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  1. In Torquay at moment until friday. Having a trip into paignton tomorrow to see some old friends. Might have trip to zoo. Might see you there Bakewell?
  2. This. . In a previous post I did say it wouldn't bother me if it was postponed because I'm sick of being miserable on a Saturday evening.. Or words to that effect..
  3. Callum Hudson Odoi has tested positive for coronavirus. Playing behind closed doors or a delay to season and cancelling euro 2020 until next year is looking highly likely now. Premier league chiefs having emergency meeting this morning regarding fixtures. Tomorrow's game could possibly be the last we see for a while at Hillsborough if it continues at this rate..
  4. skysports news presenter just been on outside forest ground. Said there hoping for a decision by end of today on whether match goes ahead. Could do with a Saturday of from feeling miserable personally.
  5. Skysports news reporting Sheffield Wednesday and notts forest in discussions whether to play game or not..
  6. . Thanks for the tip off mr Farrell. Although if I'm only going to be posting anything positive from now on it may be some time before I'm back on here, but very rare I post anything anyway so no change there.Like I said previous. Hope I'm wrong and what I was told was rubbish. We shall see. See you all in 12/24 months. UTO.
  7. Haha. Thanks grandad, will do. If I hear anything positive I will run it by Mr Chansiri, efl spokesman then yourself. In that order.
  8. Don't drink. So you won't find me down the nags head or whichever pub you care to mention. If it does happen don't you think it will be talked about on here for fear of being negative. Anyway, just passing on info, gossip.hearsay, rumour. Or maybe it isn't? I'm none the wiser than you are. I hope there wrong and we won. Who knows?
  9. Didn't realise I was posting something negative. Just what I had heard, whether true or false. Thought that was the whole purpose of a forum? To discuss swfc and discuss/debate different aspects of it. Like many posters I heard something regarded the efl situation and thought I would post it. Very very rare I post something on here, but enjoy reading it most days. Whether it's TRUE or not I don't know because I don't work for the efl or swfc. Didn't realise it came across in a negative way. Be rest assured I will post positive news the next time I hear some..
  10. I'm led to believe the case of whether the charges are lawful concluded a while ago. If I remember right didn't a journalist write that the Efl want this concluded by the end of February? Maybe nothing to do with season ticket deadline just coincidence. Like I said, we shall see. All rumours & hearsay at moment. Prepare for the worse, hope for the best...
  11. Heard it's a 12 point deduction. Maybe one of the reasons early bird season tickets were brought forward to February instead of march. Maybe club already know outcome? Who knows. We shall soon find out.
  12. It was bulgaria. It certainly was. Best season ive had watching owls. Went to every game home & away including cup run, apart from 1. Bristol city away in league due to snow. Plus, got another job within 4 weeks. Win win. What a night and what a season.
  13. Got laid off from my job (polite way of saying i was sacked) for going to that match. Was meant to be on afternoons but rang in sick. One of the bosses at match. Busted!!!
  14. For gods sake! Will someone go down to the ground and knock on the door, and ask if jos is in? I'm getting tired now.zzz
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