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  1. 1 hour ago, airborne_rat_of_s6 said:

    Just checked the FA website and surprise - no direct means of raising a complaint about their officials.


    I have sent an email to get one. I will share it on here if I hear anything. 


    There is also the football ombudsmen who you can contact too.


  2. 5 minutes ago, Whatahoot said:


    On that basis, you have to give his decisions a chance and judge them on their merits after a longer period of time. If he pulls off the dream, many things will be forgiven by our fans, such is the nature of football. They will completely trust him into the future, until the next time we have a wobble.Trust is a thing earned over an extended period of time, not just a couple of years. Given his past 13 club statements are trying to explain his decisions openly and truthfully and they may have alittle club spin stitched through them, his endeavours are more than any other previous chairman has done to provide an insight.


    Best post of the night. 


    My only comment before was just because he's said something it isn't gospel. Dont slate GH just because of what DC has put.I hope he earns our (my) trust, I hope he has the best interest at the club at heart, I hope he delivers what he wants for the club. But I hope he doesn't strip away too much of what makes Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield Wednesday. 

  3. 1 minute ago, darra said:

    But if someones backs up those decisions with reasons and evidence for them?


    It doesn't mean they're correct. Jimmy Saville may have had his reasons but I wouldn't have trusted him to babysit the kids. 


    I suppose it comes down to how you view what is being said. I take it all as propaganda to make himself liked by the fans. Others may see it differently. 

  4. 9 minutes ago, Animis said:

    Our offer broke our current salary structure for the Development Squad on a level never previously matched. We have policies in place to ensure continuity throughout the squad and fairness to all players at pre-first team level.


    The reason we broke our structure was based on appreciation of the promising signs that George was showing and in recognition of his hard work and achievements for the Under-23s and England team at youth level. Our policy is based on basic salary but as with all development players is enhanced with bonuses subject to the player participating in first team matches.


    Irrespective of what the academy pay is like at SWFC, DC said the offer to GH broke that structure. Not sure what more you think he can say or offer.


    Let's keep the numbers simple for ease. 

    If swfc pay a maximum of £500 a week max to their academy players.

    Other clubs in the league pay £2000 a week to all academy players.  

    George is offered a club record £600 a week. Just because we put 'club record' or ' breaking the pricing structure' doesn't mean it a competative offer. I don't know the facts but to just trust this statement is wrong.


    I saw a 'record breaking cake this September and it was pretty uninspiring. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, BARMYARMY2010 said:

    Am intrigued fella,care to expand on the "why" ?


    I feel like he's stripping what I consider to be my club  away from me. New badge, no stripes, pricing fans out of the game. He clearly doesn't understand the area etc. Maybe I'm flouncing and making a drama out of it but it doesn't feel like my team as much as it used to. I now feel less excited about going than I used to. Yes we've made progress on the pitch but in doing so I think we've alienated fans. 

  6. I love all the comments about record amount being offered. We really know nothing, as with all of these Ask the Chairman parts, it's sound bites to keep people happy. 


    We don't know what the academy pay is like. If other areas of the club are to go by, it will be what is most beneficial for Chansiris club and not both parties. Anybody can put spin on something. In real world terms; if I walked into a Ferrari dealership earlier and tried to buy one of their cars . My offer broke all my pricing structures for buying a car but they didn't accept it. Other companies would have jumped at the money. Would you berate Ferrari for not accepting my ten grand? 


    We only know Chansiri's version of events. He's been clever with his wording. I don't trust him at all and probably never will.



  7. 1 minute ago, the mighty wednesday said:

    They did know what they were doing until Carlos' tactics got in the way.

    Forestieri has to play down the left and be relieved of some defensive responsibilities. Anything else is a total waste. He gets bullied up front and why would we leave out two of Rhodes Fletcher and Hooper in order to play Reach down the left and make FF a punchbag for the centre backs. In any case Reach is more effective coming forward from left back.


     This is what I mean. Over coaching, by carlos and his team, to do the same old thing has killed all creativity. The tactics are getting in the way of us being successful.  

  8. 1 minute ago, the mighty wednesday said:

    Aside from that I don't think the players really know what they are supposed to be doing any more. Unless we are behind or it is the last 5 minutes the players don't know how to attack. It is pathetic. Loovens slows the play down by waiting until he is closed down before passing virtually every time. Lees was at least trying to play the ball forward at times.


    The players do know what they're doing. Unfortunately, they're doing exactly what they're asked to do by Carlos; this nullifies all of they're creativity. They warm up doing the same pass along the back, play the ball down the wing and cross every game beforehand. They then just repeat this on loop during the game. Teams can easily suss us out.


    Personally, I think this is why Forestieri makes us better because he doesn't follow this plan and drives us down the middle sometimes and mixes it up. It gives the more creative players a chance to flourish too instead of them just passing backward or out to the wing.

  9. I get what you mean. We play better teams, we have better players, we spend millions but for me, personally, football isn't about that it's that sense of belonging and being with your mates and family. I'm 30 and I've had a season ticket without fail for 26 of those years with my dad and grandpa. My mates came to join us, as did their friends. This last year people have dropped away because of prices going up and enjoyment satisfaction going down. 





  10. 5 minutes ago, markowl said:

    Jesus where were you 10 years ago if you think there's apathy now?


    I was in the stadium with my mates and family, some of whom can't afford to go now or have lost interest. Maybe that's where it all began. But, having spoken to many of the swfc fans I know, more of them are saying they're fed up with swfc and football now than ever did before. 


    I used to love going to Hillsborough, I'm far less excited now.

  11. 1 hour ago, flo said:

    Does he really think Chansiri is going to look at the back of his shirt. 


    We will find out in 'Ask the chairman - part 76' 


    Does the club monitor sondico training tops for negative comments and if so do they have a negative effect on the personnel at the club?

    I think it is fair to say that every football dictator monitors sondico training tops in this digital age. This is incorporated into the day to day duties of our kit manufacturing team hence the delays in production.

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