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  1. 1990 : Went down to old 2nd Division 2000: Went down to English Division One 2010: Went down to League One 2020 : ?????????!
  2. I think it’s been a collective thing, amean how many goals have been conceded in last minutes ?
  3. Yeah but at least we where going in the right direction, and there was no disharmony in the dressing room , oh we didn’t know of, and even YOU must have been more optimistic than the previous season?
  4. David Pleat was only blessed with that stupid celebration he did when, Luton escape relegation against Man City, and yeah Trippet Lane AND Neepsend! 😉😂🦉
  5. There’s never no light at end of tunnel, been a Wednesday fan. ❤️
  6. Well if that’s so !..Carlos failed by the definition of being a weak manager, a mean who actually signed Jordan Rhodes? the fans? Did we actually need him? Would people like Bruce or Ron Atkinson put up with chairmen or other people in and around the club sticking their nose into how they influenced team, Carlos probably had the most money a Wednesday manager had to spend probably since David Pleat and he, was blessed and failed, trouble is chansiri surrounded himself with vultures from the start and now where paying the price.
  7. He didn’t take over from a failed manager, tho did he? He took over from a Manager who could have possibly taken us to the next level, unfortunately for us he [email protected]@ked off?
  8. And a year ago it was virtually same squad under Bruce before he left and we finished season strong, looking to better ourselves this season, without a doubt GET RID!
  9. Well yeah! Cos he’s ******** manager and that 3 defeats in a row and I make it 2 home wins in 7 months and 2 home defeats in last 7 days, so yeah DOH! 😡
  10. Hi I was browsing through old Wednesday season review results this week and came across the 80/81 season and noticed that we played United at the start of the season in the league cup, which I was very surprised to see because I’ve never heard of this result before, I started watching Wednesday from mid80’s onwards so I had no recollection of this game, in fact my first derby was the Full member cup in 1989 when we beat them 3-2, I’ve asked a few of my work friends but they don’t seem remember much about it, I would be very grateful if anyone can shed any light on this derby cup tie , I know it was the season after the Boxing Day massacre, I would like information on the scorers and attendance and anyone’s general thoughts on the games. Thank you UP THE OWLS 🦉 X
  11. I remember watching Wednesday lose to qpr in 1989 1-0 in the simod cup...CHRIST ALMIGHTY THAT WAS DEPRESSING. X
  12. Scatty results at this time of the season. to their credit Millwall have started strong.
  13. Apparently in yesterdays news. Ashley was quoted as saying he 'was along time admirer of Bruce's'. Took his time didn't he? After Gerrard, Allardyce, Viera, etc turned the Newcastle job. If Bruce is daft enough to take the job,...let him.
  14. Amean! in the original photo of him looking war torn, in that (lovely owls away top) he lookslike Tom Berenger in Platoon. but but I have to disagree with his musical persuasions...PAUL YOUNG!
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