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  1. He is right. Mangers are paid to get the best out of the players at their disposal and know what type of players they need and their value. Owners/Chief Excs are there to run the club properly(A job most of them are crap at). Letting owners decide what players to sign and what to pay is no different than doing a raffle on Owlstalk and letting the winner decide who we sign and how much we pay. If you watched the Sunderland documentary on Netflix there is the perfect example with Will Gregg. Manager says I wouldn't go above something like £1.5 million for him he's not worth it, owner panics on deadline day and pays about 4 million for him.
  2. Exactly. Didn't Utd sign a defender from Man City who was highly rated and who insisted on a buy back clause. I think the player was on loan at somewhere like Bolton last season.
  3. Bannan the most overrated Wednesday player in the last 20 years.
  4. What do you class as a good offer ? I have seen £15 million mentioned on other threads. No way will anyone pay even half that. We wouldn't even get anywhere near £15 million for the whole squad we have still under contract for next season. Equally cannot see us paying any fees for players regardless if we sell him or not, just freebies I'm afraid. I would keep him probably the only player we have that we would struggle to replace with someone as good or better on a freebie.
  5. It came in very handy when i used to come out of Roxy's at 2am usually with a fat bird.
  6. True there are trees but the rest of it's a dump.
  7. I would give up mate. Some of our fans need to take their Blue & White Specs off.
  8. All you would do is re-badge the Championship. PL1 would still take the most TV money PL2 would probably get the same as the Championship gets now.
  9. Can you really see Chansiri selling ? Be honest now. Even if he did want too sell don't you think he would want at least a big chunk of his money back, who is going to pay him that kind of money. And if he could find somebody to pay him what would be acceptable to him more worrying is i can't see him being fussy who they are. I just can't see us being attractive to any buyer, Players not worth anything, Ground we don't own anymore which also needs major money spending on it, falling attendances(fans leaving before half time twice in a month) etc. Only a Wednesday fan would buy us and I don't know any who have the kind of money to be able to. Dark days ahead.
  10. Chances are I'm more fit than Wickham and I had 7 pints and a Kebab last night.
  11. If that's true then very worrying. Last throw of the dice by Chansiri for the slim chance of promotion this season.
  12. Why is our Season Ticket Renewal so early ? Is there any other Professional English club with next seasons tickets on sale now with an early bird cut off in the next few days ? Its February there is still over 2 1/2 months of this season to play yet. I'm pretty sure Utds don't usually go on sale until April. I can remember when season tickets used to go on sale in June( showing my age now). We just seem to be getting earlier and earlier.
  13. Spot on. Also look where Luongo is looking at the Blackburn player with the ball long gone. He also puts his hands up straight away to the Ref, he knew what he had done. Red all day.
  14. True but he's not just going to take the 1st offer that comes along if it doesn't meet his valuation. In the meantime he could really tighten up his spending ie no new signings or loans and also sell any players that are worth anything. Also with regards the Ground he could keep it and rent it back to any potential new owners, if there wasn't alot of interest in buying us and the only party interested in buying us wasn't mega loaded. That way he gets something back and also he's rid of covering the short fall and gets money every year from the Ground Rent. Add to the fact he appears very stubborn if he did decide he'd had enough it could get very ugly.
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