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  1. Wearing face masks is a load of poop and has not been recommended.


    the recommendations are:


    maximum 5 players to a pitch that includes 1 goalkeeper. max of 2 coaches per pitch

    players must be 2m apart

    no spitting

    must come to training in training gear ( changing facilities can’t be used)

    No soft tissue massage

    all equipment deep cleansed before and after training

    no loitering after training, must go straight home

    Physio must wear PPE and dispose each time they treat a different player


    theres loads more too

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  2. Can I ask why do people refer to Lee Bullen as a legend?


    he was a lower league/Scottish part time journeyman who happened to fall lucky by captaining Sturrocks play off winning team.


    How that qualifies him as legendary status I don’t know but Derek Dooley, Don Megson, Chris Waddle, David Hirst, Roland Nilsson and John Sheridan etc must be very upset to have to share that mantle with him.

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  3. Top player and I for one will be delighted to see him grace the hallowed Hillsborough turf and that’s despite seeing him play for England on over 30 occasions.


    Dont give two hoots how he lived his life, his wife forgave him and it certainly had no impact on me or my family.


    One of England’s finest who I believe would and could still play in the Premier League.

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  4. Apologies if already discussed but not been on here for a while.


    noticed K8 sponsored the shirt against Espanyol but no sponsor against Reading. Just seen a photo of DC’s son on Instagram and his shirt has Chansiri across it.


    anyone know if we have secured sponsorship this season?

  5. 1 minute ago, Birley Owl 1867 said:

    The way i read is we'd have to go up next year for it to count.

    No i think it means the following.


    If you pay the 1 year price, then you get 1 years FREE season ticket WHEN we get promoted no matter when that is and until that time you get a 5% discount on the annual cost of a season ticket in the Championship (or league 1 etc) until we do get promoted (if ever).


    The FREE season ticket however though isn't FREE because the 1 year cost you pay now is paying for it you are just offsetting money against FFP.

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  6. They were done as part of the spruce for Euro 96 if memory serves me right. I do remember standing on the back of the wooden seats and it snapping against Man City when Uwe Rosler played for City which i believe was early 90s and might have been last game of the season, possibly when SUFC got relegated at Chelsea.

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