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  1. Should be a supporters option for MOM , for having the , I don’t know - bravery , commitment , free lobotomy to put up with this calamity week after week after week. Another Sunday morning ruined for finding out how Wednesday got on last night.
  2. No. Horse has bolted, gone to the closest Mac Donalds to Hillsborough and ordered a Goneburger.
  3. Neil Thompson has been thrown a hospital pass. Chansiri needs to get a more experienced manager in before we are too far adrift. If he doesn't do that soon then you know how he really is with the club and the fans are left to look at the bomb crater (as usual)
  4. This isn't a curse, this is the status quo!
  5. 3 points and a South Africa win .... no brainer!
  6. Most knowledgeable fans would wait 10-15 games down the season to see how the team is really placed and I hope Bullen gets a real chance to prove himself, after all who has all ready written off Man City's chances of retaining their crown -or stopped dreaming of IPR ( instant pigs relegation) after their 2 games?
  7. Out. Players looked clueless about how they were set up. Defending woeful, FF should have started,
  8. Bannam made me nervous because he gave so much ball away but he plays with the energy and industry that the whole team should be doing . ...except they might get to,d off by Carlos who probably instructed them to 'game manage' after the 19th minute.
  9. I agree too. They looked way more comfortable on the ball than we did, we hoisted it long too much hoping to get the 50 50s and more often than not didn't. Not much of a attacking threat from either side tho.
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