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  1. Dawson has always had all the attributes to be a top keeper for years to come and if he’s learnt to kick a ball and take control of his area at Exeter, then i’d be tempted to give him another chance to be our number one next season. He had some poor games last season and confidence visibly drained from him, but keepers do mature and reach their potential later.Take Adam Davies as an example. Had a blinder in the net for Stoke today at QPR. He’s 28/29 ish and another one that slipped the net at S6. Dawson was given a long contract for good reason and it would be so Wednesday, for us to let him go now and then see him playing at a higher level than us in years to come.
  2. And the guest ex-superstar player making the draw is… Jay Bothroyd it really is
  3. Deliberately took Marwood out with a shocking knee high assault after Marwood had fouled his mate Heath. Nasty bar steward, who got away with it because he was a cheeky Scouse rogue.
  4. I escaped a couple of years ago thankfully, but only just down the road, so always in and around Nuneaton. Thanks for the tip-off re the Crows Nest, i'll avoid from now on.....well, unless there's ever another 2012 type double celebration / gloat to be had of course.
  5. He’s a great lad. Chatted to him over the years in The Crows, The Bull, The Arms and Aldi
  6. Wolves, Christmas time, kop before the roof.
  7. Shocked at how poor the pitch looked in areas today. Big patches in front of the South stand with barely any grass covering at all. just hope having to play on it every other week doesn’t become a real problem / excuse for us. We’ve been there before.
  8. This thought they both had decent games today, but with the number of good crosses we put in across the 6 yard line, your forwards really have to be getting on the end of some of them. Gregory was on his heels more than once and it doesn’t seem to come naturally to Kamberi. Billy Sharp yes would have had a hatful. I was sat there thinking oh for a Steve Maclean.
  9. Moronic. Honestly don’t think some of the North Stand chaps have two brain cells to rub together. Noticable that when the players walked off at half time, Theo made a direct line to Shodipo to congratulate him on his goal. Well done son.
  10. Yep, fair cop. Whatever their other usual striker is called. Hanlon?
  11. This I wouldn't be surprised if they play Akinfenwa alongside Vokes, with Parrot on the bench. Two very physical forwards would be a real test for Brennan and Palmer and it will need Dunks to be outstanding again.
  12. Patto is on 4 yellows isn't he and that's the reason he wasn't in the squad last night. On that basis he won't feature Saturday either - yellows get wiped at the end of November in the EFL.
  13. Assuming neither will feature in the Pizza Cup, then they will have 10 days to recover between Saturday and the Portsmouth game. I would start Mass, with Windass off the bench again.
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