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  1. Just spent all day burying the catwas it dead? no but it's not at all well.
  2. wipes a nostalgic tear away. Happy days.
  3. Macdonalds proudly present the big mac 50/50 burger in association with Swfc. It's the future.
  4. Saw him on Later with a few weeks ago, excellent.
  5. I always remember when we were in a relegation/promotion battle,the bloke used to get up and you wondered whether he was going to change the score of one of the teams embroiled in the battle with us and the joy/sadness if he did.
  6. A free lighter with the club crest on it to ignite the passion.
  7. Or so PS3 Extreme is reporting. Toshiba Cancels HD-DVD! Format War Over! Blu-ray It is over! The format war between Blu-ray and HD-DVD has come to an end! On NHK, Japanese TV, a reporter for the channel has made the announcement that Toshiba will halt production of HD-DVD players and conceding a loss to the Blu-ray group. He said that Toshiba will be making the formal announcement within a few days. With Blu-ray featuring a commanding lead over HD-DVD worldwide, the choice was beyond obvious. It's estimated that Blu-ray commands 90% of the high-definition market, and with 10 million PlayStation 3s out there, it's certainly a big boost for the format. Additionally, with retailers and studio support dropping left and right, HD-DVD had no ground to stand on anymore. Toshiba will continue to liquidate HD-DVD stock, but production has been officially ended. This loss could cost Toshiba an unspecified figure of hundreds of millions US dollars. Hopefully, Toshiba will be able to recooperate much of that loss with their Blu-ray products. As we reported earlier, it looks like Toshiba is planning Blu-ray players of their own to go on sale this Summer. Stay posted for more.
  8. Heard them on the James Whale show a few Sundays ago and thought they were excellent. Apparently they sing the theme for the sopranos.
  9. IIRC wasn't there a scam busted a while ago that used the same system? i.e you rang a premium rate line and was given the name of a horse in a race. In theory in a 4 horse race if you rang 4 times you'd get 4 different names. Also similar to the brown envelope scam. Don't know if this still goes on,many years since i've been racing. Basically a bloke stands outside the course witha load of brown envelopes which he sells for a quid.Each envelope contains a randomly picked horses name.
  10. Right some help needed here please My son wants a bigger processor in his computer up from 1.7 GHz to around 2.5 Ghz. His mate at college who does I.T.says its just a case of fitting a new mother board. Seems a bit to simlpe to me i'd have thought you'd have to mess about with registries and bios etc.
  11. darra

    .mp3 splitter

    could I use that to take out part of an mp3 to use as a ringtone?
  12. darra

    .mp3 splitter

    try Audacity that might work.
  13. Want to take part of an mp3 to use as a ringtone.How do I do it?
  14. A better series of programmes was the one on the Discovery channel where they put some Brit ex offenders through the american system for a month.They lived in big army type tents
  15. seemed a bit sanitised, unless I missed it he didn't see anyone on death row which would've been interesting
  16. Loved David Silver "I'm doing 512 years then I have 11 life sentences" As I said in another thread I hope it was shown in our prisons. The young 19 year old who'd committed 31 burglaries and was looking at 38 years inside. I know some blokes in this country whove done more robberies and only get probation.
  17. should make sure it's seen by every prisoner in this country.Show them how lucky they are.
  18. thanks for the help mate.
  19. both computers are the same age roughly, one is 1.7 GHZ the 2.7 the 2.7 has on board graphics and 256 ram. Idea is the upgrade graphics and ram on the 2.7 so would like to transfer everything from 1.7 to 2.7. Looks like transfer cable or enclosure is the way to go.
  20. yes it iswouldn't I have to mess about with the jumpers on the swapped drive to use it as a slave drive?
  21. thanks mate didn't think it was that simple.been given a new comp and wanted to swap so not to have to move files etc.
  22. How hard is it to take a hard drive out of one comp and put it in another? (Both running xp) do you have to mess about with jumpers etc. moved drive won't be used as a slave drive.
  23. one of the most interesting things to come out of the C4 programme was the woman who was chosen to rear free range chickens a few days after necking said chickens was spotted by HFW buying the 2 for a fiver in Tescos to say he was upset was an understatement. At the end of the day it comes down to money fot joe public do you want a free range for £7+ or 2 for a fiver?
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