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  1. I was in Tokyo for the Millwall game works great,even on hotel wi-fi, You'll be fine
  2. I dont post on here very often, nor do I read a lot of the posts so I will apologize if this has been covered previously. On the issue with Hillsborough it seems to me mainly based on regulators and there reluctance to offer a working solution to satisfy all parties. While I moved from Sheffield to Canada 44 years ago I still love coming back and seeing the boys. This might be radical but if the issue with the regulators cannot be resolved then its llke pushing a chain uphill. you'll never get anywhere. Knock Leppings lane down and rebuild it from scratch to conform to all the regulations that we currently face. At that point there should be less of an obstacle if any to having our ground back. The cost of rebuilding one side opposed to building a new stadium surely is more beneficial to the club. Just my thoughts
  3. I have been away from Sheffield for 40 years and I have sorely missed the humour and banter. I don't visit here often but I am so glad I did just now. This thread should be awarded a TV show, You are all brilliant, I've pissed myself so many times in the last hour my kids and missus think i'm nuts. What ever you guys do' keep this going as long as you can, you have no idea how much enjoyment you give exiled owls fans. Well done lads
  4. Have you tried City Sauna? I've been in Canada over 40 years but still get back to watch the boys play.often enough to get excited about this year. I find it funny that you know about City Sauna which as you know and everyone here knows is a special Men's steam bath (need I say more?). Your possibly a blade, but I doubt it as you wouldn't have the money to travel this far. So I'm guessing your inbreeds or possible future swine have told you about this Men's special club. My post was simply to have a few beers and food watching the boys with other supporters and increase the friendships worldwide. You simply are pathetic
  5. Are there any people getting together for the playoff games, let me know. Thanks
  6. Sorry wrong section.........now you understand why my memory is fading
  7. I spent many hours on the Moor at Redgates, especially before Xmas. Couldn't afford anything but it was always good to go in and wish. Wasn't Suggs close by, sports store, my memory is fading
  8. I just spent two weeks in central China, no internet access and just found out yesterday we made it to Wembley. I would love to get there and knowing were sold out is there a way I can get a ticket? I will sit with the Hull fans if necessary but would rather not.
  9. Realistically we are 17 points from absolute automatic promotion. Let me explain. The amount of points that the teams individually have above us equal 17 points as of today. Hull 6 Middlesbrough 5 Burnley 3 Brighton 3. November 7th, 2015 we were in 9th and 45 points behind December 26th, 2015 we were in 7th, 38 points behind January 15th, 2016 we were in 7th, 39 points behind Today we are in 5th, 17 points behind. Every point(s) lost by the above teams combined with us getting points, we close that gap. We only need it to get to 1 or possible 2 points difference and we are automatic. Seeing we have 15 games to go and the boys can keep up this brilliant work then that point difference will certainly be overcome
  10. Sometimes when your not as close as you would like to be to watching the team on a weekly basis as I am, you have to take all the news as it comes in and let it resonate and think above the weekly tribulations if we have won, lost, drawn but to think of the big picture instead. I have followed the lads for over 50 years, I remember Ron Springett, Jonny Fantham RIP and all those aces from the early 60's, I remember the 70's and probably the worst football I have ever seen from a shocking bunch of losers that didn't deserve to wear the shirt. I have been over a few times to watch some games over the past 12 years and have been terribly disappointed and wished I hadn't of spent the money to watch that crap. This year, we have a new owner that has put his money where he said he would (can anyone ever remember another owls owner ever saying that). This is a new beginning, a new dawn that many of you and I have never seen before, for once in a long time we see that the owner is providing a platform for us to move forward. I don't recall ever in the last 50 years when we signed so many new players prior to a season starting and with a commitment from an owner to get us to the PL for our anniversary. I saw the game against Burnley on the net and if that's the style of football we are going to play, then good on them, it was exciting and even though we lost its a whole lot better than the crap from last season. Ownership talked about having us back in the PL by 2017 let him do it his way, my goodness he's spend a ton to get us this far. I cant comment on the committee as I haven't followed it that close, but in the corporate world there is an immense pressure to get things right, if there wrong people know the consequences. Knowing personally what goes on in intense committee meetings I can assure you that they are under terrible pressure to succeed. Unfortunately in today's football world nothing that is planned seems to work out, you cant always blame the committee on failure to sign a striker, ts just the way the market is. I truly believe they have sourced some great talent let them do there job. If it was that easy, you should apply for the managers job. As always...a long time fan
  11. Thank you for the welcome Let me answer some of your quotes. I too like maple syrup only on my pancakes I live in Vancouver so if anyone ventures over here let me know I will show them the sites Regarding watching the games on the Internet, let them find me Canada has a brilliant talent pool of players I'm surprised none have been picked up. Here at the Whitecaps we have several players, young, talented and team minded
  12. Fortunately the last few games have been available live on the internet and I have been able to watch the lads instead of just highlights. Previously I had to rely on these forums to give me an indication of how we have played, struggled or being triumphant and it was always a 50/50 between doom or gloom between supporters so my opinion was always staying on the fence until I could actually watch a game live again. Now I have seen a few games I feel I can give a small input into the team and my opinions on matters. 1. Stuart Gray has arguably been the best manager we have had for years under severely difficult financial restrictions, you only need to recall the situation we were in when he came in. He is definitely not a high profile manager but he makes it up in man management and team building. No one knows what would be in store for SG if investment comes (IF) but the job he has done so far deserves that he stays in the game for a lot longer. 2. MM, what can you say about him, bottom line we wouldn't be here if not for his willingness to take a chance on a dying club. I would welcome the fact he makes a fortune on selling us to the right investor. 3. Players, you have to deal with the players you have. Everyone would like to pad the team with better players, so would every other team. Lets let the powers to be deal with this, remember this is managements livelihood and future, I'm sure they are wanting this even more than us. Good players are hard to find and I am sure the club is scouring hi and lo to find the right ones for us that will fit in. Every team is going to go through patches of success and failure its inevitable, the true fan stays constant and is a true believer and simply supports the team. Its easy to pour scorn on management and players, the true fan just supports. Watching the game on Saturday, I thought we had a few chances to stay close, certainly not enough to win, but certainly not enough doubt to suggest the season is over regarding playoffs. Looking at the table and the points, I truly believe we are in with a good chance Anyway that just my thoughts from an exile in Canada
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