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  1. Milan was already known to the FL. Ratification can take 1 week, it can take 6 months. Its quite simple, a new owner has to prove that he has the funds in order to ensure that the team can fulfil its fixtures for that year and to cover any losses it makes under FFP. Once this money has been proven, ratification will be granted. If MM aint worried about the above, considering the guys giving him £40 million then i think its just formalities.
  2. Amazes me when people say they don't give a poo about the England football team. Yes club football comes first, but surely every English football supporter has a concern about the national side. Different levels of concern yes, but no concern frightens me. Id definitely recommend to anyone, that attending an England game at a tournament in a foreign country is on your bucket list, you would soon realise what being English and proud means. The atmosphere makes your whole body tingle.
  3. It's Derby who have made the initial enquiry and been told it will take 5 million to prize him away. I'm told Derby have took thier interest no further at this time.
  4. For every poor Scot we have had, we have also had some success. Bullen Maclean Mcgovern Craig Plenty more too
  5. Never going to happen, idiot on the pitch but a great guy off it. Too much feelings for United to contemplate moving to S6
  6. Truly remarkable story, i know someone personally with the same form of cancer and they too have been extremely fortunate in obtaining Stem Cell treatment, im led to believe not everyone can get it. Gives you hope that he too can enjoy more time with his family if he continues to show the same kind of bravery as this.
  7. Good managers deny all transfer speculation until signed and sealed. Dont htink you will find SG or many others openly admit beign after a player until the deal is almost complete for fear if being accused of unsettling or tapping a player up.
  8. Enquiry made with Birmingham City, not my cup of tea albeit he had a decent season, thoughts?
  9. If it happens, it will only be this. SYP have told both clubs and the F.A that they will only police the game at this time.
  10. Interesting to hear him say that today's away performance is the best he has seen by any team at this level for quite some time.
  11. Loan window opens on Saturday, players must be signed up to 3 hours before kick off to qualify for that day.
  12. Seen a tweet from Alan Biggs suggesting that Brian Laws could be a good no2 to SG with Lee going back to academy whilst still having an input in to 1st team. What are thoughts on BL? Would a man who is usually a no1 be happy as a no2 particularly when it was role reversal at Burnley? Personally i like Lawsy and feel he did well considering the constraints he worked under and would be happy to have him back involved in some capacity.
  13. I believe that the two initial targets have now gone else where and SG does say words to that effect in an interview on Radio Sheffield today. Im tokd the players were Kevin Phillips & Grant Holt
  14. Not that credible on this one, just what was said in a conversation this morning.
  15. As title thread, if the above is true then id have stuck with DJ
  16. Official approach made and will hold talks tomorrow.
  17. Nice place was the apartment at Whiteley Woods wasn't it.
  18. Signs for SUFC in the morning barring hiccups, all agreed tonight.
  19. Recovery going well, injury bad but not as first feared and possibly back for xmas.
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