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  1. Problem with Reach and Rhodes and the club in general has been the lack of churn. Too many players on good long term deals. A strategy I would implement would be a maximum 2 year deal for everyone
  2. Absolutely awful. Not one single player is fit to wear the shirt. Chansiri has well and truly shafted 50% of Sheffield
  3. Must have an agreement that if we are relegated he can leave for a nominal fee. Either that or he's been told who is coming in as the new manager.
  4. 29th June at 4.29pm - Still no refund on 2 season tickets.
  5. Somebody is almost certain to be doing that job but it appears to be that the man at the top who has the final say "his words" either drags his heels or doesn't see academy products as important, in which case and many have said it, what's the point in having an academy and youth team set up? Its hard enough attracting players at any age now due to the different levels of academy and the pulling power of premier league teams so when you get a diamond its imperative you look after it. Sadly we on 3 occasions to date have failed miserably.
  6. TBF mate i am told that up until October/November he was possibly getting released. It was felt that he had stagnated and its only when hes made the step up that hes flourished again.
  7. Free transfers still cost the club. we will still be paying agents fee’s on a free transfer and that can on most occasions be 2 agents. One for the player and one for the club. now anyone who knows anything inside football with regards to transfers will tell you that you can have dual representation. That means that an agent can find a player for the club and then that player will be forced to use the same agent who is supposedly getting him the best deal. That means that the agent can charge twice. Understand what I’m alluding to? Simple really
  8. The opportunity is endless with regards to ticketing and commercial revenue, sadly it appears that either our executive team don’t know how to implement them or the most likely answer is that they know that they would not get approved. once DC realises that those revenue streams can make a difference then that’s when the club can start to move forward.
  9. Great research but BCFC are doing no different to the majority of the EFL with the exception of SWFC. I’m not being objective but I will pose a couple of queries on some of the proposals that is raised at every club by owners, chairman, CEO’s etc. I guarantee you that if you present these ideas to DC or Alistair you will be asked the following. If you segment the Kop in to bands, example cheaper prices on wings in comparison to centre. How do you stop people buying the wing seats and moving in to central areas? if you sell tickets as a cash back scheme to juni
  10. On Roy Keane first day as Ipswich Manager, he walked in to the dressing room, sat all the players down and then went round them one by one on stuff he had learned from studying videos of them prior to taking over. he pointed to each one individually and used one word only. That word was exactly the same and the filter on here blocks it but it went like She Hit. suffice to say, it didn’t get him any favours with the players and the tenure was short.
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