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  1. My dad, who passed away suddenly a couple of weeks before the beginning of this season. He took me to my first match in 1984, the promotion clincher against Palace, and was a diehard fan since the 1950s. Never heard him once moan about the team, despite all the obvious opportunities, and he would have been like a kid before Christmas this evening. Lees' goal on opening day made me realise that every moment of celebration will now have that edge, and the bigger the celebration the bigger the edge -- not just in football. The Arsenal match was particularly poignant, he still hadn't got over the cup finals and Bould's tackle so he would have been loving it. But life goes on, and I can't remember wanting to win a match as much as this one, as would he, and I'll be wearing his scarf tomorrow. This thread is great, there have been brief moments at matches where it can feel a bit lonely when everyone else is celebrating and losing the plot and your thoughts suddenly turn to how much he would be enjoying it, but this has brought home that almost everyone has that feeling too. WAWAW
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