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  1. I take it your application for the Managers job was turned down?
  2. Good point that! I think last time I went to a Gig at the Octagon was 2007, when I saw The Coral, after that I think it was used for seminal's etc, I think the o2 venue killed it.
  3. And as I read this team selection the next song that randomly comes on my ipod is...…. Are you ready to be heartbroken? by Lloyd Cole & the commotions. Wonder if it's a sign of things to come.
  4. I think the only bugbear I had with that 93/94 season review, was that crap low budget keyboard drum loop... what was played throughout the entire video.
  5. Unfortunately mate! Football was a lot less complicated back then, I think we had a starting 11 same players of week in week out.....add fringe players like Steve McCall, Steve McKenzie, and a young Gordan Watson, so we didn't even dream about rotation and other gooblegooks what football serves up these days, and that team won us promotion and a league cup that season, Secordly your word about the west stand, remember this is pre PRESTO STAND signage which you can still see fading to this day ....that's how long it was. x
  6. I remember me and my mate getting on the 53 bus outside the Old Crown in the morning and going in to town for a few sherberts and buying a Inspiral Carpets T-shirts it was post- italia 90' and Madchester was in full swing, and feeling very optimistic for the new season, previous week we'd beaten Ipswich 2-0 on the opening day, and it was the 1st home game of the season. WHAT A SEASON IT WAS....WHAT A GREAT TIME FOR MUSIC! UP THE OWLS! X
  7. Be careful what you wish for mate! It's alright wanting the manager out. but all that will result in. is another nondescript manager who nobodies ever heard of and who you would have to look up Wikipedia to find out his last managerial position was kaiserslautern 6 years ago. Have a nice day UP THE OWLS! X
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