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  1. You must have been seriously unlucky mate, we outnumbered them about 10 to 1 at every Filbert Street game
  2. Yep, along the lines of: Hodge Lyons Megson Chapman No brainer, but might not be that easy
  3. No matter what you thinks of Rhodes’ contribution since he’s been here, he is the only player who might, JUST MIGHT go on a run and bag 7 or 8 goals before the end of the season. The best you will get from an in form Paterson or Windass is 2 or 3. Rhodes MUST start every game. He might do absolutely nothing, but he is our only hope. Nothing to lose!
  4. Gary Penrice is i believe head of scouting at Celtic Gary Penrice worked with / for Tony Pulis at West Brom and possibly played with him at at Bristol Rovers Tony Pulis clearly recognised Shaw's potential The disastrous appointment of Pulis is still damaging this club!
  5. Anyways ...back to the comms subject I keep hearing how Trevor is such a good bloke and he's not allowed to do his job, but how do we know that? does someone have real inside knowledge? There is next to no evidence of any decent communication with the fan base over the last 12 months (some social media bits aside, but even that could be significantly better), so i'm just not convinced Trevor is up to the job at all. I employ a Comms Director and frankly he tells me and i expect him to tell me how and what needs communicating and because i employ him as an expert in his
  6. Genuine question and apologies if it has already been covered to death somewhere Does the club employ a comms manager these days? Seems to me that a lot of the angst, distrust and negative speculation could be alleviated if we had anything approaching decent communication from the club. If not, why not? is it just another example of Chansiri wanting complete control and missing an obvious opportunity to improve "customer" relations? If yes, what is he/she doing all day?
  7. Yes definitely postponed at least once. Also seem to remember for some reason that the the Gulf War had just kicked off? Living in Cov my abiding memory (other than that McCall chance) was FAXING all my mates and colleagues the next morning with the words “Atkinsons Barmy Army” repeated about a dozen times down the page with no other words and then having to standby the fax machine all morning to intercept the abusive responses before anyone else in the office picked them up. happy days
  8. Impressive, but what’s the RED Sheffield S6 on the London style road sign all about?
  9. The Villa v Liverpool game is due to take place Friday Evening, so whatever the FA decide to do re this one will set the precedent for ours and all others i guess. Aston Villa have experienced a "significant" coronavirus outbreak at the club on the eve of their FA Cup third-round tie with Liverpool. The Premier League side said a large number of first-team players and staff are in isolation after returning positive tests on Monday. The club's training ground was closed on Thursday after a second round of testing produced more positive results. Dean Smith's side are
  10. MOM again and Player of the season so far for me. Some people ( a lot of people in fact) need to give the lad a break. Strong, fast, adaptable and gives 100% EVERY game. He’s a real asset.
  11. Chesterfield away 78 ish. 3-3 (i think), Brian Hornsby, Denis Leman et al and about 45'000 Wednesdayites (at least) at Saltergate. I couldn't be doing with the crush at the away end, so managed to get in the home end, needless to say i wasn't the only Owl in there.
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