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  1. Nearly there but it could easily go wrong
  2. Thanks couldn't be bothered to sit through 37 minutes of that.
  3. Burnout is a problem in many other sports and professions like tennis and nursing. It loses its impact with football not recently due to the pandemic restricting travel. In the past we've had the likes of Wenger saying players are tired they need a winter break then in the close season they're jetting off to the far east, America, Australia to play matches.
  4. Haven't played it for a while I think it is. I found the game very dated tbh
  5. I bought it a while ago. I checked it and the others today. Chaos engine is £6:50
  6. Great computer had one years ago with a load of games. Tried to sell it a few years ago and got no takers Kick Off, Speedball2 and the chaos engine are all available on Steam IIRC the first Amiga 500 I bought cost £350 about 30(?) years ago.
  7. Said on the radio this morning one plan being talked about is a world cup every year for three years then play the Euros etc then go back to three years world cup then Euros etc.
  8. https://www.forbes.com/sites/steveprice/2021/05/22/fifa-wants-a-world-cup-every-two-years-but-that-could-be-too-much-of-a-good-thing/amp/
  9. Iirc Spurs used to do a lot of that a few years ago. Could've been Arsenal though could've been both of em.
  10. I still think that Rooney being there is having an effect
  11. Simon Jordan did say on Talksport a few weeks ago that if what he had heard was true about Derby they could be in line for a very big points deduction.
  12. My son took a car to them and they told him that it had been clocked. They'd taken iirc 45k miles off the actual mileage it had done. A phone call to trading standards and a phone call to the garage he bought it from and the money was refunded. Of course the garage owner denied clocking the car but it was trading standards he had to convince whilst they were checking all of his other cars.
  13. At the time iirc they had formed a great partnership
  14. We should have signed Hourihanne when we signed Winnall which was supposedly the plan. The story goes that because we got Winnall on the cheap Barnsley didn't want to sell Hourihanne to us and again story goes they sold him to Villa for less or the same as we offered them.
  15. Just logged in for the pizza cup. Only option is to watch live. Pressed on that and they want me to pay a tenner.
  16. If that Davidsond goal is the one I think it is. It was a good goal but the other team's defence were woeful
  17. Enjoying it. Like LOD it keeps you guessing who's going to get killed next. Thought it was going to be the young Scottish DC but she survived the attack. There's some backstories to be revealed about the Captain and XO.
  18. Watching the US open and they are using electronic line judges.
  19. It was mentioned on the radio that they compounded the "farce" by having a podium presentation.
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