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  1. It is a Fact that this wont happen! People will always know somebody who saw somebody somewhere and puts 2 and 2 together! I like the idea though!
  2. Can we have the results of the raffle put on here please?
  3. I warmed to Megson after this match! I liked the way he was laughing, joking and joining in with banter. The players were great too its nice to see some team spirit amongst them and the fans again. Dopey
  4. Well done to The Wednesday and Thorncliffe today! It was a decent match, a good atmosphere and a great result. I had a great day and even managed to drag my grandpa down to watch. When and where will the next match be?
  5. Put it this way if they change the fancy dress theme I wont be happy!
  6. Brilliant news! I will be popping down to watch! Well done to the people who have put this all together!
  7. adamb1253 we need a snow white? Lostowl I will see whatever is cheap for inflatables and the as for the mask it depends on head size! On a Scale of 1-10 how big would you say your head is? (10 being huge)
  8. yes Lostowl you are! I hope you realise how uncomfy that car ride will be! Were heading to meadowhall to get shirts and infalables tomorrow night if you fancy it, before the Real v Barca match.
  9. how about the duck sauce song but instead of barbra Streisand we could say a players name (Lewis Buxton) or Sheffield Wednesday.
  10. I seem to remember Earl Barret and JP Mcgovern both played for Utd on loan before they played for us, i dont know if that counts? ( I'm sure somebody will correct me if i'm wrong)
  11. Hi hooooooo Hi hooooooo Hi ho sheffield wednesday!
  12. Riot police, Stewards or Health and safety officers woud all be funny!
  13. Eaton I have seen these and I think were sorted! haha http://www.partydomain.co.uk/Disney-Bashful-Mask.html
  14. I would love to hear the WU11 today singing a chorus of Da Flag, da flag, da flag is on fire we don't need no water cus we've got a certificate!
  15. Of course i will join in! I now have a reason to look forward to tuesdays match!
  16. It goes along the lines of God save our Gary Madine, He is our goal machine, God save madine, Long may he score for us , his goals are glorious, he will score more for us, God Save Madine!
  17. Nahhh it wont be wee wee off I like the idea of the ultras! Its a Gary Madine song to the tune of god save the queen!
  18. What about : M.A.D.I.N.E he is wednesdays white pele whict a nick knack paddy whack he in f**cking great set him up and he'll score 8!
  19. When you say celebration to match, what did he do?
  20. There are 6 of us going down at about 8 in the morning. Im predicting us to win 1-0 we should sneak a cheeky goal early on and then just managing to hang on. I reckon the goalscorer will be purse, players always seem to do well against their old club (although usually they don't when they play for us).
  21. did you see the villa blackburn match? blackburn appealed for handball about 3 times so everytime villa pased the ball after that their fans shouted handball, it was genius!
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