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  1. It's even worse when we do it at away grounds, excruciating in fact. Twice this season i've had the misfortune of sitting with home supporters when our fans have launched into "rousing" renditions of Hi-Ho and on both occasions had to put up with them peeing themselves and mocking contemptuously our efforts. I sometimes wish we could transport all of our "singers" back 30 or 40 years for a day and witness the reaction of home fans when Wednesday turned up then.
  2. Jack Whitham in the 5 -4 game with Manure in 68. 7 years old and hooked for life...
  3. You’re forgetting Maurice Setters...and wasn’t St John on the coaching team for a while as well?
  4. "Gut gespielt jung Gerd" "Vielen Dank Herr Franz"
  5. On the money Owl84... actually quite shocking to see his condition last night
  6. This .... Currently made a whole lot more congested /dangerous by all the numpties who have their driver waiting in a car opposite the Kop on Penistone Rd, rather than walk a few hundred yards to somewhere reasonable. It Beggars belief to me that the Police haven't stopped this years ago, pulling out of the Wednesdayite Car Park was an accident waiting to happen. Shut Penistone Rd for me, especially now that I'm parking a mile away anyway. Not sure where the access/exits to the Retail Park will be, but I guess shutting Penistone Rd will become a non-starter once that's open?
  7. Best post i have read on here....EVER
  8. Seems a bit unexpected - what with Chelsea’s transfer embargo an all that, will this Kybosh Hector’s move? https://twitter.com/skysportsnews/status/1159130587401207814?s=21
  9. Well, I have two tickets for the same seats we’ve had for years; renewed again for another two years, neither of us have changed age bands and yet two new cards arrived last week. I’m now very confused and will probably take last seasons with me as well, Just in case...
  10. Sensible for him and his management team to go by car, that way they can make a quick getaway to Stocksbridge I would have thought. Making sure he’s at both games, so looks committed for now anyway
  11. Did Hirsty play much Northern Intermediate football for us? We signed him for about 200k didn’t we and threw him straight in to the first team.
  12. The home game before the next away game: If you're all going (insert name of next away opponent) clap your hands... Sort of created a sense of pressure to make sure you were on the ICO the following week when thousands of us chanted it
  13. Whatever happened to: (arms wide apart) Tttthhhhe Wednesday... clap clap clap The Wednesday clap clap clap repeat
  14. Though he was going to put the nut on Matias after their goal.... he was very, very, very angry thought Marco was going to cry
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