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  1. He got the sack because he was getting schalke relegated. His style of football is very defensive as well not that great to watch
  2. If his hip is as bad as people say, it wouldn’t surprise me if he went back to Oldham on a cheap deal. Came through the Man Utd ranks when Scholes was still playing, an easier pace at league 2 and not as demanding for someone of his quality
  3. It’s the Paul Heffernan situation all over again
  4. WAS the best keeper at the club, hasn’t played for 12 months, he’s miles away from being Championship level now
  5. Grown adults fawning of Westwood is embarrassing. He’s not playing for us again, forget about him, move on and support the people who get on the pitch.
  6. How would’ve Westwood won us the game on Wednesday? Would’ve been on the halfway line and hacked Barnes down, like one of the 4 outfield players should’ve?
  7. Westwood was absolute dog meat against the pigs at home, should’ve done a lot better with 3 if there goals. He was also poor against Brentford (I think) where he gave them a goal messing about at the back with the ball
  8. Far play to Jos for being honest, he’s obviously not happy with his superiors
  9. He’s never played for the welsh senior squad, he may have been called up, but he’s not made his senior debut and probably never will.
  10. Taking away his football alliance his recent record is pretty poor and he hasn’t had a good season since the 2010-11 season. He’s having a good season with Cardiff now, but they will fall short and miss the playoffs. Warnock used to be a good manager for promotions but not now.
  11. If he plays on Saturday he'll be absolutely no danger to us
  12. Fryers from Palace could be a good signing, a mobile left back, was highly thought of a few years ago, just needs games
  13. He doesn't have a good enough 1st touch to succeed as a top end Championship striker, he's been here 2 years and barley improved. Been on loan and Blackburn and done nothing. He was signed as a risk which hasn't paid off, wish him luck and move him on.
  14. Ryan Bennet is being released by Norwich, a better player then Hanley and no transfer fee, he'll probably want high wages tho
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