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  1. Whilst I agree, we need to support the team. As a fan, who's been here longer than DC,CC and any of the players. Part of my role,and perogative, is to voice my displeasure at the terrible football, inflated prices and below par facilities. If I went to a restaurant and it was great but then it get mega expensive and the staff no longer cared I wouldn't just keep tipping them and saying how great it was, I'd tell them. Or I'd vote with my feet. Unfortunately this is difficult if you truly care. SWFC is a business and charging a premium for a sub-standard product. So fa
  2. I've not been feeling it all season. Over-priced, underwhelming football has left me going to games out of duty rather than enjoyment. Seeing friends and having a few drinks is now spoilt by the football. The icing on the cake was the derby. No bite, no passion and no desire: it was just another game to CC and DC.
  3. It was abandoned while they searched for the stripes.
  4. Still go to games with my Dad, Grandpa and my mates and wouldn't change it for the world. I realise how lucky I am. It's the little things that make it special. The lifting my dad up when we score like he used to do for me and my grandpas out of time clapping to high ho silver lining. Perfect.
  5. We were discussing this at the match on Tuesday. Carlos wowed us all in the first year with his attacking football and the freedom the players seemed to have. This year that seems to go as the pressure ramped up. Is this the reason for his managerial history and the reason he managed so many clubs? He had a good firzt season with impact but after that he struggled to keep the impact he had. Would this be a good time to bring back the committee in some way to support him in his second Season?
  6. The first half was very Alan Irvine-esque. We didn't want to do anything with the ball, our sole aim was to not go behind. Poor decisions, from both the officials and the players, meant this wasn't the case. The second half was a glimpse of the attacking threat of a team we could be if we set up to attack from the first whistle.
  7. It was terrible inconsistent refereeing. If it isn't a pen in his opinion - OK, how he can then justify the fk in the middle of the park that lead to their goal? Poor defending or not, he is partially responsible for us going behind. What frustrates me most is that Carlos will get a fine for pointing it out how bad he was; the referee will not need to justify his decisions and will still get paid. They must make clear their reasons to fans. After all, we are the customers that are paying.
  8. When I had my leg operated on, I used the Wednesdayite carpark. It's not that far from the North. I'm lucky enough to live close so could guarantee a space. I'm sure there'd be someway you could call ahead to book a space if you explain.
  9. Man goes to a game. Doesn't get his own way Sulks and kicks a seat Breaks seat and hurts children who were enjoying a day out. Gets defended by fans. You're right, I do hope that no other clubs read this forum because it is shameful and embarrassing. I agree, I probably should've just sent the picture to LLP. Cheers to the person who removed the picture. I appreciate it.
  10. I will take the picture off and try and share it with you LLP. 2 questions now: 1. How do I take the picture off? 2. How do I send it in a message?
  11. I would've been less annoyed if he'd apologised to the kids. He just looked blank and said he'd only kicked the one next to them.
  12. I was sat infront of you it would appear. The seat hit my mate in the back. I thought it was disgusting what he did and told him so. He tried to defend himself by say he made sure he'd kicked the one next to where the girls sat. They also ran off not long after you moved down to the front. It must've been in the moment aggression because they looked the most boring pair of goons. As a swfc fan, I'm truly sorry your girls had to see that. Tell them we're not all that bad. LLP I have a picture of you want me to put it on I will?
  13. We could adapt it... We're on our water, we're on our way! The road to the premier league starts today, How do we get there? I don't know. Etc etc etc
  14. From the bits I've seen of Melo I don't rate him. He looked slow and gave the ball away a lot. Although, I never liked Buxton for the first season and then I grew to like him. I'll happily be wrong.
  15. Having read the posts that the Hull fans have put on here, could you imagine the uproar there would be on here if that happened? We have fans falling out over a trumpet at the moment. Fair play to them for making the prem. The guy I spoke to on the tube was very gracious in victory and surprised they'd made it. He was also complementary of our support.
  16. I had that whale. One of the players (possibly Heck) threw it back after the pics had been taken. You had signed it and drawn on it hadn't you. I now do that whenever I bring an inflatable. I only binned it earlier this year when I was moving house.
  17. Just behind us. On that wembley view thing it looks spot on.
  18. 7 of us in block 136. Heading down from Norwich Saturday morning because I'd booked a week away with the girlfriends parents. Hopefully getting the train.
  19. I'm 136. Each block should take a different kind of inflatable. Most photographed wins.
  20. I'm not a huge fan. I agree it looks great on the screen but I'll miss the current owl. I'm sure the oldies were the the same when previous owls have been swapped.
  21. I assumed it would be down to their seats and guaranteeing that they can sit in their seat week in week out.
  22. I thought people were booing the ref for blowing his whistle as we were breaking... Anyway, I can see why the fans were getting impatient as CC has no plan B. We do the same thing on repeat and it doesn't work. Sideways passing with no end product. It's like a team of Darren Potters. CC also reacted to poor performances too late. Matias was awful and yet he didn't make the change until the 80th min. Wiggins looked loads more confident when Matias went off. The same happened at Ipswich when Helan stayed on longer than he should've. It's too soon to be gunning for the manager but he should
  23. It was cringe worthy and killed the atmosphere in the away end.
  24. I gave a polite applause not an ovation. I don't mind saying so. Ovation is a strong word. Coke visited school events I attended and was great with the children. I'm in no way saying he's a great player but he served the club (when he wasn't on loan). Do all the people on here giving grief avoid applauses when it's for somebody who has set up a Twitter campaign for a minutes applause? I'm not the biggest fan of these but join in and clap. On some peoples logic they should get nothing but boo'd.
  25. My dad lives in Norwich! We're heading across Saturday morning. We had a fab day last time despite the result.
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