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  1. Nah! Knew it wouldn’t work at the outset. Tried something similar with dire consequences.
  2. I wouldn’t be critical to commence as it’s important to open constructive dialogue. ive worked football. I did 15 years in the Premier League and a year with the FA and have ideas on what works, what doesn’t, how to overcome the obstacles, importance of fan engagement, lose them and you lose your club ( footballs unique, it’s tribal. You don’t lose a fan and replace it with a customer, your customers/fans choose you, you don’t choose them). I use customer by the way as that’s how we were referred to and it’s a big mistake. I have been on fan committees and listened to p
  3. Long overdue, very welcome. think I’ll apply.
  4. Got a lot of time for Moore. Unfairly sacked by WBA and seems to have got Donny playing good football and on a limited budget.
  5. And there lies your problem pal. DC ain’t going nowhere soon being sole owner means he holds the cards. He will sell up when he’s ready and whilst ever people clamour for him to go, his ego means he’s not the type to do what others request. fans can moan, groan, boycott etc and personal don’t think it bothers him.
  6. And then moan when the club goes in to admin, suffers a 12 point deduction, gets relegated, nobody then comes in to buy them out of admin and is wound up. seems a sensible approach to me.
  7. A manager that made us very hard to beat. And the players are the issue at our place, not the managers. He was very good. Our issues os we have arseholes like Troy who dictate what happens and CMs like Capoue who down tools and demand a move..
  8. Watford fans on Twitter rate him highly
  9. I agree with that but for everyone who says Cook is a safe pair of hands, there’s someone who disagrees. He won’t please everyone. for what it’s worth on Cook. I have spoken to one highly respected coach at another club and he says Cook should be brought in but I’ve also spoken to another whose played under him who says he can’t stand him. Difference of opinions.
  10. Think he once said something along those lines in one of his supporters evenings. Can’t confirm as I didn’t and wouldn’t waste my time but sure I read it on here.
  11. I’ve heard the same. Deeney rules the roost and the manager stood up to him, the manager lost.
  12. He listened to the fans regarding Jordan Rhodes as well.
  13. Might flourish in a different formation. Particularly one that has attacking intent and creates chances. Kid knows where net is but can’t hit it if you don’t give him the chance.
  14. Everyone picking Green when they’ve probably seen about 120 minutes of him and that includes YouTube videos
  15. Everything can be classed as ominous. I don’t say anything without trust or foundation
  16. 3 different individuals within football. Why ask so abrupt?
  17. It’s your nearest rivals. Why would you not berate them at every opportunity unless.....? oh and no better time to play them.
  18. Got told 72 hrs ago that Nigel Pearson would be happy to listen (important word) to DC and his advisers to see what they have to offer and say with regards to the position available at SWFC. he’s just admitted on BT Sport that he is ready to manage again, the club and its position isn’t important providing that the opportunity was right at this or the time it was offered. to me, that’s a message that’s he sat waiting for a phone call.
  19. Let’s see your coaching badges pal! Then I’ll take your opinion as serious.
  20. No number as a rule. League games it’s at the discretion of the league as the game has to be played, hence postponed and played another day but cup games it’s been decided that if you don’t fulfill the fixture you forfeit it.
  21. Rather than speculate maybe wish the man and his family well and thank him for his services during a very tragic and difficult time for him and his children.
  22. Cardiff have had a bid dismissed with Crewes manager calling the bid “disgusting”.
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