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  1. He got the sack because he was getting schalke relegated. His style of football is very defensive as well not that great to watch
  2. Just turn the difficulty down and finish her. No point stressing over the battle when there’s a difficulty setting
  3. Should be arriving tomorrow, only game so far this year I’ve been interested in getting
  4. It was supposed to be a buzzard I think.
  5. If his hip is as bad as people say, it wouldn’t surprise me if he went back to Oldham on a cheap deal. Came through the Man Utd ranks when Scholes was still playing, an easier pace at league 2 and not as demanding for someone of his quality
  6. I’d be surprised if walter ever goes to the main roster, I think he’ll be a staple of the UK NXT brand. Pretty sure he’s got no intentions of leaving Germany and his head trainer position at wXw
  7. Honestly lads I think you need to up your Issac play times I like the fact my 3 most played games are all completely different generes
  8. 528. I’ve not done Osiris yet. I’m trying to get the ikelios weapons first, love the look of them, beat escalation protocol but didn’t realise you need a cache code to unlock the final chest, was gutted. Have you picked up the Thunderlord?
  9. Yeah. Only started when it was free on plus. Bought forsaken, so I’m working my way through all the dlc. Can’t believe how bad warmind was! I played D1 loads and forgot how addictive it can get
  10. Not really. Destiny games aren’t really played for the story and the destiny 1 servers are probably dead. Your better off getting destiny 2 with the forsaken expansion as it adds a lot more content
  11. I also thought TLOU was toilet, massively overhyped
  12. It’s the Paul Heffernan situation all over again
  13. WAS the best keeper at the club, hasn’t played for 12 months, he’s miles away from being Championship level now
  14. Grown adults fawning of Westwood is embarrassing. He’s not playing for us again, forget about him, move on and support the people who get on the pitch.
  15. How would’ve Westwood won us the game on Wednesday? Would’ve been on the halfway line and hacked Barnes down, like one of the 4 outfield players should’ve?
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