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  1. Because our tallest player gets shorter when he jumps
  2. Not really one up front as we will have Harris and Reach high up the pitch supporting Fletcher
  3. We will boss this in midfield and Bannan playing further forward (hopefully) will create more.
  4. Pelupessy and Luongo will work well alongside each other
  5. Some people don't like Reach because of his style of play. The same people probably would have dropped Chris Brunt because he didn't run around like Lee Peacock
  6. Genuine question... do you understand what mutually exclusive means?
  7. Not goal crazy, true. Although I think 21 assists over the next 3 seasons was more than adequate from the centre of midfield (source: who scored dot com). Especially as he was sitting too deep for a lot of that time. Playing good football and Barry Bannan being on the left side of midfield can be two mutually exclusive things
  8. Bannan got two goals and two assists all season. Wasted on the left. Centre mid all day long (as long as that's not 2 yards in front of the back 4)
  9. Bannan on the left side of midfield? No thanks
  10. Surprised no bids reported on Reach yet
  11. I want to like Van Aken but he's basically a Dutch version of Tommy Spurr, but worse. Tommy Schpur (Steve McClaren accent)
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