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  1. uffs

    Midweek game pass?

    Can mins show the games on sky red button?
  2. Sheffield Wednesday food bank - fans donate on match days for swfc fans or local community to benefit. Would cost the club nothing and would earn much needed goodwill and positive PR. Other clubs do this currently - highlighted on talksport earlier.
  3. Hutchinson and Lee would definitely help with this. Also, Kirby and the defenders looked to pass forward quicker in the second half allowing Bannan to stay higher up the pitch. This was the same v Hull - if we are going to play out from the back we need Bannan and Reach higher up to link the play to the forwards and wing backs who need to find space. Against Hull we didn't do this especially the first half. Hopefully the confidence of a win and the players won't hide as much.
  4. Does anyone know if the ticket office open today? I've checked the website and only give open times for Friday and Saturday
  5. Wow that guy in the blue hat is one good looking bloke, I'd like to tickle his bum
  6. uffs

    4 Players

    I agree that the front two workedhard but their general play was very poor today
  7. uffs

    Radio sheff on iphone ?

    That's the one!!!
  8. uffs

    Radio sheff on iphone ?

    The 'robi' is just a dab adapter that works on iphones and ipods I always listen to digital radio through this ie radio sheff, talksport, bbc radio 6 etc - it's not a streaming just normal digital radio so match commentrys can be listened to. You can also listen to normal FM radio and music through ipod etc.
  9. uffs

    Radio sheff on iphone ?

    Get a 'robi' dab adapter - it plugs into the bottom of your iPhone and you can get all dab channels through this inc radio Sheffield - I'm listening to mine now, it's GREAT!