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  1. 3 months of being a neutral for me now. I'll check the lineups and if I see a team sheet resembling how we may line up in the league 1 I'll pay attention, But I'm done supporting the usual suspects Bring on the Euro's!
  2. Knowing how delusional he is, he probably reckons league 1 is the top division and is currently booking the open top bus..
  3. Stevie may for me, thought him and big dave was going to fire us back to the promised land
  4. I see Patterson's cashed In his goal bonus, I've heard he's been promised a 6 pack if he gets one against Millwall
  5. He's not the best but unlike alot of the players in this league, he's always fit and gives his all on the field. Never struck me as a money grabber and never hear about him causing any drama. To me his confidence is what's stopping him from being a decent squad player for most championship teams
  6. If he was to get the job tomorrow and manage us for the end of the season, we would be his 2nd longest reign as a manager in the 6 years he's been doing it.. Would be nice to see him and kluviet in Wednesday gear though
  7. Hopefully he takes shaws place in plugging up gaps allowing shaw to have a run as a number 8
  8. He seems pretty content doing his punditry. His comments from his high horse are pretty entertaining sometimes too I think he only said he was interested in management again is due to the celtic job potentially being available soon. Can't see him taking a job that requires actual work
  9. Lines and coke together did give us a very energetic midfield
  10. Hopefully we give them DC's old email address like we did to pulis
  11. I've heard ronaldo is buying a hotel in Manchester. Maybe our mate semedo can persuade him to nip over the pennines and buy a football club too
  12. Google “reddit soccer streams” I’ve watched a few championship and PL games through that this season.
  13. I've always said nuhiu would be part of the austrian mafia if he wasn't a footballer
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