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  1. Not really, he was arguably one of our best players towards the start of this season
  2. Not really. Kuqi could head a ball and hold it up
  3. So teams that lose regularly should always change their starting xi? What happens when you run out of players? When are the first losing set of players allowed back in?
  4. I'm a Mortgage advisor too but that website is massively boring, even for me
  5. Good try Darren but you should be picking the team really
  6. 6 changes after the pizza cup game doesn't really count. If it was after a league game then it would be more surprising
  7. I really can't understand anyone having bad feeling towards these two young players for moving to another club. If it was you in their situation you would have done the same. If it was your son in the same position who asked you for advice you would have advised him to do the same as the two young lads did.
  8. Just admit you meant 7 defensive players and not 8 and we can all move on with our lives For what it's worth I agree that England do play too defensively and it was a waste of talent sitting on the bench in terms of Sancho, Grealish, Foden and Saka
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