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  1. I know we've heard all this before when players leave another club to come here but on the whole they don't seem overly bothered do they? "Icky" described as "passing leaves a lot to be desired", "having a 50p head" and "will crumble in front of Hillsborough crowds" doesn't fill me with any confidence. "Smudge" playing every game made us one-dimensional... christ i hope not Just hope they turn out to be smart "horses for courses" signings designed to get us out of this league
  2. I was fortunate enough to be in the seats that day, so not exposed to the ridiculous overcrowding in the away standing (strange to think in those days the away seats were at the opposite end of the ground to the away standing). Not the hottest though, that has to be Swindon away, first game of the season - uncovered end and a refreshment stand that ran out of refreshments. I along with many others left half way thru the second half, despite Wednesday being 3 up at half time i think.
  3. Will you come Will you come Will you come to Hillsborough ....will you f**k Will you come to Hillsborough
  4. Coventry - off the top of my head... Keepers: Ramsbottom Westwood Defenders: Wilf Smith Clements Burrows Wood Holton Pearce Nilsson Atherton Reda Midfield: Blair Soltvedt Palmer Bennett Gallagher Up top: Banno Joicey Thompson Managers: Big Ron and Roland Assistant Managers: Maurice Setters Ian St John I'm sure there's more
  5. Aren't we still due to pocket some add-on spondoolies from Reading if /when they sell him on for a profit, or makes a certain number of appearances or summat?
  6. Not defending Francis here - not a fan, but, you would be hard pressed to find any Wednesdayite (if they are honest with themselves) who at the time didn't think Sinton was a fantastic signing. He was the Jordan Rhodes of his day; ripped us apart when ever he played against us....
  7. Just not sure the way we set up with 3 at the back sitting deep, or even the league we are in suits Dom. his game is all about pace and recovery and he’s been outstanding in the past when playing in a higher line, where quicker strikers than we see in the pub league get in behind - that’s when he comes into his own. Yes he looks really rusty at the moment and he looks really uncomfortable on the ball, but if theoretically we were playing a high line on the wide open spaces of Wembley he would be the main man, if not and if we persist with passing it around a back 3, then Hutch, Dean, Storey, Gibson and even Palmer should all start before him.
  8. It is i think: 4 blocks of 625 and the two V shaped blocks in the corner that will be slightly more than 625 each, so just under 4k, which was i believe the initial allocation. any more released will be in the upper tier.
  9. Parking isn’t great, though there is a stadium car park and there’s a big Asda next door which might allow some paid parking (check the website “My parking space” , it will be on there if they do) I normally park ok on the road between the ground and the A5. Boozers are non-existent!
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