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  1. Can we have a separate thread for this and stick to the footy here !
  2. All of us saw this coming....if we're honest !!
  3. Making Ameobi and Wheater look class !!
  4. Surgeon required !

    Just wiling away the long hours until the next match.....bl**dy International breaks !
  5. Imagine if you could transplant Looven's head onto van Aken's shoulders....then Jones's legs onto Hutch's torso....what a spine we would have.
  6. Forestieri

    Bang on. Never looked the same player since that saga. Refs have wised up to him and he's often out of sorts. Clearly mardy at not being first choice or playing out wide. Time to go methinks.
  7. All season (apart from the Norwich game) we weren't as good as last season. Pundits made a big deal over our squad depth, but at a critical time in the match CC brought on Big Dave (to be a nuisance) ! . We finally got hold of Rhodes, but then couldn't use him because of our 'style' of play. We have too many 'crocks' in the side who struggle with fitness Apart from Bannan (best game fro ages), no one else really performed last night when it mattered. Love Hutch to bits and if half the team had his passion and commitment they would be useful. But the likes of Pudil, Reach and Jones are all lightweights. We are a solid Championship outfit but still a long way from winning it or being ready for the Premier league. Good luck to Udders or Reading, but they are going to need massive investment to avoid being cannon fodder for the big boys.
  8. 93 Fa Cup Semi Final

    Watched it on the box from Moscow with a Blades fan. Never felt more proud of our lads....!!
  9. Team for Fulham

    Agree with this. No-one wants to play Fulham which is why Udders threw their match yesterday. Reading will prob try and do the same at Burton. We need to rest some and avoid cards/injuries and be fresh for whoever in the play-offs. Can see us being third tho.
  10. Drink up Wednesday

    Lidl doing a really good Italian Barolo red wine this weekend !! Just the job.
  11. ........and if Leeds score early this could all change again ! Fat Lady etc
  12. Bring on Calendar & Look North !!
  13. Can't wait for Look North !!!
  14. Your Dad.

    Dad was a regular for donkeys and I used to go with him when on leave. First match together when I was a nipper was 63 versus Blackburn. Last one was the play-off at Cardiff. We bumped into Big Ron on the way out. He would be chuffed to see how we are doing now.