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  1. Albertowl

    Who would like this back.

    Bog standard version today though wasn’t it? And wtf was that as they came back on for the second half???
  2. Albertowl


    Boyd is a winger...really?
  3. FF is not a 10 and never will be. A 10 needs to create chances for others. FF is a striker - far too greedy to be a 10.
  4. Albertowl

    Simple Minds

    Brilliant response by the match announcer bloke though
  5. Albertowl

    Waterfront + We are Sheffield Wednesday

    Disagree - playing the live version with the long intro today was a master stroke
  6. Albertowl

    That's it then

    Cue KW having a nightmare and SH sent off 5 minutes after coming in as a 60th minute sub.
  7. Albertowl

    Anyone see John McClure on Calendar

    Sits in front of me on the North. Never misses a game and kicks every ball. Proper Owl.
  8. Albertowl

    Surely thats enough Jos

    1 win in 10 1 in chuffin 10! Get rid before it's too late...
  9. That Baker does better than Palmer....I’m struggling
  10. Who will he pass to / get rid to in the next two games now that Uncle Bazza is suspended?
  11. Albertowl

    A plea to Chansiri

    Was Chansiri at the match today?
  12. Albertowl


    Yeah but you get a free Daily Telegraph with it don’t you... and it’s an extra big bottle of water
  13. Albertowl

    The club is listening and acting

    Now that’s a really good point