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  1. The basics

    This is what I mean. Over coaching, by carlos and his team, to do the same old thing has killed all creativity. The tactics are getting in the way of us being successful.
  2. The basics

    The players do know what they're doing. Unfortunately, they're doing exactly what they're asked to do by Carlos; this nullifies all of they're creativity. They warm up doing the same pass along the back, play the ball down the wing and cross every game beforehand. They then just repeat this on loop during the game. Teams can easily suss us out. Personally, I think this is why Forestieri makes us better because he doesn't follow this plan and drives us down the middle sometimes and mixes it up. It gives the more creative players a chance to flourish too instead of them just passing backward or out to the wing.
  3. I get what you mean. We play better teams, we have better players, we spend millions but for me, personally, football isn't about that it's that sense of belonging and being with your mates and family. I'm 30 and I've had a season ticket without fail for 26 of those years with my dad and grandpa. My mates came to join us, as did their friends. This last year people have dropped away because of prices going up and enjoyment satisfaction going down.
  4. Hartlepool was a fantastic day. I was buzzing when I left Cardiff.
  5. I was in the stadium with my mates and family, some of whom can't afford to go now or have lost interest. Maybe that's where it all began. But, having spoken to many of the swfc fans I know, more of them are saying they're fed up with swfc and football now than ever did before. I used to love going to Hillsborough, I'm far less excited now.
  6. The soul is already pretty much gone for me; new kit without stripes, new badge, families being priced out of watching and apathy growing the the fan base.
  7. Finally got around to watching this, only to realise he used to come and sit in front of us. I wondered why he hadn't been for a while. He's obnoxious; it couldn't have happened to a nicer Bloke!
  8. Nah, we can't remove our hands; how would we get our wallets out to buy the over priced products?
  9. Question to this chap...

    We will find out in 'Ask the chairman - part 76' Does the club monitor sondico training tops for negative comments and if so do they have a negative effect on the personnel at the club? I think it is fair to say that every football dictator monitors sondico training tops in this digital age. This is incorporated into the day to day duties of our kit manufacturing team hence the delays in production.
  10. Anniversary kit

    Give Chansiri time...
  11. Fan on fan

    I am a customer, we all are. To swfc, fan and customer are one and the same.
  12. Fan on fan

    Whilst I agree, we need to support the team. As a fan, who's been here longer than DC,CC and any of the players. Part of my role,and perogative, is to voice my displeasure at the terrible football, inflated prices and below par facilities. If I went to a restaurant and it was great but then it get mega expensive and the staff no longer cared I wouldn't just keep tipping them and saying how great it was, I'd tell them. Or I'd vote with my feet. Unfortunately this is difficult if you truly care. SWFC is a business and charging a premium for a sub-standard product. So far from cheering dross performances, as a true supporter, who cares for the club, I'll voice my opinion and hopefully ignite a change. It'll be too hard to walk away.
  13. Current Feeling

    I've not been feeling it all season. Over-priced, underwhelming football has left me going to games out of duty rather than enjoyment. Seeing friends and having a few drinks is now spoilt by the football. The icing on the cake was the derby. No bite, no passion and no desire: it was just another game to CC and DC.
  14. Your new PIN

    It was abandoned while they searched for the stripes.
  15. Your Dad.

    Still go to games with my Dad, Grandpa and my mates and wouldn't change it for the world. I realise how lucky I am. It's the little things that make it special. The lifting my dad up when we score like he used to do for me and my grandpas out of time clapping to high ho silver lining. Perfect.