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  1. Last football game attended England v Costa Rica at Elland Road. Last SWFC game Norwich City at Home last day of season.
  2. King_Monkey

    1st fixtures

    Utter rubbish. They were issued to the clubs and Press at 7am with an embargo till 9am
  3. King_Monkey

    1st fixtures

    Nearly right. 9 out of 10
  4. King_Monkey

    1st fixtures

    SUFC have Swansea at home
  5. King_Monkey


    That is normally the case however I can guarantee you that we are away 1st game of the season.
  6. King_Monkey


    Definitely away 1st game
  7. King_Monkey

    One For The Ladies

    Josh Falkingham, plays for Harrogate Town. Friend of Tom Lees from Leeds youth days.
  8. King_Monkey

    Liam Palmer

    Definitely not on the radar of Sheffield United. does need a move though for us and more importantly him.
  9. King_Monkey

    Moussa Sao

    Name been circulated amongst every Championship, L1 & L2 clubs by an agent. Be very surprised if anything in it.
  10. King_Monkey

    Parachute Payments - a simple fix

    Players have a decrease in wages written in to their contracts already, not necessarily 50% but at a level agreed between club, agent and player.
  11. Why we never tried to sign Alex Lopez permanently amazes me.
  12. Even to this day that goal sends warm shivers down my spine. a thousand memories, just hope we can experience days like that again.
  13. I know of a player who left SWFC in Carlos first season and upon signing for his new club was diagnosed as being only 65% fit. This transfer happened in August, so just after preseason training. When asked what they had done in preseason the response was no fitness work at all, just ball work and formations. Everyone was amazed and thought it was just a player who had not been putting in maximum effort, makes you wonder now if he was telling the truth all along. Having said that above, why did those players not do extra training in gymnasiums etc in their own time? Not all entirely blameless.