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  1. As I remember it it wasn't to report a goal just to report how the game was going. I'm sure that supporters of all the local team's couldn't give a shiny about how hearing how other local team's are doing either.
  2. Could of games ago Rob Staton was commentating and Bannan was bearing down on goal.when Rob announced we were going to find out what was happening iirc at the Rotherham game. Felt sorry for Rob as it seemed it was the last thing he wanted to do.
  3. Found this post on FB. My 15 year old gives up his own time every Saturday to be a referee. This morning was the last time. Today was his third game where a manager doesn't like his decision and has kicked off, 2nd time he's had to abandon a game because of it. Sadly he's decided no more. So just a polite request to managers. Please remember that the young referees are exactly that.....young! They give up their time to referee your matches!! There is no wonder that so many young referees quit, they don't deserve this abuse!! Respect your referee!
  4. BPF played for Northern Ireland on Tuesday night probably didn't get back to Sheffield some time late Wednesday or early Thursday. Makes sense to me not to ask him to travel down to London on Friday when Wildsmith had done alright in his last game.
  5. darra


    Thought one of the problems was a worldwide shortage of chips not the potato ones but the computer type.
  6. Listening to the reporter is SSN if their keeper hadn't pulled off a couple of worldy saves we'd have been 4 up and game over
  7. darra


    Binge watched the 1st series this morning. Good but lots of holes in the plotline. If they wanted the transformer in the north east why did it go to London, Why didn't they airlift it are two
  8. why are we going around the grounds?
  9. Um, Should We Be Worried About Genesis? By Devon Ivie@devonsaysrelax An early farewell to the U.K. leg of Genesis’s farewell tour occurred last week across the pond when the trio was forced “with huge regret” to postpone their final four stops due to “positive COVID-19 tests within the band” — implying that either Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, or Tony Banks was the infected party. (As of now, the fall and winter U.S. dates remain as scheduled.) “This is a hugely frustrating development within the band,” the October 8 statement read, “who are devastated with this unlikely turn of events.” However, if you venture into the depths of Genesis social media, fans of the British rockers paint a far more conspiratorial image of what’s going on if you splurge on a ticket: Collins, who has been suffering from serious health issues over the past few years and is confined to a chair for the tour’s performances, has been “often out of tune” and forgetting lyrics, in addition to heavily relying on backing vocalists. And Banks reportedly left the stage in a huff at the end of the October 7 Glasgow show, choosing not to bow with Rutherford and Collins. Genesis’s farewell tour, “The Last Domino?,” was announced in March 2020 prior to the coronavirus pandemic bringing the live-music industry to a halt. Much to the chagrin of devoted fans, Mr. Sledgehammer himself, Peter Gabriel, was not asked to participate. “We all felt, ‘Why not?’” Collins explained at the time. “It sounds a bit of a lame reason — but we enjoy each other’s company; we enjoy playing together.” Collins has since revealed that he’s unable to play the drums anymore due to dislocated vertebrae, nerve damage, and foot fractures. He’s only taking on vocal duties for the tour. I still can't see them finishing the tour.
  10. Wilder 50/1 in the betting for the Newcastle job. How the mighty have fallen. You'd like to think that a couple of year's ago he'd be one of the favourites for the job?
  11. darra

    MLB 2021

    Rays v Sox series going to be known as the what happened next series?
  12. All I'm saying is that I've never understood the hype around Bond films and pointing out that from what I've read in this thread and in other places (see mcmigo above) it's maybe not worth the wait. This is the only Bond film I haven't seen and when it comes on the tele I'll probably sit down and watch it. Got to say the how very dare you posts are amusing though.
  13. I know but there's been so much anticipation and it's not been received as well as you'd think. If it had been 4s or even 5s I might have been tempted to see it but from what I've read it's 30 minutes or so too long and average.
  14. Good maybe? great I'll pass on that.
  15. Maybe they were worried the data from Lewis's car was showing a tyre(s) might blow and he wouldn't finish the race? Like you say a strange call.
  16. Question for the F1 aficionados. Was this a "Mercedes friendly track" because Hamilton and Bottas seemed to have much the better cars and without Hamiltons penalty you'd assume it being a Mercedes one two
  17. So if I don't get the hype with Bond films I'm not allowed to comment or ask posters to persuade me that they're worth watching? For a film that's arguably been one of the most anticipated one for 18 months the reviews have averaged 3/5 which is a bit meh.
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