than Tesco’s to me.
  11. Bog standard version today though wasn’t it? And wtf was that as they came back on for the second half???
  12. FF is not a 10 and never will be. A 10 needs to create chances for others. FF is a striker - far too greedy to be a 10.
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