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  1. twodogs446

    #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    Mandarin....surely !
  2. twodogs446

    Next season

    Might be more likely if we had a Brit Manager.......but I suspect we'll go Dutch/German when we start shopping !!
  3. Can we just concentrate on the match now ???
  4. twodogs446

    Wednesday - V - Preston OMDT

    Who's that boring fart on Sky summing up the Cardiff game ??
  5. twodogs446

    Wednesday - V - Preston OMDT

    Shrek on Sky saying it's all Preston................
  6. Been watching since 63. Jim McCalliog was some player, but we didn't have him long enough. So was Tommy Craig.
  7. Got to say that I've always thought he was League 1 at best.......but I have been well and truly been proved wrong. Long may it continue....at least until Fessi & Hooper are fit !
  8. Like to be as optimistic as many on here but some of those below/around us have shown plenty of fight/goals in recent games. Assuming Sunderland and Burton are down.....you would think it's one from Barnsley, Brum and Reading. I think Reading are on the slide though and the fact that Stam is still there says plenty !
  9. twodogs446

    Feeding on scraps....

    Know exactly how you feel ! Been doing this for 50 years and it's bloody tortuous at times. My wife doesn't know why I bother as most Sat evenings I'm so moody, usually down to an injury time equaliser or bloody awful performance. It's impossible to explain to an outsider but UTO.
  10. But not a patch on the Jerusalem/Tel Aviv bird !
  11. 39 years man and boy, retired in 2011. Dad was a season ticket holder from Donny for donkeys....and I would go with him when home on leave from Germany. Highlights were 66 final (young tears), Rumbelows Final (magic), listened to the 93 FA Cup Final via BBC World Service on a park bench in Turkmenistan (working at Brit Embassy Moscow), and last moment of note was Cardiff where we met Big Ron after the match. Used to the Wednesday ups and downs and always amazed where Owls fans pop up. Wouldn't have changed a thing or my team. WTID
  12. Fans were brilliant and deserve a medal. Had Buttercup's effort gone in and Joao, Rhodes or Reach been sharper in front of goal this website would look totally different today. Desperately need some players back though.