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  1. Im sorry lostowl! i have -1 myself
  2. but this spanner can spell "done"! -1 for you lostowl
  3. I am here! Finally found this gaming section! how did I not know this was here? any donations of players for a Xbox UT would be greatly appreciated! UTO
  4. I like the fact were a big strong team. I think team will hate to play us and they will be intimidated when they line up together in the tunnel. How often have we seen teams come to Hillsborough and out battle and out muscle us? I think this will bode well for the season.
  5. This is class! I would love to hear the North standers singing this!
  6. To the tune of the music man He is Megsons new man he comes from far away and can he play? (yes he can play?) He is called Uchechi.... U che, U che, Uche chi U che chi, U che chi U che, U che, Uche chi U che, Uche chi
  7. This is brilliant! and if the match isnt interesting we can do the dance too. Move over Lech Poznan......
  8. Mine has had one wash and the logo is covered in cracks. Very disappointing. Im sure Gilders wont be too happy either. Does anybody know if the blunts are having the same problem? (although im sure they don't wash)
  9. yeah the England match has been cancelled. Just been on SSN!
  10. I think we should just say the lords prayer: Our Prutton who art in S6, Jesus be your name. Your time will come, when promotions won, as fans we will feel like we're in heaven. Give us each week our 3 points, and forgive us our boos, as we forgive those who have failed before you, lead us not into relegation, but deliver us the Premier league. For thine is the Kingdon, the power and the glory. Amen (sorry, I am trying to avoid doing work this morning)
  11. I've done a sun team and would join. Pm me the pin etc please
  12. Fair play mate. I am only passing on what I have been told. I haven't seen him for a while so that might explain it.
  13. No, but ive had a couple this afternoon there should be a "be" in there, sorry
  14. I liked the part of the interview where Megson said he had taken 5 players and Milan onto the kop today to show the players how special it is on there. I think that helps with the bond between fans and players as they can see how we see the matches. I think this should happen with all new signings!
  15. He made a comment about O'Grady leaving so I asked him for the inside scoop on where he was going because he wouldnt sign for us! he said: "yeah he should signing for you this week" So I took that to mean within the next 7 days not by 11:59 tonight.
  16. I have a friend from uni whos dad is on the board at Rochdale and he said that the deal with O'Grady will sign for us by the end of the week! Make of it what you like thats just what I have been told.
  17. Just when I thought my day count get any better today I arrive home to find a copy of the book sitting on the table. My dad thought I would like it and decided to treat me. Looks a brilliant book, I can't wait to sit down and have a propper look. Well done to the folks who put this all together! UTO
  18. I was thinking about using "Rewind" by Craig David as a song for Somedo along the lines of... Som -eeee-do when the crowd say Bo selecta But i think the end needs changing, any ideas?
  19. Random Task that is brilliant! People should sing that! I can just hear the kop belting that out!
  20. There was a bloke with a camera on the balcony above the bar! I dont know if he was an official camera man or just some bloke with a camera.
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