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  1. Albertowl


    Yeah but you get a free Daily Telegraph with it don’t you... and it’s an extra big bottle of water
  2. Albertowl

    The club is listening and acting

    Now that’s a really good point
  3. Albertowl

    The club is listening and acting

    I genuinely have no idea what this means??
  4. Albertowl

    The club is listening and acting

    Well done SWFC. Exactly what I suggested we should be doing on a thread a few weeks ago. Maybe SWFC had this planned all along and I was unfair to infer otherwise. would love to hear how successful it has been
  5. Albertowl

    Bruce Grobelaar

    He might as well have been playing for us the day he tried to tackle Varadi on the half way line (slight exaggeration) - what a day that was. No room to breathe in the corner and we talk about the “scenes” in the away end yesterday!
  6. Philpott - played at Leicester Remember all the kids games being played on the mud bath before the game and at half time just to make sure it got well and trully ploughed up. Also first time i saw ball boys with towels to dry the ball for lomg throws (for Cambridge)
  7. Albertowl

    Song for Lucas Joao

    to the tune of Kum ba yah Lucas Joao my lord, Lucas Joao Lucas Joao my lord, Lucas Joao Lucas Joao my lord, Lucas Joao Oh lord, Lucas Joao Keep it simples..
  8. Living in Coventry I'm obviously not a regular U23 watcher, but here's my views in summary: First half we were second best to a more powerful and experienced team. Second half we were the better team and played some decent football out from the back. O'Grady was outstanding and he's a talker/organiser - like the look of this lad, but still probably not physical enough for the Championship. He'll get there though... Jack Lee looked more comfortable when he dropped into the back 4 following Liam Williams' injury, but did ok in the holding MF role. First half passed Hunt and Kirby by, but both grew into the game and some of the short passing arounfd the oponents box was terrific to watch - Both still look very youing even at U23 level! Preston was a handful as the game moved on and always looked the most likely Chris Sang the number 9 was on his own and worked his socks off, but never really looked a threat Both full backs, West and Hughes looked tidy and in the main coped ok with a couple of quick wide men. Stobbs - in and out of the game
  9. It looked more like a knee injury to me fella, but i might be wrong. He was definitely in some pain.
  10. Long delay as Thay wait for a stretcher to arrive to take Liam Williams off. Fell awkwardly and looks like a knee injury. He looks in agony
  11. Tbh they look bigger, stronger and older, but our lads are playing some decent football when they get the ball. OGrady has kept us in the game at times. Number 9 on his own up front and finding it tough going.
  12. 1 - 1 own goal from a corner
  13. Coventry look strong . 5 or 6 that have played in 1st team this season