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    MLB 2021

    Would've been nice to extend the season but not sure how far the Jays would've got. The bullpen still needs work.
  2. darra

    MLB 2021

    Jays 9-1 up top of 4th Vladi hits his 48th home run. Most by a 22 year old in a season in MLB history. Springer hits a grand slam.
  3. Listening to Alan Brazil a few years ago saying that it was common for the clogger in the team to have a bit of a word with a young player on the opposition team and early on put them in row z with a tackle. Ref wouldn't.let them get away with it these days. Not as much of a contact game these days.
  4. Back.in the day lge 1was known as a cloggers league full of battlers who got in players faces. Not always nice to watch and if the matches had been refereed by today's refs I don't think many would've ended with 11players on either side.
  5. Against Wigan, the crowd was just over 11k with around 4k Owls singing their hearts out. Wigan players must've thought they were playing away. At least the band made some noise.
  6. You've just said it a lot better than what I was trying to say yesterday. 20000 Owls fans should be so intimidating to away team's but it isn't. Managers must think if we can shut the fans up it's half the job done. The majority of the teams we play at home this season will be playing in front of crowds of around 8k let them run out of the tunnel at the beginning to a wall of sound
  7. 32 league games without a goal now isn't it?
  8. Be a great signing especially if he bought his uncle John with him to do the catering
  9. Think it was Clough who said the keeper should get the ball as far up the field as possible every time because the further it is from your goal the further the opposition have to get to be able to score. Summat like that.
  10. darra

    MLB 2021

    Looking forward to it. Think the Jays are the least likely needing other results to go in their favour
  11. Getting prepared to get this post ripped apart but I think the crowd has to take some responsibility. Listening to the away games our fans are making the most noise and in a lot of games are the only ones you can hear. That must affect the team? Today the loudest noise at times was some bloke sat in the South stand calling one of the players not sure if it was theirs or ours baldy. Telling somebody to put a foot on it. It was very quiet at times. Shouted at the lino a few times as well.
  12. Seen it at £27 for the full security for 5 devices
  13. I'm using Bitdefender at the moment and it does a good job. I've got the the multi device package which means I can put it on 5 devices. It seems to come out top of most review sites I've looked on. I used to use Kaspersky and was happy with it until they started messing me about with the renewal price.
  14. With next month’s PlayStation Plus lineup, you can arm yourself with WWII-era weaponry, golf club, or fist and do battle on war-torn frontlines, lush greens or otherworldly realms. PS5 multiplayer shooter Hell Let Loose, golf sim PGA Tour 2K21 and one-on-one fighter Mortal Kombat X join the PlayStation Plus lineup on Tuesday, October 5 and will be available until Monday, November 1.
  15. Cannon fodder is on steam as well
  16. Suppose it could be argued that it happened because it was Sheffield United his hometown club the club he supported as a boy so it all fell into place for him and the club almost a perfect storm for him and would it be for another club?
  17. He was never off the screen and radio when they were doing well in the EPL. Never on when they were doing badly
  18. Has to be one of the worst signings locally ever. If they tried to sell him they'd get nothing like the £23 million they spent on him £3 million maybe?
  19. Bet they wouldn't do that at St Andrews and get away with it.
  20. Me and the Mrs thought that but I reckon there's a lot that goes on that we don't know about and never will. We live near a front line RAF base which has fast response jets. About 2am the other night you could hear them taking off. Usually the next day there's a report in the media that they were scrambled because a Russian plane or something had entered UK airspace. This time nothing.
  21. Sounds like not a good experience for the Europeans. Players getting booed crowd shouting out as players taking their shot.missed puts getting applauded. It's happened before but reports I've seen said it was a lot worse than previous years in America
  22. Made Verstappens grid penalty look a bit if a joke and he's now got a new engine. Win win I'd say
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