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  1. King_Monkey

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    It’s definitely Monday night, 7.45 ko live on Sky
  2. King_Monkey

    North Stand Wooden Seats...

    They were done as part of the spruce for Euro 96 if memory serves me right. I do remember standing on the back of the wooden seats and it snapping against Man City when Uwe Rosler played for City which i believe was early 90s and might have been last game of the season, possibly when SUFC got relegated at Chelsea.
  3. King_Monkey

    FF looks ready

    Flying on his Insta story in gym and running, not sure if he’s still in Spain but with Winnall making a welcome surprise return yesterday, is it a possibility FF might do the same?
  4. To be fair he was hardly going to say yeah I’m going to sack him on Friday was he.
  5. King_Monkey

    Bruce on his way

    Bit in bold. Steve Bruce would and will come to SWFC if the club can meet his demands and expectations. Believe me
  6. His problem was that he lived in the shadow of Enoch Showumni.
  7. King_Monkey

    Winnall to the pigs?

    No they’re not interested in Winnall
  8. King_Monkey

    West Brom

    Train to Birmingham new street, pub then metro to hawthorns station
  9. King_Monkey

    Steve Bruce announced next week

    They don't, contracts always run until end of June for Managers and Players.
  10. King_Monkey

    Steve Bruce announced next week

    Like i say, i was told similar but had my reservations. I can see them going for Bruce but i think his demands would be high and he would want guarantees on having money to play with if only for loans.
  11. King_Monkey

    Steve Bruce announced next week

    To be fair to the OP, i heard something similar on Monday evening but was unsure (still am), I was told it would all be sorted when DC was back in the country although I am unsure when that is/was.
  12. King_Monkey

    Fans Forum - Change of venue

    Rubbish for parking round there, better order a D-Taxi.
  13. Clearly evident today, last week, last month that the full back positions are clearly the weak spot. centre halves always having to look over the shoulder because of gaps left by the full backs. Thus causing gaps in the middle. Morgan Fox is out of his depth however Ash Baker & Liam Palmer are far worst but don’t get berated. honestly I’ve never seen a poorer full back than Baker, he’s shocking. Sort the full backs and it won’t cost a lot, and we start to secure the defence
  14. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/december/second-half-season-tickets-on-sale-now/ Cant see many being sold
  15. Take him off, drop Reach back and put Matias or Joao on