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  1. $2.5 million or 2,134,929.88 Pound sterling
  2. Might as well get it out of the way Dame Emma?
  3. How good would it be if when they interviewed Radacanu the first thing she said was What the fizz.
  4. Navratilova said exactly that the match had to stop.
  5. Fernandez complaining about the medical.time out. She was frigging bleeding
  6. Fernandez dad looks like the sort of bloke who will really rip into her if she loses
  7. Hope we haven't done the British thing where we over hype somebody.
  8. not good enough happening nearly every week now
  9. darra

    MLB 2021

    Jays sweep the Yankees at Yankee stadium. The first time the Yankees have never taken.the lead in a 4 game series since 1925.
  10. Can't see getting bog roll being a problem
  11. Just had a look and yes it is.
  12. Just interviewed a bloke on the radio. Not happy about it. Spent thick end of £350 on train fairs, hotel room and test match ticket
  13. His son is taking over drumming duties. Didn't know he'd been hitting the booze. I agree about not seeing them on tour. I'm a massive Genesis fan I used to have every album they'd ever produced on vinyl until they got wrecked in a flood but after looking at the price of tickets for watching what is basically Genesis lite I thought I'll leave it thanks.
  14. Just watching him on BBC news. Geeze he looks old and frail. Older than his 70 years.
  15. I agree but said to a friend yesterday towards the end of the 2nd set she looked tired. It's been a long tournament for her what with qualifying. Be great if she could win it.
  16. Watched her last two games and is playing well.
  17. Just got to do that in actual matches now
  18. About time. This has been a thing in US sports for year's. It was suggested by me and others during Lee Straffords time. Good move by the club.
  19. Jokanovic wanted to sign him but they couldn't agree terms plus they couldn't have him for a full season due to his upcoming tour.
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