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  1. My Grandpa, who is in his late 80's, has really struggled to attend swfc matches last season for various health problems. He has been unwell, struggles to walk and stand and not wanted to go out. Because we were attending a family bbq today and we knew it wouldn't be too busy, he decided to risk it and give it a go. After walking in the ground, he was shattered. He made it to his seat but couldn't stand. As the game kicked off, a bunch of about 10 youngish lads in all the gear turned up and stood in front of us. They were cusing no harm but, like most fans they wanted to stand. Up
  2. I like the fact you think he has a plan... pretty sure he just makes it up as he goes along.
  3. I have sent an email to get one. I will share it on here if I hear anything. There is also the football ombudsmen who you can contact too.
  4. I used to have to endure the racist bloke from the 'trouble on the trains' programme. He got a lifetime ban now. Just need to sort one for the squeaky woman behind and I'm all set. The rest in our area are lovely.
  5. I think we all need to agree. Carlos lovers in the South. Carlos haters in the North. Couldn't care less on the Kop. That'll avoid all arguments and stop any in fighting.
  6. I feel this is like the "prestige" friendly. All hype and build up then we get somebody crap from Scotland.
  7. Best post of the night. My only comment before was just because he's said something it isn't gospel. Dont slate GH just because of what DC has put.I hope he earns our (my) trust, I hope he has the best interest at the club at heart, I hope he delivers what he wants for the club. But I hope he doesn't strip away too much of what makes Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield Wednesday.
  8. It doesn't mean they're correct. Jimmy Saville may have had his reasons but I wouldn't have trusted him to babysit the kids. I suppose it comes down to how you view what is being said. I take it all as propaganda to make himself liked by the fans. Others may see it differently.
  9. Sadly, I think you're right. In my heart I just hoped we'd be different.
  10. Let's keep the numbers simple for ease. If swfc pay a maximum of £500 a week max to their academy players. Other clubs in the league pay £2000 a week to all academy players. George is offered a club record £600 a week. Just because we put 'club record' or ' breaking the pricing structure' doesn't mean it a competative offer. I don't know the facts but to just trust this statement is wrong. I saw a 'record breaking cake this September and it was pretty uninspiring.
  11. I feel like he's stripping what I consider to be my club away from me. New badge, no stripes, pricing fans out of the game. He clearly doesn't understand the area etc. Maybe I'm flouncing and making a drama out of it but it doesn't feel like my team as much as it used to. I now feel less excited about going than I used to. Yes we've made progress on the pitch but in doing so I think we've alienated fans.
  12. I love all the comments about record amount being offered. We really know nothing, as with all of these Ask the Chairman parts, it's sound bites to keep people happy. We don't know what the academy pay is like. If other areas of the club are to go by, it will be what is most beneficial for Chansiris club and not both parties. Anybody can put spin on something. In real world terms; if I walked into a Ferrari dealership earlier and tried to buy one of their cars . My offer broke all my pricing structures for buying a car but they didn't accept it. Other companies would have jumped a
  13. This is what I mean. Over coaching, by carlos and his team, to do the same old thing has killed all creativity. The tactics are getting in the way of us being successful.
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