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  1. -I'm not sure if the link will work so it's the Banana boat song. Imagine the away end belting it out. Jaaaay oooooooo aaaaaay oooooo We've got Joao and he scores for fun!
  2. I couldn't get Mardy bum to work for lees but it was easier for magugan. Now then magugan, We saw your your frown when you weren't loved by Watford scum. You moved north, And you were loved , Because there was a massive club for you, a club you much prefer. It's late, I'm tired, it's the best I could manage.
  3. It was good to see the ball being passed about and possession being retained by Mcgugan and Lopez. I thought Hunt looked great going forward. I'd like to see how he does when teams come at him before I comment too much. He was caught out at alfreton when he bombed forward. CC said they weren't giving their all in those games but I'll be interested to see how he does. Nuhui looked much better with some good service. Won the majority of his headers and wasn't having to go and find the ball out wide or in midfield; this allowed him to wait in the middle and be there to win headers and challen
  4. I've just phoned swfc and they said they didn't have tickets. I rang Huddersfield and they sold me them straight away! Worth a shot if people are still looking for tickets. Now where's that thread with the songs on... I've got some words to learn!
  5. Few people around us saying the same! Players calling out Oli when he had the ball!
  6. Just because nobody seems to have mentioned it or I haven't seen it but olifinjana was training with the owls today! I personally think he'll be a good signing if that's what happens!
  7. I love it! Great work Eaton! I'll get you the cash when I get home! Personally i think we need to stitch the Benin flag on!
  8. Loving that idea Eaton!! You could stitch the players names onto their countries flags as like a reference to them playing for us! Not huge but like a list! I'll give you a hand! I have also started getting bits together to make my own flag, so I will be messaging you for ideas!
  9. I think my smile is getting bigger the more pictures I see and as the fact we were promoted sinks in! What a day!
  10. Whoever threw the whale that lee peacock is carrying on that picture, i have got it! He signed it and threw it into the crowd! I'll bring in Saturday for luck! P.S. my balloons arrived today!
  11. My balloons are arriving on tuesday! Im so excited! People who sit around gangway X I will need you wind power!
  12. My 80 year old Grandpa came out of hospital yesterday after collapsing! but he insisted on coming to the match! When we scored I couldnt keep him down! He was bouncing like a mad man, this after he promised my nan and the doctors that he would take it steady! Thats why he is my hero! WAWAW
  13. I was ME!! Seeing this thread has made my night! I think you should go for it! And this bloke needs to pay up when it happens!
  14. Brilliant song! where did you find those words?
  15. We went to the Cemetry pub last year and it was dead in there...... this one is for you lostowl No in all seriousness, we had no trouble and good banter with fellow owls last season didnt notice any hassel!
  16. Never going to happen (even though I want it to!) Personally I think they shold knock it down and have 4 seperate stands or whack a huge scoreboard in there!
  17. Im on my third cover up now! I have been assured that I will get a new shirt if this doesnt work! The badge is so thick now I feel bullet proof!
  18. What about the one like the old one for bougherra Who's that running through you defence?, its O'Grady, it's Chris O'Grady
  19. instead of: Ben 10 We only want Ben 10 We only want Ben 10 BEN 10!! We only want Ben 10 We only want Ben 10 we could sing: Ben 10 the wednesday want Ben 10 the wednesday want Ben 10 BEN 10!! the wednesday want Ben 10 the wednesday want Ben 10
  20. ahhhh well I will just have to sing the one line I know! "Whos that man with the big fat nose? ooooo ahhhhh oooo ah ah" and repeat until I go insane
  21. It goes along the lines of ..... Whos that man with the big fat nose? oooo aahh ooo ah ah Then it jusy becomes muffled! I spent days singing the song and i know nothing about it!
  22. Are you the people who sing about the man with the big fat nose? If you are i'd love to know what you shout!
  23. This is a brilliant thread and has made me have a look for some of my old photos! even at the ripe old age of 24 I have found a few classics! I think a memorabillia thread would be an ace idea!
  24. If the atmosphere is that much better for the extra £2 then ill pay that every week!
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