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  1. I think it's asking a lot of a 31 and a 32 year old to be playing wing back
  2. Agreed. Hutch should never have taken the first pen, but you know he was the first to put his hand up and step up. Big respect for him
  3. **If True** He can wee wee off then. Big money players with big reputations are expected to step up in MASSIVE games like this
  4. Hudders played by far the better football over the 2 legs and over the course of the season. Beaten by the better team
  5. Very pissed off but we just didn't deserve to go to Wembley over the 2 legs. Beaten by the better team. Where were Rhodes and Nuhiu for the penalties
  6. I know the exact formation changes during the game, but I'd line up in a 3-4-3 like Chelsea Bring in a new centre back to play alongside Lees and Loovens Reach and Hunt wing backs Hutch and Bannan/Lee in the Kante/Matic positions in the middle Forestieri and McManaman in the Hazard/Pedro roles playing off a central striker (Winnall, Fletcher or Hooper)
  7. This seems better than the one I posted. Sound is a lot better
  8. Found this on r/soccerstreams http://www.kajoosports.ml/p/preston-north-end-vs-sheffield-wednesday.html
  9. I'd have preferred going on a Saturday, but I guess this might make it more likely I can get a ticket. Will also mean I'll need to book a day off work though
  10. My Dad met Guy Whittingham once, and got his autograph for me. I think it was after we'd put 5 goals past somebody (Coventry possibly)
  11. If he's refusing to play football matches then don't pay him. Simple
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