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  1. So if it's quite literally the best way to measure a central defender then the best defenders in the Premier league last season were: 1. Tarkowski 2. Bednarek 3. Mings 4. Fernandez 5. Jonny Evans Okay mate 👍
  2. Sometimes a clearance should have been a pass though. Not looking to criticise but perhaps clearances are not the best measure of a central defender.
  3. Hang on a minute, I thought all the resident 'experts' decided he wasn't good enough based on his goal scoring record?
  4. At least £40,000,000 if you are back dating the sale for your 2018/19 tax return
  5. Relax. Comfortable 2 nil victory on the way
  6. We look fine. Good shape. Moses not great final ball but otherwise okay
  7. To be completely honest I hadn't seen the previous post. Looked on here this morning hoping for good news and only saw your post. Please accept my apologies
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