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  1. Albertowl

    Fantastic from Tango

    He used to run his own business supplying spares to engineering businesses around the Black Country, but last I heard he was working at New Cross Hospital and I don’t think he was employed as a Consultant Surgeon. That might have all changed of course, but doubt he’s minted in any way.
  2. Bloke who marked out the white lines that day must have been pished
  3. Albertowl

    who went to this game?

    Yep. Sat behind Tricky Dicky off the tele that day and he was well into it.
  4. Albertowl

    Blast from the past - Marc Degryse

    I remember sitting behind about 30 noisy Anderlecht fans all kitted out in purple, who had made the trip over to watch their legend playing for us at Forest. Good player and remember thinking how good he good he would have been in the Atkinson/Francis team a couple of years before.
  5. Albertowl

    Caption Competition

  6. No idea, but i do know he set up as an undertaker when he finished playing.
  7. Albertowl

    Sheffield Wednesday team 1974/75

    Well i'd take Clements if he was in it anyway...
  8. Albertowl

    Sheffield Wednesday team 1974/75

    I'd take TC, Potts, Mullen and Clements today
  9. Albertowl

    Sheffield Wednesday team 1974/75

    Phil Lynott and Joey Ramone on the front row.
  10. Brilliant and in time for summer holiday purchases as well. You could be forgiven for thinking someone in the commercial set up actually knows what they are doing...
  11. Everton confident enough to turn up without a sub
  12. This photo makes me want to cry like I did on the night. It has genuinely just made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and made me quite emotional. I can still hear the continuous “we’re proud of you” chant that seemed to go on for ever. What i would give for Big Jack today... great shirt as well
  13. Who's that stood between Todd and Mullen?
  14. Considering that we were crap then as well, there's some cracking players on there. What would you give today for 4 wingers of the calibre of Hendo, Sissons, Potts and Sinclair?