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  1. He's not ours to sell. He is on loan
  2. If Bannan was captain he would probably start taking goal kicks as well as everything else
  3. Nuhiu seconds on the pitch = 10 Nuhiu aerial challenges lost = 1
  4. Nuhiu didn't have the pace to get off the bench in time 😀
  5. Suppose it explains why Westwood and Hutch have been unavailable.
  6. Probably conceded more than 7 in those 228 mins though. Some due to giving away possession cheaply by fouling someone
  7. Was actually going to say the same thing. FF will do well there tonight
  8. I believe this was the intention and it was actually how I read it. Think we should just draw a line under it now. It's clear that there is remorse for how the message came across. Can understand emotional reactions but can't help but feel they're aimed at an innocent party
  9. Because they aren't good enough to get into the side that has conceded the 4th fewest amount of goals in the league this season?
  10. Because our tallest player gets shorter when he jumps
  11. Not really one up front as we will have Harris and Reach high up the pitch supporting Fletcher
  12. We will boss this in midfield and Bannan playing further forward (hopefully) will create more.
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