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  1. They don't, contracts always run until end of June for Managers and Players.
  2. Like i say, i was told similar but had my reservations. I can see them going for Bruce but i think his demands would be high and he would want guarantees on having money to play with if only for loans.
  3. To be fair to the OP, i heard something similar on Monday evening but was unsure (still am), I was told it would all be sorted when DC was back in the country although I am unsure when that is/was.
  4. Rubbish for parking round there, better order a D-Taxi.
  5. Clearly evident today, last week, last month that the full back positions are clearly the weak spot. centre halves always having to look over the shoulder because of gaps left by the full backs. Thus causing gaps in the middle. Morgan Fox is out of his depth however Ash Baker & Liam Palmer are far worst but don’t get berated. honestly I’ve never seen a poorer full back than Baker, he’s shocking. Sort the full backs and it won’t cost a lot, and we start to secure the defence
  6. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/december/second-half-season-tickets-on-sale-now/ Cant see many being sold
  7. I get it 1st hand, and i can also tell you people also purchase balls and tickets to have them signed, then auction them as they know they will fetch more money.
  8. Can tell you now that SUFC would only send 1 of those items.
  9. The same was once said to Sir Alex Ferguson when he promoted the class of 92. Now im not saying we are or ever will be the same but he and his team made a mockery of that saying and proved that age is no barrier with the right coaching.
  10. was it against Luton if memory serves me right?
  11. I'm from a family of Sheffield United supporters and sadly my mum and dad separated when I was 6. Mum struggled at the time because she was left with myself (6) and my sister who had just turned 1 at the time. We didn't have much money & things were tough for us but mainly mum, its only as you got older you realise the sacrifices she made. She could not afford to take us out much or to participate in any activities at the time so I only got took out really when family or friends offered to take us. One of those occasions was when my uncle (mums brother) offered to take me to Hillsborough to watch Wednesday. It was a night game against Shrewsbury Town (79/80), we stood on the Crows nest and it finished 0-0. The game was absolutely dire and to cap it off it chucked it down all night but I was hooked, the lights, the atmosphere, the blue and white stripes even the rain. It was a memory that stuck with me from that day and I immediately fell in love with Wednesday. From that day i just wanted to watch Wednesday as much as i could and hoped that it would not be long till i got to go again. I was fortunate that after a few years mum met a new bloke who became and still is my step-dad and he was an owl, as part of the bonding sessions he decided that man and boy had to go to watch Wednesday to get to know each other better, i was never not going to get on with him was I LOL. For me Wednesday is more than a hobby or entertainment. Its a defining moment in my childhood & my upbringing, watching Wednesday made me happy and to this day still does. Yes i want them to be successful but for me its about spending time doing something I love, i introduced my daughter to Wednesday and through her eyes I could and still can see that she gets the same buzz as i used to all those years ago. I love meeting up with mates in the pub beforehand and afterwards. For me Wednesday is moe than just a football club.
  12. Was wanted by Fulham and Burnley during the summer but Spurs wouldn't let him go, Villa also wanted to resign him.
  13. Boyd along with Westwood has been made available for loan today. Circular issued by the Football League.
  14. I have just written to DC and requested further offerings like Smoked Salmon in filo pastry. I notice a few are drinking wine now too on the concourse instead of Amstel.
  15. Ps. That's why nobody sings, too busy stuffing their faces.
  16. South Stand you can get Southern Fried Chicken, Pizza, Chinese, Fish & Chips, Pies, American Style Food bar (Hot Dogs & Burgers), Doughnuts and some other offerings that at this moment i cant remember. It has got better since taken in house. Service is finally getting quicker too which is a positive.
  17. The current export rate is 0.05p and has actually gone up from just under 0.04p. Panels could be installed on any roof of the ground for export however it would have to be under a G59 application where the energy company (Northern Powergrid in this instance) would have to agree to it all, they would probably accept it in all fairness due to the number of large commercial businesses in the area drawing of the grid in that area. It may cost the club a few thousand thought to get it passed. It is a decent idea and is definitely something the club should have looked at long before now.
  18. Thought all the tunes sounded far better last night, not sure if it was because they had lowered the volume a tad or if the acoustics sound better at night?
  19. Club will get more the longer he has remaining on his existing contract. Simple mistakes have put the club in the position its in, the number of people i speak to who within football that are amazed at the basic errors being made is amazing and its no dig at anyone at the club but people should have known better. Some staff have had their noses pushed out. If they could somehow manager to get circa £10m and invested £3-4m in good Lge 1 & Championship players and there are some about (Lindsay & Bradshaw at Barnsley for example) which makes the team more balanced and relatively strong with a good work ethic and utilised the rest towards P&S coupled with a good sponsorship deal, also removed the wages of Abdi, KW, etc which equates to £1m per man then i can see light at the end of the tunnel. The clubs failure has been its reluctance to wheel and deal simple as that. The mindset needs to change and football people need to be brought in.
  20. Lets be honest, there isn't a cat in hells chance that FF will be here in 12 months time, the club need £12m between now and next summer to ensure that they are not heavily punished under P&S next year. Hes 1 of 2 maybe 3 saleable assets the club have.
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