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  1. Can't be bothered to type the whole list but last season they predicted as follows (actual result in brackets) 1. Sunderland (5) 2. Ipswich (11) 3. Charlton (13) 4. Lincoln (17) 5. Wycombe (6) 6. Rotherham (2) 11. Wednesday (4)
  2. So easy to say that money was wasted on signing players. With hindsight, after the event.
  3. Hirst v Theo today. Both start Portsmouth v Mk Dons Wrong thread Don't care Ex players etc etc
  4. Birley Owl's 3 step plan to be a moron: Step 1. Create thread making it sound like you know inside info. Step 2. Get called out on it. Step 3. Claim it's an "opinion" and say that you never claimed to know anything in the first place.
  5. Mick's feeling ok but the owl looks like he has concussion
  6. Ok, sorry ignore what I said then Didn't realise there were that many called off in championship and League one. Counting numbers correctly isn't one of my strengths
  7. How come nearly all prem games off due to covid and only a few from other leagues? More testing in prem? Or less social distancing by prem players?
  8. I think we should refuse to sell him then not let him play for us either. Then we can let him leave for free at the end of his contract. Less paperwork to do
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