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  1. Fair point. Could we still bring Paterson on for the last 10 mins though for the comedy value?
  2. He would be an upgrade on Paterson although not sure anyone else would run through a keeper like Paterson. For that reason I have mixed feelings
  3. Good cover for centre back and centre mid. Personally prefer him at centre back ahead of borner
  4. Agree in theory with the first part but I don't honestly believe Everton would change their choice of full back depending on the availability of Adam Reach
  5. Do you think our team news has any influence on Everton's game plan?
  6. I like having him in the side despite his obvious flaws but there is one thing I hate. Ball is launched forward towards Paterson and he makes the effort to put the yards in but then just stands facing our goal and leans his bum into the defender. Doesn't even try to win the header. I wouldn't mind so much if he occasionally held the ball up by letting it bounce off him but it never, ever works. Defender just heads it or let's the ball go past him. Every single time
  7. Pitch was fine until Rooney spat all over it. Scab
  8. Where did you say that? You said if Brown was any good he would be playing for his parent club in the Premier league. This kind of means that you think anyone on loan from the prem isn't very good otherwise they wouldn't be on loan in the first place
  9. So to summarise.... any player on loan from the prem to the championship can't be good?
  10. Izzy Brown is clearly a better player than the majority of our squad. But as was the case with Ross Barkley on loan, some fans think he isn't good enough for Sheffield Wednesday. Those fans would probably prefer Lee Peacock running around in circles
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