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    MLB 2021

    Just read the report. Sounds like the Jays pitchers didn't turn up.
  2. Agree about what would've happened to Swan and probably Kay these days. They would be given a lengthy ban at worse
  3. On talksport, this morning talking about his alcohol and gambling addiction. Laid it all bare. Worth a listen.
  4. Listened in to the Shrewsbury commentary at halftime. They agreed that we should have had two penalties and wouldn't have been unhappy if it had been three. They also agreed the officials were very poor.
  5. My Godsons father was a submariner I'm talking about 40 years ago. He told me that subs are bigger than people imagine. Like he said if you're on patrol for months many of that underwater you need somewhere to "get away" for a while if you lived in each other's pockets you'd soon have problems.
  6. Read an article a while ago about something in the military where they spent a ton of money producing a joystick for manoeuvring something drones maybe?. One day a joystick stopped working so one of the operators suggested using a console joystick which worked just as well. Probably an urban myth
  7. £23 million for Brewster who has played 33 games and is yet to score for them in a league game.
  8. At the start when she first went in the sub they said it was the length of 4 football pitches
  9. Watching this on Sky discovery. It's a programme with Tony Robinson about the Sheffield battalion. As you'd imagine a lot of Sheffield and the surrounding area history.
  10. Surely if it was going to be Wilder he'd be in by now? May not have been offered it or is asking for too much money?
  11. They did and I'm sure they were a nice little earner for the county teams. There used to be a week or two between tests as well. These days it's a couple of days.
  12. Said on Talksport yesterday that within 3 hours of the test being called off 6 of the Indian test players were taking off in a private plane to Dubai.
  13. Really? Wasn't aware of that
  14. https://www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11727/12406942/chris-hughton-sacked-by-nottingham-forest-with-championship-club-bottom-of-the-league-with-one-point
  15. Anybody else feel there's a hint of the hunt for red October about it?.
  16. Friend sent me this on FB. interestingly we were staying in the same hotel as the Indian team, on Saturday all their kit was in the foyer waiting for transport to the airport. Amazing how they managed to get a flight booked for them all at such short notice since they were not due to leave Tuesday! Something fishy going on there!!!
  17. Rumour doing the rounds that she'll be honoured by the queen in the new year's honours list. Dame Emma or an OBE?
  18. darra

    MLB 2021

    Question for those in the know. Yesterday the Jays scored 22 runs against the O's in the first 6 innings including 2 grand slams. Question is as they didn't score any in the next 3 is that because they went easy on the O's. I'm thinking baseball is not that kind of game. Especially as when a player gets hit by a pitch there's no reaction or apology from the pitcher.
  19. The more I see it the more I think that Verstappen should not be starting in Sochi. Hamilton could have been killed or seriously injured. It seems to me that in Verstappen's mind he feels that if he gets alongside another driver they should yield. He must have seen that kerb coming up and that he had to back off.
  20. Take it he lost. Maybe we're going to see a new renaissance in tennis in the next few years. Nadal recovering from foot surgery, Federer is not the force he was, Djokovic struggling at the moment, Murray maybe on the verge of retiring. The women's game the big players like Williams on the wane? Could be interesting times ahead? Time will tell.
  21. Didn't see the race but saw the crash in YouTube. Looked like Verstappen went a bit Mario Kart again. As others have said Verstappen was looking for a line that didn't exist.
  22. You would probably know better Scram but I cant really think.of any sport maybe boxing that is stopped for treatment of a blood injury.
  23. The old adage if the tennis career doesn't pan out she had to have some thing to.fall back on. A Levels in Maths and accounting I.think so the cash will get invested wisely I think.
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