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  1. Most of the reviews I've read rate the tv but a couple question not being able to "record "
  2. Got a email the other day saying they would send me details about how to get it. Few things I'm not sure about. It means that you sign up to Sky for 4 years, from what I've read you can't record anything looks like you stream things not 100% sure about that. If and when the tv packs in you are tied into buying another from Sky. Marking content as "add to playlist" with a button on the remote (or through a Voice command) makes it available for playback on demand: as there's no local or even user-specific cloud storage*, it's a different paradigm to 'Recording'. *but there's a notional ' 1000 hour cloud capacity ' with a subscription
  3. Just hope Verstappen doesn't go all Mario Kart.
  4. This could get interesting. Hamilton favourite?
  5. If anybody can make a set of tyres last it's Hamilton
  6. Verstappen must've been close to a penalty for his manoeuvre at the start?
  7. Whoops Max too interested in forcing Hamilton off the track.
  8. It's a good bet Solskjær could be available in the morning
  9. For me the captain has to take responsibility for making sure the players are concentrating at set pieces make sure they're picking up players stuff like that especially towards the end of the match
  10. Listening to an American commentator last night on the radio he said the circuit suits Mercedes better than Red Bull.
  11. Probably would've made sense for Celtic to sign him and loan him back for the season
  12. She was on Sunday Brunch. She said she was from Sheffield.
  13. So did the bloke on Sky. 63% possession 20 shots on goal 7 on target according to the BBC
  14. As I remember it it wasn't to report a goal just to report how the game was going. I'm sure that supporters of all the local team's couldn't give a shiny about how hearing how other local team's are doing either.
  15. Could of games ago Rob Staton was commentating and Bannan was bearing down on goal.when Rob announced we were going to find out what was happening iirc at the Rotherham game. Felt sorry for Rob as it seemed it was the last thing he wanted to do.
  16. Found this post on FB. My 15 year old gives up his own time every Saturday to be a referee. This morning was the last time. Today was his third game where a manager doesn't like his decision and has kicked off, 2nd time he's had to abandon a game because of it. Sadly he's decided no more. So just a polite request to managers. Please remember that the young referees are exactly that.....young! They give up their time to referee your matches!! There is no wonder that so many young referees quit, they don't deserve this abuse!! Respect your referee!
  17. BPF played for Northern Ireland on Tuesday night probably didn't get back to Sheffield some time late Wednesday or early Thursday. Makes sense to me not to ask him to travel down to London on Friday when Wildsmith had done alright in his last game.
  18. darra


    Thought one of the problems was a worldwide shortage of chips not the potato ones but the computer type.
  19. Listening to the reporter is SSN if their keeper hadn't pulled off a couple of worldy saves we'd have been 4 up and game over
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