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  1. Yes Then preceded to play his son instead.
  2. Oh its the Tories fault now, are you sure its not Thatcher's fault ? Those nasty Tories giving SYP less money than other forces. So if Labour/Lib Dems win the next election we can have Weekend derbies back, because SYP will suddenly be given more Money, Dream on.
  3. Just one problem i bet our chairman hasn't even heard of Megson. There's more chance of Carlos being reappointed.
  4. Marpals

    Alan Nixon

    Just Remember Bruce was in charge when Villa were humiliated at S2 earlier this season, and look where Villa are now with the same players. I hope to god old Alex Bruce has retired or i can see him being our 1st and only signing. Bruce not for me.
  5. Marpals


    I'll get my coat
  6. Marpals


    Colin would jump at the chance to come here. I'm not convinced he's a Blade anyway its all about him. Has for dividing the fan base he did that at Utd despite him supposedly being a Blade. He is also guaranteed to say we are the best fans in the country which would of course cause a MASSIVE meltdown in S2. Just one problem he is at a Premiership Club.
  7. Marpals

    The frozen outs

    Or they could trigger a extra year on their contracts if they make a certain number of appearances.
  8. Of course there was others more at fault further up the pitch, but for me his positioning could have been better. As i said in my original post i am not saying he should have saved it just that his positioning could have been better to give him more of a chance of saving it.
  9. I actually agree, he seemed to be wrong footed then just flopped to his knees. Not saying he should have saved it but his positioning was abit suspect.
  10. 1 Policeman walking about with an Alsatian (who's not had his tea yet would sort it).
  11. Marpals

    Taking two others up

    To be fair they don't actually looking on their forum. Far more of our fans thinking we are going up than theirs i would say.
  12. Marpals

    The pen incident

    Penalty all day long.
  13. Marpals

    Wednesday TV

    Yes but knowing us it would cost £150 a month.
  14. Agreed it all comes down to if we have to move someone on before being able to bring in new players.
  15. I agree it we have the final say, but it all depends on how badly we need to get him out and whether us bringing other players in is dependent on him going. Its like if you have a car and you really need to sell it to bring some cash in, its valued a £1k nobody shows any interest in it, but somebody down the pub hear's about it and offers you £500 its the only offer you have and you really need the money, what do you do ? I would say we will be lucky to get Norwich to pay 50% of his wages. Of course that could change if other clubs show an interest.