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  1. So which side of the river is Jordan on ? Is he an Owl or a Boro player? Where will he be training this morning? On the Riverside or the River Don? Might well be the Jordan river,thats 156 miles long, a long winding river ( road) ) not unlike the time its taking to get this deal done.
  2. Loan window doesn't reopen until January, by that time our defenders should be fit. Would have been great to have had Paddy Mcnair in CD.
  3. The kop is identical to the North stand.It has been so the last few years.The prices they charge is nothing short of robbery. The club need to get it sorted .Catering is a disgrace.
  4. Stuart Gray only said yesterday morning on radio Sheffield he would NOT be signing Keith Andrews.
  5. Connors got a special affection for Wednesday, but he's now been given the opportunity of Premier lge football , be difficult now to turn it down.
  6. Great to see Connor back banging the goals in to push us into the play-offs. Mick the Kendray Owl would be warming his soprano voice up. We should be able to buy Connor now, but its doubtful Sunderland would sell , he was inspirational in keeping them in the Premier.
  7. There has not been a takeover as yet , but it appears imminent.If the new regime have their own manager in mind why is Stuart Gray being allowed to bring in his own players, it does'nt reckon. I do hope he is given cash and time to make a go of it . My heart says he has earned a crack at it on the strength of what he achieved last season , maintaining Championship status, my head says the new regime might bring in their own man.Had Wednesday been relegated Hafiz Mammadov would probably not have been interested.
  8. Mammadov regime talking Premier Lge next season, not with a 37 year old Brown and the very young defenders recently signed.
  9. Net debt £11m accounts for 2013 . Milan has stated SWFC losing £5m a year . Thats £16m 2014, the figure nearing the debt when Milan took control of the club. Getting concerned now with no takeover or investment imminent. ,
  10. To join Helan---Antonio--- Jermaine Johnson who were shipped out last week . Kirkland Mattock Llera Coke Taylor Zayatte Prutton Move them on Stuart to free -up wages for some long awaited quality players . The loyal Wednesday fans deserve better than the above tripe .
  11. Nice to see owls fans agreeing Antonio is not a team player , and enough has been said about Helan . Maybe the coaching staff ought to speak to them about their errors , but this has been blatantly obvious the past couple of seasons .Have a word Stuart .
  12. Antonio ---Helan ---Jermaine Johnson .ship em out . They wont pass the ball when its needed , holding onto the ball until their dispossed hence finishing up defending .Wanting to to take opposing team on single handed .We've had this the last few seasons , they never learn , and never will learn , they hav'nt got a footballing brain .They are not team men and are letting down the team and letting the fans down .Move them on Stuart .
  13. Blades fail in their dream double , but can look forward to a Spirites derby next season ha ha .
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